Ideas for revenge that won’t get me in trouble?

So someone screwed me over a bit. They owe me money and are now ignoring me. Without getting into too much details, I know their address (it is interstate) and their phone number.

I would like to annoy them as much as I can without doing anything illegal (unethical is even better).

Suggestions please?

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      • Stopped doing it because it was more effort for me in the end as I couldn't see the reward.

        What made it personally good, at the time, was my neighbour would spam call me from a private number and then call me on his shown number. He'd call no less than 10 times one after another thinking that I would pick up on the 11th time (having missed the first 10 in a row?). He is crazy even with death threats etc, which he sent via text (oddly) so I kept them all, along with his emails of this nature.

        Because I didn't reply, he threatened me with an intervention order… ?? Claiming that I would end up in jail. Clearly he didn't know what an intervention order was, and that it was my fault I'd end up in jail, not his so not to blame him. Loooong history with this neighbour… Crazy to the Nth.

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          Have either of you moved?

  • Look out for the free lottery to win xxx. Enter their details.
    Look for the religious "fill in this coupon to find out more", in the back of local papers etc.
    Rinse and repeat.

  • Watch this video, not the glitter bomb part, but the bit where he gets a dude back that crossed him Really nice ideas in there:

    I am seriously never crossing Mark Rober…

    However, I'd recommend moving on and not getting into it. Be the bigger dude :)

  • I am a big fan of

  • Sue them in your local small claims tribunal. That’ll cause way more annoyance than $400 worth for both of you.

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    Get a pizza base delivered that just has "U OWE $400" on it written in sauce

  • I had a similar situation. Sold my car to a friend who was to make monthly payments to me, then the friend decided it was not their car but their partners so said friend decided they did not have to pay. I just said f..k it and moved on knowing I made a mistake in trusting….

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    The best revenge is to learn to let go and live a happy life.

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      That is not a revenge. The best revenge is one where the other person has something bad happen to them, repays you, saying “I’m sorry - I should have never messed with you” and then you let go and live a happy life. I worry that you can’t see this.

      • Why? not many ppl do this. You waste your time and headspace…i.e the guy is renting free in your head.

        I sortof understand now control your emotions and you will be free.

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    Advertise their "garage sale" on marketplace for Sunday morning…

    • Knock on the front door, setting it up out the back so you might have to knock loudly, nobody before 6am.

      • I made the mistake of advertising my full address, first knock was 4:30am

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    A guy cut me off in traffic really aggressively and flipped me off etc in his company car (mobile number written on his door). I made a Gumtree listing for some vaccinated and microchipped labrador puppies, free to a good home.
    I also printed off some flyers and stuck them on my community noticeboard as the hard copies would be harder to remove.
    I don't know how many calls he would have received but the listing had hundreds of views haha.

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      Imagine the disappointment of all the children who were told to expect a new Labrador puppy.

    • Feels like the Unhinged movie was based on your life story lol. But nah I obviously hate when people do that too.

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    Some ideas here:

    I particularly like the porn mag 'misaddressed' to the neighbour's house.

    EDIT: More specifics here:

    EDIT 2: Realised it was sounding like I endorse this stuff so want to clarify this is for reading entertainment purposes only :)

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    Make a donation to the church of scientology in their name with all their contact details.

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    maybe best to leave the revenge till after the court case in case he somehow traces it back to you and use it against you

  • The only times I’ve dabbled in revenge it hasn’t made me feel any better (strange as I thought it would). Now I don’t bother. You might get a better sense of satisfaction being the better person and moving on. Either way have fun.

  • If they are in melbourne, give em the finger

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    Whoever said revenge is sweet never tasted the yumminess of forget about it.

  • Sign there email and mobile up to the kogan mailing list, enough said lol.

    • Whilst you’re at it, sign them up to Groupon.

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    Make many adds on gumtree of desirable items for cheap with their phone number. Their phone wont stop.

    Even better do the same with a throwaway phone number and when they arrive at their address they'll knock at the door and scream at them to find it was a prank hahahaha

    Source: the devil 😈

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    If you have their address, advertise it for rent, real cheap. Use their contact details

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    Live the best life you can.

  • Don't have a cow, man!

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    Count of Monte Cristo style is my recommendation…
    RemindMe! 28 years

  • Cut your loses, you got played 🤦‍♂️

  • You can generate an official looking collection letter for free from the link below. Even better if they have an abn you can lodge a “default” against them.

    You have to signup for free trial though.

  • Irrespective of the amount, 400, 400K or 400M, is there actually any proper legal methods to get the money back?
    If cops can go after you for doing some illegal "revenge" actions, why can't they go after the other party in the first place? That seems like a really broken system we have..

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    Go onto the freebies section of ozbargain and just get them every free thing you can delivered to their address. Me and my brother use to do it to each other. Not going to lie though, some things like dog food samples did come in handy. But other things like adult diapers were useless.

  • Put their name and phone number on some dating site. Say youre down for anything.
    If he has a misses it might piss her off something fierce?
    Or some swingers site. Or if they still do local ads in the papers or online.

    • That's not proportional response. OP visit r/ProRevenge or r/NuclearRevenge or even r/PettyRevenge. At the least it'll give you na entertaining afternoon or itll give you some ideas. Avoid the illegal ones

  • Money and friends = NO!
    People never learn 🤦‍♂️

  • move on and have a better life.. thats the best revenge

  • I could tell you lots, I'd refer you to a great phone, or deal.

    But since o don't know you, or like anyone I'll not share my thoughts that you possibly couldn't imagine. 🙊 But have fun getting caught.

  • Mark Rober had someone ghosted him in one of the videos and his revenge was to sign up for scientology. Using his name and address.. bought some books. Apparently the cult will harass him for life because they think he is interested.

  • Tell them you'll be notifying the tax department if they don't pay and that you'll telling them you've essentially given them $400 and that you've written a receipt. I know, negligible tax to be paid I'm sure, but something about mentioning the ATO seems to spook people.

  • This made me think of a Mark Rober video on YouTube and how he got revenge on someone:

    The tl;dr of it is that 1) he signed the person up to the Church of Scientology while ordering $300 worth of material for them to badger them for the rest of their days, and 2) had postcards of embarrassing subject matter addressed to him but sent to neighbours' addresses so that neighbours would have to hand deliver postcards back to said victim and silently judge

    Hopefully some good inspo!

  • Just send them a big bag of Haribo sugar free gummy bears.

  • Grow up. Cut your losses. Move on. Lesson learnt. That's zero risk, zero cost and best of all you won't waste time stewing for 5 minutes of childish gratification. Life's way too short to waste on this kind of crap. Go spend that time and effort doing something you love.

  • This guy also owes me $500. It's been over a year and he still hasn't paid me back. Strange this thread popped up lol.

  • Hire someone to slide a piss puck under their door?

  • Sneak round at night and turn their water off, then put rapid set concrete in the meter box, Put paint stripper in a large syringe and walk past their car squirting it all over the car.

  • Happened to me paid a bloke to do a job he asked for almost 700 for materials electronically T/f the money to him nek min he took of to NZ.

    Take it as a lesson you cant trust anyone when it comes to $ but urself

  • My ex owes me 30k and has no intention to do anything about it. Whatever you do to your 'enemy' let me know, I'll amplify it 100 times and implement it. Cheers.

  • “When you hold a grudge, you want someone else’s sorrow to reflect your level of hurt but the two rarely meet.”

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