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[eBay Plus] Samsung 24'' SR350 75hz FHD Freesync Gaming Monitor $188.10 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay




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    I bought the 27 inch model, 27 inch can be found for $219 or $169 when there was the sale at Samsung’s website

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      Just out of curiosity, is 24'' or 27'' better given the resolution is same

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        24" I've got a 27" 1080p and 27" 1440p and the difference is obvious even with my average eyesight.

        • You don't know what you're missing if you don't compare the 1080p with the 1440p. It's all relative :)

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        I am looking at both right now and I can tell you the 27" look really nice!

        • Ok thank you very much, then, I would use the $50 off voucher and get the 27'' for $229 from Samsung website. Seems like a good deal to me.

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        Get 27 inch 1080p. It's not worth getting 24 inch monitors in 2020 now.

        24 inch 1080p - you are really on a super tight / limited budget.
        27 inch 1080p - you don't care about 4K (as 4K tends to make you spend too much money at the moment). Easy on your eyes. Good for 1080p media consumption.
        27 inch 1440p - you do a lot of work (coding, development for example) or gaming at 1440p.
        27 inch 4K - you just want the cheapest 4K option.

        1440p vs 4K at interpolating 1080p resolution input. While neither is perfect compared to 1080p native screen, 4K does better due to it is an even ratio on both axis. Most 1440p screens are well tuned for 1080p interpolation, but you can still tell.

        1440p gaming makes sense at 27 inch because you can see the resolution improvement over 1080p. 1440p vs 4K at 27 inch in gaming. You can see the difference I guess, but you do need to try harder. 27 inch is really too small for 4K.

      • 27 inch is gonna look more pixelated but sometimes people need bigger screens

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          i need a bigger screen to see all your repeated posts lol

          • @Garagesale: Ozbargain was glitching and repeatedly sending duplicates

        • It's not as clearcut as you think. Let's say you have a 27 inch 1440p screen, when it comes to consuming 1080p materials, even if you have the best software / graphics driver, you will "by your definition" get more pixelated look, unless your player does some upscaling.

          If you connect an 1080p input source to a 1440p screen, you have two choices, 1:1 mode with black border or interpolation. Neither is actually better than a 1080p screen.

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    I got the 27in model and it is excellent for wfh. Better than my company’s Dell monitors.

    • Same model monitor that we are talking about ? The Samsung sr350?

        • I got the same from Amazon for $134 with some promo discounts, just got the monitor today as it was on back order but monitor is really nice, has nice colours and definitely an upgrade from my old monitor

          • @jayboi: How is it for wordprocessing and pdfs? Resolution ok or is it pixelated?
            Need something for work that looks clear

            • @cumova: Depends how picky you are. For me its fine even though its not the sharpest. Its not like pixel art if that's what you think it will be like.

  • Bought the SR350 27" from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/548632

    Have been impressed so far. Colours are good but black levels are not the best as it is a budget monitor. Can see the pixels on text. Depending on what game you play but 1080p @ 75hz FPS gaming is good enough for me as im no pro gamer. Graphics still look sharp.

  • The $50 voucher from Samsung has spend limit of $350, how's everyone getting $50 on less than $350 spend?


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      It was $200 before but now is $350

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    Man monitors are really the new eneloops.

    • Thanks to COVID19 and WFH.

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    If anyone wants my $50 off voucher when you spend $200, please PM me.

    Edit: Code is taken.