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BIIO Face Masks 3 Ply, Disposable With Earloops - 50 Pack $19.95 + $6.95 Delivery @ The Nile AU


Just got this on email. Seems like a good price. I'm not going in to all the approval back and forth but here is what the page says FYI:
TGA approved
3 ply woven fabric
Comfortable & breathable
Adaptable nose bar
High filtration capacity
Perfect fitting

I put in Melbourne and Brisbane postcodes and it said $6.95 postage.

Some sanitizers too:

3.5% cash rewards.

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  • $4.95 for Sydney shipping

  • I highly doubt it is TGA certified. Their own website doesn't even advertise that


    • I highly doubt it is TGA certified.

      Who needs TGA when it is, according to the manufacturer's website, "FDA Approved".

      The FDA does not issue any kind of certification to demonstrate a manufacturer is in compliance with the FDA’s requirements.

      The "CE" certificate probably stands for "close enough" (to pass QC).

      Pull the other leg, it's got bells.

  • Read as Eneloop and thought: what da hell are Rechargeable Masks?

  • I bought a book from this website, it took a week and a half longer to arrive than advertised (despite the website saying their shipping guides were back to normal after COVID delays), in fact it shipped after it was meant to arrive. The book also arrived damaged (cover was bent, poor packaging) and was left within reach of rain by the postie, so it is also slightly water damaged.

    Anyways, don't know about the quality of the face masks but I wouldn't trust them shipping anytime soon.

    • I got a couple of books I needed for uni and they were cheapest I could find. I can't remember it being 'fast' post, but it was fine. I think inside a week and the items were not damaged.

      I'm not negating your experience, just sharing mine also for other viewers. You had a bad experience, mine was adequate.

  • Thanks OP - got a pack so let's see how long shipping will take to metro Sydney.

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