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[AU Stock] Teclast P80X 4G LTE 8" IPS SC9863A Octa Core 2G 32G Android 9.0 Tablet US$73.99 (~A$105.81) Delivered @ Banggood


Good price for AU stock, even cheaper with cashback. Don't forget to remove shipping insurance at checkout.

Teclast P80X

  • CPU UNISOC SC9863A Octa Core up to 1.6GHz
  • GPU IMG-8322/650 MHz
  • System Android 9.0
  • RAM 2GB
  • ROM 32GB
  • Screen 8 " 10-Point Multi-touch
  • Resolution 1280*800 IPS screen
  • GPS
  • MicroSD card slot

A quick search found a couple of YouTube reviews, TechUtopia and PrimeTech 4U

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  • wonder if this would b e any good as an in car unit?

    • Eh, I wouldn't risk it. A long while back I bought Teclast x80 dual boot tablet and it was pretty good except for the fact that the battery swell after a year of use. It's very likely I got a dud one but still, that's only for normal use. I definitely won't use Teclast or any import tablet without local store as car display unit where it could be exposed to sunlight for extended period while I'm away…

      • You should have probably opened the device and removed the battery and wired up something directly to the charging circuit, as you say it is quite unsafe to leave a battery powered device in a position where it can get sunlight exposure.

      • The same battery swelling happened to my Teclast Air x98 II. Might just be a thing you have to expect to deal with when getting cheaper tablets.

        • Battery swelling happened to my old Ipad2 few years ago.. then I purchased replacement parts, put back together and still work fine

          • @DarthLord: It's common. All batteries swelled on my last 3 (cheap) phones after 2-3 years. "Replaceable" only matters if you can get one - an advantage of well-supported devices like iPads. OTOH a new (and better) cheap phone was actually cheaper than replacement batteries are in general. Still, it's a shame phones passed because of the battery… I'd rather keep using them e.g. as a terminal.

    • I bought a head unit in AliExpress for $A70 and very happy with it. Wireless Android Auto works very well for me.

      • Would you be so kind to throw me a link for that? I have been looking on aliexpress for something for the kids in the car and havent found anything suitable. Certainly not at that price point.

        • I bought this one:
          You only need 1G/16G Ram because the apps is from you phone. It took 1week to ship to Melbourne.
          You also need to buy this app for Android Auto, it works through USB or Wireless:

          • @ndoan: Does it work with the car built in reverse camera? Does it auto trigger the reverse screen or you need to press a button on the screen? Cheers!

          • @ndoan: Very interesting, thanks. I guess you can DIY but what would someone charge to install all this, inc the steering wheel controls

          • @ndoan: Thanks for link mate. Really appreciate it.

            Just to be clear, if the car didn't have android auto, these get content from a phone in the car?

            Looking for something I can pop a flash drive into.

            At work so hard for me to research surreptitiously

            • @Oxxy: The head unit + HUR app = Android Auto, your car don't need to have Android Auto.
              When you configure it in wireless mode. Just sit in your car, turn the key on and everything is connected.
              You can make/receive phone with wheel control buttons, play/skip/vol+- Spotify, Youtube Music, use Waze, Google Maps from your phone through 4G through car speakers/microphone in head unit. Your phone is still in your pocket.
              The unit actually have 2 USB port for you to connect flash drive to play music/video, FM radio with RDS (you can see programme name, song name is played etc., weather information)

            • @Oxxy: I share an office with my (computer illiterate) boss, so I feel your pain. Check out a chrome extension called Decreased Productivity, it takes away all the bright colours and pictures and what not which makes it a little bit easier!

      • Do you have a link? Were you able to hook a reverse camera to it? Cheers!

        • The unit I bought doesn't include the camera but with all necessary wires. Check Youtube for video how people install it.

      • Does anyone know if you install apks on this device or install from google play? tia

        • You can install from Play Store.
          But don't trust the Android version they advertise, it is Android 6.x. You can find Android 8 or 9 for this device in XDA forum but I only use it with HUR so I don't want to update.

  • Is google play certified in it ?

  • No 1080 no deal

    • +3 votes

      The screen is good though. Can you recommend something better for the price? I think lower end tablets would struggle with a higher definition screen.

      • P10HD with 1080p screen. Been using it for a month so far so good. I haven't tried any games except for StarDew valley and that runs fine.

  • I got one in the last deal. It's cheap, sure, and the screen is lower res but it functions ok for youtube, web browsing, ereading. The screen isn't terrible, better than I'd expected. Some games go well. One major drawback is that the cameras are completely crap so definitely don't get it for video conferencing. Then again it's astoundingly cheap. You get a lot considering it's technically a phone.

