This was posted 1 year 5 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Apple News+ 3 Months Free Trial (New Subscribers) @ Apple News


Update: Seems the offer has extended to 30th August

Seems to be a generic link
Normally only 1 month free trial

Remember to cancel subscription before the end of free trial

The Offer:

  • 3 Months free for new Apple News+ subscribers.
  • 2 months for previously subscribed users.
  • Existing Apple News+ subscribers are not eligible.
  • Auto-renews at $14.99 per month after the free period Codes expire 15 August 2020 and are only available while stocks last.
  • Available on iOS or MacOS only.

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    Thanks OP, wanted to try it.
    I work in media so it’s a tax deduction for me when it renews :)
    I’ll see what I think over the next few months and decide from there.

          • +16

            @jv: You obviously don’t understand how personal development and industry research can be a tax deduction.

    • It worked within existing trial for me,

      I just cancelled and renewed extra 2 months.

  • How is this different to all the free news out there. Are these news not fake or something? 😂

    • +1

      Lets you access subscription/paywall news sources and magazines

      • +7

        Right. At the moment I wouldn’t pay for news anywhere. I am getting enough info from everywhere I look.

        • +2

          Fair enough—I guess the value (or lack thereof) depends on what type of news you read (e.g. industry-specific, specialty)

          • @itsfree: Yes I guess that makes sense 👍🏽

      • +1

        Look up Bypass Paywalls by Adam on GitHub if you're looking to dig a tunnel under them.

        The list is immense, to say the least.

        • +1

          One of my favourite extensions ;)

          Best part is I was able to install it on Firefox for Android!

    • Apple curates news for you so it is not fake according to Apple. If you like that idea, go for it.
      Personally not for me, and I am otherwise embedded in the Apple Ecosystem.

      I understand it is performing well below expectations, and a lot of news services have pulled out or are not providing a lot of their content (eg NYT, WSJ), preferring you take out a subscription direct with them to get full content access. It just isn’t generating enough revenue for them.

      • While I opened this post / deal
        I am not a person used to read news and have never paid for a news subscription service
        Until recently due to the COVID19 where I find it really useful to get push notification from the News+ App
        Including breaking news like daily new cases, new restrictions etc.

        So this 3 months free trial is just-in-time for me
        And I am quite likely to cancel the subscription before the trial ends

      • +2

        "curates" ie intern sitting at desk pulling whatever is free from Google Search

        • free ?
          i don’t think you’ve even bothered to try the news app. Lot of the content under news+ are behind paywall. So you could try spending few more minutes trying to find a closely matching article on google from
          elsewhere or perhaps if you value the time and the content a subscription would save the hassle.

      • The dealbreaker for me is the only Australian media organisation on board with Apple News+ is News Corp, and I want to get away from their drivel, not pay for more of it.

        I use the free Apple News quite regularly and recently you see News Corp opinion pieces pushed to the limelight to promote News+. That's already pretty annoying as there's no way to remove them from your feed.

    • The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free. Which is why I am thankful for our ABC.

      • Err, isn’t the ABC free? Just sayin.
        Taxpayer may differ on that point though I suppose.

        Even news sites that aren’t behind a paywall aren’t really free, as they chase ad revenue. Just like google, you are the product they make money from selling to others.

        I do subscribe to a few news sites, but to be honest, on any subject I know anything about, ninety percent of the news you find on it is rubbish free or behind a paywall, and I am seriously thinking of cancelling. There is no reason to expect this rate is any different on stuff I know nothing about, yet people are so trusting. I would not trust Apple to “curate” news for me either TBH and I have been buying Apple products since 1985. In an information context “curate” will inevitably be an artisan word for “censor”. No corporation should have that power.

        • Yes, that's what I was getting at: quality journalism is expensive so the free stuff is rubbish but popular. ABC is an exception because it is quality (not that all agree on viewpoints) but paid for by taxpayers.

      • -1

        says current affairs who has no connection with the truth.

      • -2

        ABC? LOL

    • Not just news, but hundreds of magazines from around the globe.

    • +1

      What's all this free news you're talking about? A lot of the best newspapers/websites are behind paywalls nowadays. I can't bring myself to pay for a website, but if I did already read the smh from cover to cover I might pay. It is annoying too when you see an article behind a paywall and ABC hasn't or wont' report on the same story, so you can't read it.

      • is free

        Smh is free in incognito mode

        Google has news tab. If you find something you must know about search it. Go to tools. Select last 24 hours / week etc and there you get links to all free news sources.

        Basically they are fighting for your views. Don’t see myself paying for news.

        I’m sure you can get access to mags through your Local library.

        $15 is not a lot but I personally would prefer to spend $15 elsewhere.

        I also speak more than one language So I can read free news in my native language because where I’m originally from, we can’t afford to pay for subscriptions. .

