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Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Pro Dishwasher Tablets 32 Pack $16 (RRP $32) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Pro Dishwasher Tablets, 32 Pack $16

RRP $32

Best price according to camel camel camel.

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    2 32 packs for $32 at Coles

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    Need to put the Amazon delivery charges in the header

  • 0% cashback on that category

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    Anybody care to share experiences with these tablets vs other finish tabs?

    I get the impression that finish is in the business of planned obsolescence

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      We've been using the Finish Classic original tabs at about 9c per from the 'damaged box' offer on OzB about 5 years ago .. we bought a lifetime supply .. :-) .. they work well enough in our Miele dishwasher, no reason to switch to later 'better' Finish tabs. We find it's best not to put leftovers in the dishwasher, just the cleaned off kitchenware .. :-) .. !! This offer is way expen$$$ive by the way …. !!


      • Depending on how you cleaning off your kitchenware prior to loading, you might actually be wasting a lot more water. scraping off as opposed to rinsing.

    • Yeah I think it's just a marketing gimmick to sell a product at a higher price. Their original tablets should clean your dishes just as well as any of their "quantum" tablets.

    • Chemist warehouse sells classic tabs box 110 for 16$.
      Any thoughts on the quality of those?

  • Pricematching woolies

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      Another 5% off at woolies with cashrewards e-gift card, plus a sprinkle of rewards points, plus no plastic wrapped cardboard box that needs transportation individually. On that, how much plastic tape do you need to remove from the cardboard for recycling?

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    This is better value $19 for 48 tabs, equating to $0.39c per tab.

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    Catch have other Finish Quantum products in bulk for under 30c per tablet. They are pretty cheap through Groupon too.

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    I feel every year they bring out a new tab and just add a word to its name …

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      Here's the next few years …

      2021 = Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Pro Max
      2022 = Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Pro Max+
      2022 = Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Pro Max+ 2.0
      2023 = Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Pro Max+ 2.0 Classic

  • Ran out of my Omo the other day, threw a couple of these into the washing machine with the childrens clothes, as good as new. I'll save the expensive stuff for my clothes.

  • I only ever buy dishwashing stuff at the reject shop… for instance:

    Sure.. its not the ULTIMATE version but if you can explain the difference to me I'm all ears.

    Or you can buy 1kg of powder for $3

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