    Google play is installed - no worries with apps so far.

    • +1 vote

      Nice review

    • Good phablet……….


    • Sounds like something you give to a kid who would only break an iPad anyway.

    • Does it have phone calling capability?

      • Yep, 3g/4g (see bands in sales desc). You can talk to it as a tablet and it seems sensitive enough on duo. Holding it to your head would kinda look funny.

    • Googling teclast P80X reviews gives me conflicting specs… I wonder if you could confirm which it is, please?
      5 hr or 10 hr battery life?
      4200 or 4500 mAh battery?
      315g or 400g?
      16GB or 32GB?

      Also, how crisp is the display? IPS is usually pretty crisp.
      Many thanks if you can! I keep wanting to buy, but hesitate at the inconsistencies…

  • Only 2g ram.

    • For the price…

      C.f. a wifi only Samsung Tab A at JB for $248.

    • Lenovo E8, a crap tablet with 1GB ram is 126 on special.

      • I have a Lenovo 1GB something tablet, yes its very crap. Im here to find something even just slightly better

        • Lenovo M8 with 2GB RAM is $199 in Aus atm.

          Lenovo M8 with 4GB RAM is 240 approx on Bangood (google play not certified) … details on this link


          • @ChipsChicky: I reckon this Teclast is looking pretty good for the price.

            • @Arnor: Ya it seems good … price is very attractive … reviews are good … only screen is not very sharp as per few reviews but overall those people are also happy.

              • @ChipsChicky: All the reviews I found have a "paid advertisement" feel, and didn't mention this sharpness… Be good to see the ones you saw, do you have a link please?

                • @yow: When you click on Customer Reviews …. scroll down for review of HorseUK username …. Its not appearing full there. Click on HorseUK to see the full review. I will paste below

                  2020-06-12 09:12:26
                  received in UK just 16 days after ordering despite the lockdown. arrived well packaged and with a 3-pin UK charger plug as well as the Chinese one that was in the box. I've been setting it up and it all works fine and is a remarkably good tablet for the price. all the usual apps and YouTube run speedily and it's stock Android 9 with no added rubbish. it arrived with 85% battery charge so I was instantly up and running. the only point on which I've marked it down aystar is the screen definition which isn't quite a sharp as my smaller 7-inch tablet but that's because it's only 1280 by 800 res on an 8-inch screen. but it's still absolutely fine and perfectly good enough and for this sort of price this tablet is a bit of a bargain.

                  • @ChipsChicky: Thanks! Sounds legit - didn't think of customer reviews. Thanks for pasting too, as banggood isn't loading for me.

                    Not sure I agree with HorseUK that the cause was resolution, as my old 480p phone looked crisper and sharper than my later 720p - maybe because former was glass. Also, 7" are commonly lower res, 1024x600 (I guess HorseUK's was higher).

                    IDK… clear, readable text is important for me - though still a good deal.

                    • @yow: bigger the screen, more p you need to make it sharper …. if a small screen is crowded with 480 pixels, it will look sharper compared to a big screen with 720 pixels, not crowded … i hope it makes sense …

                      • @ChipsChicky: Yes. Here the phones were similar size (4.3" vs 5"), so the 5" had more pixels per inch (so they're smaller): 720/5 > 480/4.3

                        BTW: HorseUK reviewed that 7" too, and it was 1240 x 700. That's better p/" in one direction (and the same in the other - assuming same ratio), so it would have better definition than the 8" - just as HorseUK said.

                        Here is the 7". Not as good specs as teclast, and (currently) higher priced.

                        • @yow: you have good insight of tabs :)

                          • @ChipsChicky: Thanks, but I still haven't managed to buy one!

                            • @yow: whats your target ?

                              • @ChipsChicky: Large, crisp display for coding and pdfs.
                                Small, light and low-power for camping (solar panel).

                                >= 720p
                                >= A53 @ 1.3GHz
                                >= 20 GFLOPS, GLES 3.2
                                >= 2GB RAM
                                • @yow: I have Lenovo Tab 4 8 … its excellent in all aspects …. you can buy it on ebay … now i am eyeing on Lenovo M8 Aust stock (2GB Ram, HD) or from Bangood (4GB Ram,FHD, Google Play not certified, details in whitlpool link above) … these are excellent options.

                                  • @ChipsChicky: Thanks, Lenovo tabs used to be really good - like your one - but then got worse each year!! That's why I'm looking at Teclast etc. But I haven't checked Lenovo this year, are they getting better?

