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AstiVita Essential Oil Diffuser 500ml $19.80 + Delivery (Free with Prime) 25% off @ Astivita Amazon AU


AstiVita Essential Oil Diffuser 500ml - has its own lights with 2 intensity settings. Using one of these and I must say it is basic, but does the job just as well as a $100 diffuser from MYER.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • They used to be specialised in sink taps. Then started selling monitors (I actually got one). Now they are selling Oil diffusers.
    Are we facing Australia's Mitsubishi in terms of diversity?

    • Comparing Chinese shanty factories to a Kiretsu? No.

    • They've always imported & sold a range of products at great prices! Based in Rocklea, Brisbane.

      Bought an Astivita 535L stainless steel fronted fridge over a year ago for $314 delivered (knocked $100 off price for a minor problem with delivery).
      Went well with the discount bathroom fittings from year before that!
      And have a couple of these.
      All working great 👍

      • yep, I'm quite happy with my monitor. I just find it interesting how they are placing their brand over such different items

        • I doubt they imported their wide range of products just to sell cheap here or on Amazon.

          Don't know where they were selling Astivita products before? It's not as if the trademark has a reputation to trade on.

          If you buy enough - manufacturers will add whatever you like to generic products.
          An electronic product supplier to Aldi contacted me for advice. Helped me understand the Aldi process of adding their numerous trademarks to generic products like TVs.

          In discussions with Astivita, it seemed a different sales or marketing manager took over - clearing unsold items. He didn't seem to understand their products.

      • I have that fridge too, IIRC there was a big cashback event coinciding, amazing deal.

        • I'm very happy with it👍
          It was the largest possible size to fit my kitchen, at the lowest possible price!

    • no. its Australia's Xiaomi

  • I had this one from the last deal, it started off strong for the first 5 minutes before the stream really weakened resulting in it leaking everywhere.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience @ohhidayo. I was about to purchase!

      • Have 2 - working perfectly for nearly 8 months.
        Astivita give a refund if have a problem like that. See discussion in previous Deals.

        • Interesting, does your have a consistently strong stream at all times? Like the ones at Muji that cost $120!!

          • @ohhidayo: Not the issue you had.
            A strong stream, but as water level drops, it is a bit less.

            I commented on an unusual electrical interference problem. Only recently realised AstiVita refunded the purchase price.

      • I have 2 of these without any issues. Kids use them every night.

  • Look like it has a design issue with power connector at the bottom and the leak experienced by some does not help

    • No. Leak was a faulty batch. Chatted with Astivita about the issue. Refunds were given.

      I've disassembled this device.
      Basically a plastic reservoir with a metal disc in base. So as long as the transducer is mounted correctly it can't leak (unless used incorrectly).
      There is a fan, circuit board & lights under transducer, front switches & indicators, & downward facing (water can't enter) low voltage socket (24V @650mA) fed from power pack.
      No risk - some exaggerated - complaining it was a fire risk!!

      Only way it leaks is from incorrect use (not fitting cover fully down, tipping) or the transducer in the base was not installed correctly.

      Another member took photos of the leak around the transducer & corrosion (occurred long before purchased). Was a faulty batch.

      As should be done with all devices like this - check before use.
      Just place on a plate, fill, check if it leaks before use.
      (I have a mains operated table top water feature in a large ceramic bowl - just in case it gets knocked or fails.)

      My 2 never had a leak & are working 7 or 8 months later.

  • I have this from last, working fine

  • We’ve got 2 of these. Great product for the price, had no problems.

  • Just a warning, this will not work with Google Assistant.

  • Should be good as plant humidifier / mister?

  • 19 bucks seems to be standard price approx according to camel

    Dropped to 15 a month ago

    Not aure if 'deal' or not based on that and some negative reviews (not just based on leak which above discussion seems to have been a particular batch)

    • Was $9 before I think there were any reviews.
      I bought 2 then.
      That's about when the faulty units appeared last year.

      • Hmm… Tempting, as I need a humidifier, but seeing as how the "RRP" was $20 half a year ago I won't go for it for $19.80… :(

  • Does anyone else's intensity button do nothing? Mine beeps and that's about it. No change in function. Otherwise working fine after using it almost daily for 2 months or so.

    • Discussed in first Deals last year - it does nothing.
      It's always high intensity.
      Try less water for less intensity.

      • Ah cool cheers.

        Actually I always put little water in so I might load it up next time and see how that goes :)

        By the way I keep forgetting to buy vanilla essence, I remember you said you use that a lot.

        • Hi Click_It!
          Works well with cheap vanilla essence used in cooking. I like the smell - reminds me of favourite foods!

          From memory amount of water affects intensity. Can be observed with cover off (it will splash out!). Lots of water gives lots of bubbling, water shooting up & mist.

    • Where do you get the essential oils?

      • Well everyone said don't get cheap ones on Amazon. So I got some more pricey ones on Amazon imported from the US. Was about $45 for a set of 12 or so I think.

        They're pretty good, but I have nothing to really compare them too. My nose doesn't work great so for me to smell them, everyone else says its too strong :)

  • No, don't need it.
    That feels better!

  • I have reached my posting limit but if anyone wants to post

    Coupe Wall Mixer $7.50 AstiVita

    Good deal, just cannot post

  • For those that have bought this, does it play nice with smart plugs?
    I.e. if you power it on from the wall does it immediately start?

  • Spotlight sells these with woodgrain plastic base for $60!