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Men's Seamless Down Parka $129.90 ($124.90 with Coupon) + Free Standard Delivery @ Uniqlo


9cents cheaper than the Halo down jacket deal and if you prefer jackets with no branding.

Keep cold air out with this warm, seamless parka.

  • Light, durable nylon with water-repellent and windproof features.
  • Newly updated with a softer, matte stretch fabric that reduces tension and doesn't rustle when you move.
  • The amount of quilting has been reduced for a less puffy, more casual appearance.
  • Seamless, stitch-free design keeps cold air out.
  • Updated neckline and hood shape.
  • Pockets with water-resistant zippers.
What is Seamless Down?

Traditional winter coats feature tiny stitches in their design where sheets of fabric have been sewn together, leaving tiny gaps prone to letting in cold wind and rain. Our Seamless Down coats are designed to eliminate the need for most of these stitches with seams sitting below the fabric surface, keeping the elements firmly at bay.

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  • I have both. macpac's halo is significantly warmer.

    • Good to know. The Halo comes with a sac to store it in too. The Uniqlo doesn't because it doesn't squish down as small I imagine.

  • Do you have the terms/conditions for that coupon code?

    • +2 votes

      I believe the only condition is the order needs to be over $50. It still works even if it's not your first order with them. But for some reason, it doesn't work if you apply it without adding a payment method.

      This is how I made it work.
      - Add payment method (Paypal)
      - Apply coupon

      if payment method hasn't been added, it doesnt apply the discount

  • does the coupon work on any other items?

  • I used to shop in-store a lot in Uniqlo, first time ordered online and:

    Purchased few and one of my clothes was wrong size.
    I ordered L, the pack states L, but a M size inside.
    Does this mean it's a 'refurbished' item???
    Because I guess they pack each size seperately and the only chance it got wrong, is it was a 'refurbished one'.
    Either a returned one or tried on one in-store, so they messed up the packs.

    The solution they provided wasn't good enough, told me to send it back, get refund and purchase a new one.
    Mate, I'm in VIC and there's no post office within 5 km from home.
    Also I have to purchase another $60 for a delivery or pay for delivery for this single item.

    The time frame would be over 2 months though.
    Wait for the lockdown ends, send it back, they check it, get refund, re-order, wait for the delivery. WTH.

    Really, not a Japanese style service at all!!!

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