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De'Longhi Evaporative Cooler EV250WH $85 Delivered (RRP $229) @ Amazon AU


Been looking for a cooler before the summer hits and found this - De'Longhi Evaporative Cooler, Air Treatment, EV250WH, White. Sold by De'Longhi official store on Amazon. Note that the reviews are not great, but not many reviews to begin with.

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  • Reviews on https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/product/delonghi-ev250wh...
    Bought a month ago & not at all happy with product. Does not cool the air, makes air more humid, very noisy.
    Poor Performance Little better than a fan, no extra cooling, the sound of trickling water is quite loaud as well, given the chance would not have purchased it.

    • The question is why would you use an air con in winter?

    • Dont these work by adding humidity to the air?

      • yes, not a good idea in places that have higher levels of humidity in summer .

      • Adding humidity to the air is a byproduct of their function.

        As water evaporates, it takes absorbs a lot of heat energy, causing hot air to cool down. But then you end up releasing cool moist air into the room.

        If you life in a dry climate, then you can open a window to allow circulation, and they’re a super efficient method of cooling.

        If you live in an area with high humidity, then the air is more or less already saturated, so there is nowhere for the water to evaporate and send it’s moisture and heat.

  • Better off spending a little more and getting a portable aircon… however watch the energy bill rise.
    Although if you’re like me, I’d rather deal with the noise of a portable than try to sleep in 40 degree heat

    • It's hard to imagine buying a standalone aircon unless it's the last resort battling some terrible heat.

      They're noisy, expensive to use, cumbersome and you need to install the outlet, so connect and seal it around a hole in the window or somewhere.

      Portable is not the word - they're defs less portable than an oil column heater; more portable than a washing machine but as unwieldy.

  • How does this compare to the xiaomi fan?

  • I have this and I have used it in summer when it was around 30 to 35 degrees ( I miss those days!!)
    It works fine for a bedroom.

    It's not made to work like an aircon, rather just give you relatively cool air for relief.

    It's also good for those hot nights and helps by dropping the room temp slightly.

    You can add ice to the water tank for better "cooling"

    You can also just use it in normal fan mode.

    Anything above 35 is this is not useful.

    $85 is a bargain

  • shows $97 on my computer

  • These are useless in Australia.

  • Dry in Perth as well