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Creality Ender 3 3D Printer $268.43 Shipped or Pro $293 Shipped (Aus Warehouse) @ Banggood


Hi guys. Long time lurker, first time posting a deal.

With the crazy COVID19 pricing starting to rollback, the ever popular Ender 3 is on special at Banggood AUS warehouse for a great price of under $270 shipped or the Pro for under $293 shipped. Plenty of videos on this 3D printer for 3d printing newbies. I grabbed a Pro with the glass bed ($22) and a kg of filament ($35). Great bang for buck. Enjoy!

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      The pro and V2 also have more stable print base, they widened the linear rail / aluminium extruded frame or something like that (this is visible in pictures of both models)

      I think the pro has thermal runaway protection while the non-pro doesn't, but in both cases I'd upgrade the mainboard to BTT Mini E3 anyway which solves that.

      The mainboard upgrade is primarily for significantly quieter operation (same series stepper drivers as the Ender 3 V2), other possible advantage too and doesn't cost all that much.

      • Can you post a link to the mainboard upgrade please?

        • +2

          The manufacturer BTT (Big Tree Tech) have their own aliexpress store.

          BTT Mini E3 V2.0 is ~AUD$50 inc shipping

          The E3 models are specifically designed to easily swap into the Ender 3 models. There may be more effort in getting firmware working and switching applications though, I haven't done it myself so I'm not the best person to talk to. This is a very common upgrade, and very commonly recommended online, so you'll be able to find lots of info and should easily find help from the community if you struggle.

          • @Joku: world of difference this motherboard.

            like worlds apart.

          • +1

            @Joku: If someone can find a bargain for this … 😉

    • go with the 3x with the glass bed.

  • I said I wasn't going to touch 3d printing again… But that price…

  • +4

    If buying with the glass bed, is it better to get directly from Creality?


    "Ender 3 + Glass + 5 Nozzles"

    $207USD ~ $286.50AUD on Creality vs. $268.43AUD + $22.71AUD = $291.14AUD on Banggood

    • +1

      Well with 5% cashback 291.14*0.95 = 277, also possible card fees for USD purchase. I'd be more concerned about warranty though.

  • i've been wanting to buy a 3d printer for a long time, and i was looking up the ender series just a few weeks back and the 3 pro was still slated for release and quite scarce.
    how difficult is it these days to start on one of these? Do most people just print already available files for certain parts, or do they learn to design their own 3D files?

    I want one mainly to print parts for say a logitech G304:

    Is this the normal price for the ender 3? Or do they normally retail for more?

    • +3

      Check out the Teaching Tech youtube channel for lots of Ender3 goodness. Will answer all of your questions.

    • sketchup - free (no license) online (no installation) 3d editor (cad) super easy to learn - my 7 y/o daughter learned it watching me doing my model and designed her own miniature photocamera.
      Good for complete noob like I was.

      result, completely designed in sketchup (mirrors frames)

  • Any known issues with the stock components on these? I know the Anet A8 (for example) was known for having some dodgy components out of the box.

  • The DIY kit is on sale on Creality 167$ vs Banggood 189$…. https://www.creality3d.shop/collections/super-sale-under-300...

    Am I missing something e-g a bargain?

    • I think that price is for USA.

    • It's $320AU

    • +1

      Yeah it's $320 USD shipped to Aus, and coming from China.

      EDIT: Looks like the price sometimes doesn't update when changing shipping locations.

    • Aren't they all DIY kits? Or are some places selling them assembled? I imagine after shipping you'd need to realign the X gantry anyway (which involves pulling a bunch of pieces off).

      Plus in building it yourself you get a better understanding of how it works, and how to troubleshoot problems.

    • Is any small amount of filament included in this?

  • +2

    Anyone have any good, creative sites or videos for 3d printers. Not sure why I would want one……and need reasons to.

  • They should have the filaments cheaper because it’s just plastic..

  • Ok just pulled the trigger on one. 6 weeks of stage 4 lockdown… I might as well find a new money hole/hobby to keep me occupied.

  • +1

    this is a decent review of the product - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8Z-9ncYsps

  • +2

    This is a good deal, the pro version is worth the 25$~ extra though for the quieter board with newer drivers, magnetic build plate and larger y extrusion.

    I have a feeling there will be an influx of enders on gumtree in about a month….

    • +2

      maybe i should wait on those sales instead. but knowing gumtree, they will probably try to charge me RRP and say it's 'as new'.

  • Given some of the comments here mention the motor can be quite noisy (though can't see any confirmation if it's the 3 or the Pro as well, only that the V2 is quieter), is it worth getting the 3Xs Pro with the v1.5 silent motor & glass base for $249USD (before discounts)?
    If getting the 3 Pro + glass base, it's already $222USD (before discounts), meaning the v1.5 motor is $27USD with the bundle versus $42USD if buying separately.

    • the question begs, how is the 3xs pro different from the 3 pro? some reviews say the 3xs isn't as good as the 3 pro.

      wonder why they don't just do a deal with the 3pro, glass and silent motor

      • +1

        From what i gathered on the site:
        3X Pro is: 3 Pro + v1.1.4 Motor (+ glass bed)
        3Xs Pro is: 3 Pro + v1.1.5 Motor (+ glass bed)
        3X & 3Xs is the same thing but with the non-Pro version of the printer.