        • +1

          That might be fine in Sydney when you want to know where tonight's stabbing or shooting was. But in Adelaide there's plenty of stories that are only covered by News Ltd.

          • @AustriaBargain: Sorry we don’t hear much about Adelaide in Sydney. Wouldn’t know

          • @AustriaBargain: Even in Sydney there's local suburban news that only gets covered by News Corp outlets. They seem to own all the local newspapers.

  • +1

    I already used the 1 month free trial, so instead of 3 months free they offered me 2 months.

  • so, do you sign up and cancel straightaway then keep enjoy free news and magazines for 3 months without worrying being charged?

    • Don't think that Apple lets you keep using the sub after you cancel, so you have to set a reminder and cancel just before the 3 months has finished.

      • At least 24 hours before. It’s like that for Arcade and Music at least

      • ok, thanks

      • thanks

    • -1

      Nope, Apple doesnt allow that. I got the 1 year free Apple TV plus and I canceled it. All gone, but good that Apple TV plus is half baked

    • Yes - I went to my phone - Settings -> then click your name at the top of settings -> Subscriptions -> Apple News -> cancel

      It then reminds you that your service will end in 3 months but you CAN continue using it till then.

  • -2

    Propaganda dispenser

    • +2

      Apple is a US company…

      I think you are thinking of tic tac

    • News Ltd used to support the ALP, decades ago. With the same hand that Rupert Murdoch giveth, Rupert Murdoch taketh away. Whichever ALP leader pissed off Rupert Murdoch I bet still isn't invited to party anniversaries. Every single day of every single year since the ALP pays for that mistake.

    • Propaganda for who? I’m a subscriber and find the news displayed to be quite right wing with a lot of The Australian papers trashing labour. I’m pretty sure Apple is left wing if anything at all.

  • Thanks OP got 2 months

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Definitely not worth paying for, but I'll take another 2 months free.

  • Cheers! Worth a try.

  • +3

    For those who are on the fence about using Apple News+, I find it has many magazines that are easily worth the $15 per month on their own. You still get the full magazine with the ease of swiping to the next article and scrolling through the ones you want to read rather than having to turn each individual page.

  • +2

    Awesome thanks OP always wanted to try this out

    I didn’t realise there is literally 100 magazines to choose from. Sports Illustrated is a great read 🤤

  • I click on the link, and it takes me to Apple News with an offer of a one month subscription.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • Do you run iOS12? The link doesn't work on iOS12, but it does on iOS13. Could this be the reason?

  • +1
  • I subscribed but only got one month, what am i doing wrong?

    • You did go through the redeem link above, right?

    • It says one month but look at the next renew date
      It should be 2 months or 3 months from now

      • Nope renews one month from now

        • It just worked for me. 3 months

        • The link doesn't work on iOS12, but it does on iOS13. Could this be the reason?

          • @Bobioso: I have Ios 13, but I don’t think the link worked for me either way

  • Thanks OP!

  • I've found the Google News app to be pretty solid so far. You can filter out sources you don't want to see and focus your feed on content that is pertinent to you.

    For desktop though (and if you're seriously wanting to get around the paywall issues), Bypass Paywalls by Adam is the only thing you'll ever need. Use it in conjunction with uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger, load up Google News, curate your feed and you've got a supreme supply of news sources as your disposal.

    • Half the fun is in commenting on the articles, which the bypass doesn't let you do

    • Is there a similar extension for Safari? Or can you somehow install this on Safari?

      • For desktop use, mostly yes. Just use a private browsing window, although some sites will block this as they have mandatory cookies as a requirement to access any part of their site.

        For mobile use, also yes. Through the Unpaywall app. Again, this may or may not work for certain sites.

        But if you want a simple, clean and always functional version, use Chrome or FF.


    Smart. They know you will renew for the US Election, as it expires just before….

  • Thank you OP :)

  • I think the bargain here is the access to magazines (assuming you read them).

    There are more titles than what's listed on Apple News+ landing page eg. Gourmet Traveller, APC Mag, FourFourTwo, Top Gear, Better Homes, Digital Photographer, etc.

    Listed on

    The Australian Women’s Weekly
    Rolling Stone
    The Hollywood Reporter

    Style and Beauty
    Vogue Australia
    GQ Australia

    Super Food Ideas
    Wine Enthusiast

    Science and Tech
    Scientific American
    National Geographic
    Popular Mechanics
    Popular Science
    Australian Geographic

    Home and Garden
    Vogue Living Australia
    Inside Out

    Business and Politics
    Fast Company
    The Atlantic

    • I hope Choice Magazine will be included

  • +1

    offer extended to 30th August . Expiry date should be updated

    • Wow really? Thanks for that!
      I thought I had missed out by a day

  • Still works! thanks OP

  • Confirmed still works

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