                                    • @yow: Ya Lenovo E Series was a crap … but the recently launched M series is great … i fell in lov with M10 FHD, 4GB RAM i saw in office works the other day …. though its 10.3inch but form factor is not very big as bezzels are less … Once victoria is open, will head to big W or jb hifi etc to checkout M8 … if form factor is not much different, than will buy M10 FHD … its bit expensive at 369 atm but will wait for a good deal … it will last few years easily before i need to switch again.

                                      • @ChipsChicky: Had a look at M8:
                                        Helio A22 (exact variant is unclear, nor which GPU).
                                        GE8320 (since Apple spurned Imagination, they had to find new markets and give better value!), similar to P80X's GE8322.
                                        A53's 2Ghz increases drain, but 12nm lowers drain, so…? EDIT claimed batt life of 18hrs (a reviewer got 23 h, at medium brightness… amazing)

                                        $200 seems a bit much, but local stock, warranty, instant (not 15-25 WD), can try in the shop. Maybe xmas sale?

                                        • @yow: i was in office works a week back and M10 FHD was on display … Once lockdown is over, i think it will be on display shortly after … pitty that the dont have 4GB version in Aus stock but 2GB will serve good as my Tab 4 8 is 2GB and going strong.

                                          • @ChipsChicky: Thanks for putting me on to these!
                                            They have an M7 too: metal build, IPS screen, but ancient SoC (A7/mali 4**)
                                            BTW To last for years, wouldn't you need >2GB? Some knock it even for today (but OK for me!). Else stay with your 2GB Tab 4 8…?
                                            What impressed you about the M10 FHD?
                                            Premium build and display, but has same GPU as M8, but 2x pixels, so can't perform as well graphically. The CPU is also the same 2Ghz A53, but 8 instead of 4 - good for multiple apps at once. A productivity tab.

        • For this price I would. I wanted bigger than a phone but smaller than my others, basically my cheap ereader with less restrictions than similar.
          A little slow on downloads but its job is to sit there

  • Paypal is crashing out, with the Paypal window appearing in a Bangood WIndow, leaving both the Paypal logged in and Banggood, with an " order cancelled" tag in one's "orders" listing, but a countdown window is presented if one clicks on the odrer. An offer for some internal-seeming payment method is primed and offered for your perusal.

  • Any one able to give feedback regarding the GPS quality?
    Would like to use one for 4WD maps.

    • I've got one that I use for flying as an EFB.

      I have no complaints about the tablet. GPS performance is excellent.

      • If you are using Ozrunway the android version is absolutely rubbish compared to the IOS one. it has a quarter of the features, if you pay a subscription and fly often you should try it on apple.

  • Thanks. Bought one with the cover. Total $121.04.

  • Wow, there's now an entry level chip that's cheaper than Mediatek's? That's impressive.

  • Would this be ok just to watch netflix only ?

    • Would work although personally I'd spend the extra for something with a nicer screen.

      • thanks, I ending up going via the Samsung education store, and getting a Tab A 10.1 Wi-Fi 128Gb for $325.20

    • Maybe if you're paying for the standard definition stream anyway. It'd still look a bit naff, control a bit mad, and sound a bit shit.

  • $30 for an extra 2 inches of screen? Currently 27% off Alldocube Cube iPlay10

  • Does this have OTG? (how do you check if a device has OTG?)

  • Is it Aus Stock or Stock in Aus?


    Still waiting for no B28 comment :)

  • Can you load kindle & epub files too?

  • Will this lag like the Lenovo tab i got from The Good Guys? It couldn't open up any apps towards the end :(

  • This reminds me of the Ainol days

  • Honestly it is going to turn into a paper weight when you start installing more than bunch of apps.

  • Why do people buy this? Why not spend like 100 or 200 extra to buy the tab S6 for example with miles better specs

    • S6 lite is $450 more. S6 is $800 ??

        • that's a bit misleading.

          If you're counting the price to buy and then resell, that's basically a "rental" compared to buying one of these.

          I'm not interested in one of these myself, but this argument is vapid. You could say, why buy a Corolla when you can get a Mercedes A class for a few thousand extra after you've resold it? But in the end you have no car because you've sold it.

          • @lostn: Well a corolla would probably run better in 10years compared to a Merc so that's not a like for like comparison. A life span of even a flagship product is maybe 4 years. With this tablet, you would probably already going to be having a pretty unpleasant experience today, so imagine how bad it will be 1 year from now and so on. With portable consumer electronics, always treat it like a rental as you don't wanna be stuck with a product for a long period of time

            • @ln28909: the point of the analogy is that you can't compare pricing of ownership vs rental (aka buy and then sell). That's not an apples to apples comparison.

              I myself would rather have an S6 than one of these, but it's several times more expensive. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. It's several times better. But to say it only costs an extra 100 or 200 for something several times better is incredibly misleading.

        • A high yield tablet