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Halo Hooded down Jacket $129.99 @ Macpac (Requires Free Macpac Club Membership)


The legendary Halo down jacket — now with a hood. The hooded Halo is an excellent all-rounder, perfect for wearing while you're out exploring the city, travelling the world or camping in the wilderness. Filled with 600 loft Responsible Down Standard (RDS) duck down and featuring elasticated cuffs and an adjustable hood and hem, this jacket works to keep you warm by trapping heat against your body. The lightweight nylon outer fabric (and lining) is bluesign® approved and features a short-chain C6 water repellent finish to protect against moisture. A separate stuff sack is included for convenient storage when packing your bags for the next adventure. The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) is an independent, voluntary global standard in the ethical sourcing of down and feathers — the RDS ensures our down comes from humanely treated ducks and geese and helps to provide traceability in our supply chain. All our down is 100% RDS certified. Similarly, bluesign® certification confirms these specific fabrics have been manufactured with responsible use of resources and the lowest possible impact on people and the environment. Both the outer and lining fabrics are bluesign® certified in the Halo Hooded Down Jacket.

600 loft Responsible Down Standard (RDS) duck down
Lightweight nylon fabric with a WR (C6) finish — bluesign® approved outer and lining fabrics
Adjustable, down-filled hood
Internal draft tube
Zipped hand pockets
Soft lining on collar and chin flap
Adjustable cuffs and hem
Regular fit

Inner Fabric 100% Nylon — bluesign® approved
Inner Fabric Weight (g/m2) 51
Fill Type 80/20 RDS Duck Down
Fill Power (cuin) 600
Fill Weight (g) 219 (Size M)
Main Fabric 100% Nylon — bluesign® approved
Main Fabric Weight (g/m2) 51
Weight (g) 590 (Size M)

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  • Wasn’t this $99 not long ago? Or perhaps different version?

  • Any size recommendations for 5ft 8 average male? Recent deals I think ppl recommended sizing down..

    • I reckon size Small. I'm 5 ft 9.5, 72kg, wearing a Small Halo (non hooded) now - ideal size. The Medium would have worked for me but was a bit too roomy.

      I was holding out for this deal - about $130 for a hooded. But in the end I decided the non-hooded would look better on me, and I wouldn't use the hood much, so I went hoodless for $99 a few weeks ago. Happy with it.

      FYI if you can't find the size/colour you want online and your local store doesn't have stock, they may order it in for you at no cost. Mine did.

    • +2 votes

      I'm 5'8 65kg. size small. good fit, room for layers underneath

    • Small fit me well at 180cm/5'11" 77kg. I went reason to go to the store and the small halo is medium for their other jackets. So you might want to visit a store if you can if you're not sure about sizing.

    • depends on your build. I'm 5ft 7, 76kg and medium is perfect for me. small was just too small and considering now is a time i'd be looking at bulking there is still a little bit of room left for me to fill out.

    • Small would be perfect. I am 5.8 got medium a bit lose but still like it.

  • I’m 176cm, medium build, 77kg, usually a small/medium

    Returned small for xsmall - fits well

  • I don't have one of these - but FYI to everyone interested is that every time these are posted the resounding opinion is that you should order a size down.

  • it does say Regular fit so i think it's just roomier to allow a jumper underneath but i guess if youre not wearing a jumper then maybe go size down

    • No, they're massive. I'm usually a large (6'3", ~90kg) and a medium was plenty roomy for layers underneath, the large was way too big.

    • I have the womens one. I was able to try one on at the store and I found the sizing quite small. It was quite tight across the shoulders. I ended up going one size up. Its roomy enough to layer up as well. Definitely recommend this jacket. I wear it a lot during winter and it's good for travel.

  • I'm wearing one WFH as I type. These jackets have wide sleeves. Highly recommend for a house that doesn't have a heating system.

  • Better than uniqo ones?

    • I don't have a Uniqlo, but the Halo's are seriously better and warmer than any other nylon or down jacket I've ever had. Highly recommended, and for good reason. People shouldn't be allowed to live in places like Melbourne or Canberra unless they own one, if only to ensure the rest of us don't have to put up with unending, banal comments about the weather or how cold they are……

      • Holy crap, would you mind having a word to my girlfriend for 5 mins. ..
        "I'm cold" (under blanket next to heater)
        "Really??" (Wearing 600 loft and shorts)

        • I'm prepared to have a word with your girlfriend under the blanket if you insist, but I doubt it's going to end well for one of us…

    • Hells ya~

    • I don't think the uniqlo ones have filling as dense as this. I think I would rather be stuck in the mountains with this than the uniqlo one

    • Both have their uses.
      I personally have the Ultra Light Down jacket from Uniqlo (and for over 5 years).
      For an all rounder, day to day, the uniqlo one is my go to. But during colder weather I put on the Macpac for commuting.
      Good thing is that the uniqlo one is compact enough to shove into my backpack and I carry that to work as well. As it warms up during the day, I throw on the uniqlo one - usually during lunch times or when I go outside for fresh air.

      I have the non-hooded version and it is very warm and cosy, so it can easily get too warm on nice sunny (non-windy) days. I had to go XS and even that makes me look huge.

    • These are warmer in general, to the point that when I wear it at home, it can get too warm. I don't wear it to go outside because it will get too hot. I wear a Uniqlo ones going out. I can comfortably wear these in a non-heated room (with hood on) playing on my PS4 at night.

  • Thanks just grabbed one

  • Easiest way to spot an Ozbargainer wearing this and carrying woodworm unbrella.

  • I'd prefer the non hooded, but still a tug of war if I wanna wear one of these in public 🤣🤣🤣

  • need to find which size

  • I'm probs going to get smashed but how does this fair against Northface nupste?

  • This or Kathmandu epiq hooded down?

    • This any day.

      • May I ask why? Epiq hooded down seems to have water repellent layer whereas macpac one doesn't?

        • Epiq hooded down isn't water repellent, thats what the staff told me.

          • @theebargainer: "Outer fabric has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish – which encourages water to bead off its surface"

            This is straight from the Kathmandu website. Anyone that has tried both, keen to shed some light on this?

            • @Bargain reaper: Nylon vs Polyster. Both are going to have water-resistant behaviour. Neither are waterproof. Both will absorb water and let water pass through it.

              I like Nylon (silky feel) for clothes because its softer but polyester (plastic feel) will dry quicker.

              I have no idea what a DWR is. Probably some kind of fabric protectant. Eg similiar to scotchguard. Yes protectants work but they for how long? I do not imagine very long.

              I do own the Halo but I can't compare it the Epiq. Just giving general observations of the fabrics. The Halo makes a great wind breaker, the Equip would do the same

              • @4agte: Right, that makes a lot of sense. Especially the fabric repellent part…I thought it was built into the fabric, if it's only a spray on finish then I'm not sure if it's really worth it. Ill go in and try both out and decide I guess. Thanks for the input mate!

                • @Bargain reaper: I own a Kathmandu Epiq and a Macpac Demi Down. I find Epiq warmer and prefer how the fabric feels. I don't mind the Macpac one but I wear the Kathmandu a lot more than the Macpac. I think both pack down to little pillows.

    • I own both halo all the way, cheaper, softer, warmer imo better quality. The epiq is a little longer and kathmandu just seems to be a more popular brand amongst teens.

  • people say go size down but i got normal size. its nice and spacious. and can also fit a hoodie underneath easy and its super comfortable to lounge around in the house

  • Is hood on these jackets removable? if they are connected by valcrow or zip… or are these stitched?

  • I'm 1.9m ~110kg - I usually go for 2/3xl but looking at comments a normal 'large' would be plenty big? Anyone else in the same weight/height have suggestions?

  • Definitely a size down.

  • With regards to sizing, everyone in this thread is using S or M, but the website gives you options 6, 8 , 10…20
    I'm 170 cm tall if anyone has suggestions what size numerically

    • Nvm womans is numerical so I guess go a bit smaller then your top/bra size

    • My son bought one of these in a small, which surprised me, as he's usually a medium…so going down a size for the men's seems about right.
      However, I tried on the women's version…..
      I'm normally a 12, and if I wanted to wear something thick under it, the 14 would have been a better option. I ended up with another Macpac jacket….in a 12. I think the women's sizing is truer to size.

  • Bought this for $103 in January. I haven't used it much due to…. …you know it :(

  • I'm 165 with a slim build, would XS be too big for me?

  • “ perfect for wearing while you're out exploring the city, travelling the world or camping in the wilderness.”

    Ah I remember those days…

  • I'm 198cm and slim, should I be getting a L or XL - I'd normally go an XL. Any help appreciated.

  • How do people wash these? Do you hand wash it and then lay it flat to dry?

    • I've never washed mine…. worn it for years. They age pretty well

    • When I picked up in store, they said they have a wash and dry service. So you can easily take it to a store to get it cleaned up.

  • Currenlty have this jacket and it's amazing, but noticed that feathers come out. Is this normal? how to prevent this? Thanks

  • My fav jacket.

    1. Freezing in melb atm
    2. Can't leave the house til Spring…

    Next time I guess. For now it's more trackies and comfy slippers instead.

  • I'm 183cm and 82kg. Normally always get XL clothing and I love baggier fits, should I go L or XL here?

  • Whats the womans sizing like?

  • Dammit paid $150 for this 2 months ago :(
    Good jacket but feathers come out often

  • Hey guys i found this one down jacket from uniqlo: https://www.uniqlo.com/au/store/men-seamless-down-parka-4199...
    This one or the macpac one? hmm

  • How "rustly" are these? I dont mind a bit of noise if I'm outside in the wind, but I don't want to be one of those people that makes a huge noise just walking down an office hallway.

    • I don't know how rustly is too rustly for you, but I suspect this jacket may not be anal-retentive enough for you, in any case.

      Please consider an alternative, or a hot water bottle…

  • anyone getting worried this was a price error and it was meant to be 269

  • I have this and aldi one as well.

    I find Aldi one sufficient for cold days and this one is even warmer.