        Ender-3Xs Pro: Including the whole Ender-3 Pro kit (V1.1.5 super silent mainboard) and a Glass Plate Platform (magnetic bed still includes)
        Ender-3X Pro: Including the whole Ender-3 Pro kit (V1.1.4 mainboard) and a Glass Plate Platform (magnetic bed still includes)

        So the only difference is the motor which they'll swap out for the one of your choice.

        Anyway, looking at one of the videos posted above, it seems they're not that noisy to begin with, and the biggest benefit of the upgraded motor is noise reduction. So it's probably not really worth the additional $27USD unless you're wanting it as quiet as possible.

        • cheers for the comparison. probably won't need the ultra silent motor in my current living situation.
          i've decided to just get the 3 Pro + glass bed + 1kg PLA filament. With a new user account and applied coupons, comes to around $343 delivered excluding shipping insurance.
          Banggood seems to have some issues with paypal at the moment, check out just leads to a forbidden error.

          • @plentifoo: Good choice. I changed my order to the Pro too for the extra $24. It sounds like it might have an upgraded board for running the motors quieter anyway. Don't forget shopback or cashrewards for up to 8% cash back.

            • @Hazza: says 9% cashback on my chrome extension. but still no email notification that i've got it. I'm just hoping the learning curve on this thing isn't too steep that i'll give up given the limited time i have for hobbies now.

              might be doing some of these upgrades once i get my ender 3 pro delivered. Dude managed to get to that level of know how in 2 months.

              • @plentifoo: Mine tracked already A$17.23. Although I have had many not track in the past.

                Yep tons of upgrades. Great vid, I saw it a while ago and linked it earlier in the first comment!

          • @plentifoo: still having forbidden error.

    • The noise of the stepper motors is a function of the stepper motor drivers - the devices controlling the current to the motors. Unsure about the Pro, but the original Ender 3 has an 8 bit controller board and low end drivers; as I understand it, the jaggedness of the changes in power make the motors noisier. I upgraded my Ender 3 to a 32 bit mainboard for about $40 (SKR Mini E3) - the only noise now is from the fans, it's night and day.

      Overall, I love my Ender 3, but it has known imperfections (for instance, my bed is a fair way from flat). Luckily it has a large community of users to help you out, and a number of mods that you can print (and software tweaks you can make) to improve it.

      The glass bed, I haven't had much luck with; I returned to the stock surface, and some mesh bed levelling and a change to print speed have kept me happy.

  • I already have a CR-10S Pro V2 … "I don't need another printer" … "but the price" … "no" … "yes" … shut-up already!!

    • +1

      Why would you need two? Actually this is ozbargain, it's never about 'need' is it lol.

    • You've hesitated enough, go..!

    • If you are not sure about 2, buy 3.

  • Damn it, I just ordered an Anycubic i3 mega S for $359 2 days ago (with 1kg PLA but)… I was really torn between the Ender 3 and i3 mega S for a long time, but at this price I would have definitely settled for the ender 3. Good price OP. Thanks!

    • +1

      I3 mega is a good machine also. It has some upgrades the ender doesn’t. You have spent well.

      • That's good to know. Thanks!
        Can't wait for it to arrive. Already planning an enclosure to build with some Ikea bedside tables (quite a few people have done this), and also a few mods to print out (carriage upgrade, maybe set up a bltouch too).

  • Thats a pretty good price. Got mine for about $400 few months back.

    Good value for money.

  • +1

    looks like the ender 3 and 3 pro are out of AU stock on the creality3dofficial site.

  • The sidewinder also appears to be a good price at $566 delivered.

  • can get extra 10$ OFF with code:BGdadd7a

    • +1

      it didnt work "This coupon only applies to specific products."

      • +1

        Extra $10 OFF for ender 3, code:BGdadd7a, Extra 7$ OFF for ender 3 pro,code:BGdfe4e4

        • +1

          will coupon code used still eligible for cashback/cashreward?

          • @a1234my: Good point would like to know too. Wouldn’t be worth it otherwise.

  • Glass bed is out of stock from AU warehouse now.

  • The bundle from Creality direct is now out of stock.

    I wonder if I should wait and see if it comes back in? Would much rather deal them direct.

    • +1

      Potential shipping delays, given the situation. Wouldn't hurt to email them asking for an ETA though?

    • Ordered the Pro 3 direct from Creality as with the $5 off new customer voucher it worked out the same.

  • +2

    I recently got the Pro from the BG Aus warehouse. Loving it!

    I wanted the V2 but it's not stocked here yet and the price has yet to drop.

    Highly recommended first printer! Still working on tweaking my settings and getting into 3D modelling with tinkercad.

  • +1

    V2 worth the extra?

  • I've been keen to get a 3D printer for a while, can anyone recommend filament for a newbie and where is the best place to get it?

  • Thanks for post - I am have been looking for a printer.


    Looking at this kit?

    Does this mean it's self leveling?

    • Not self leveling unfortunately. The "simple leveling" just refers to the larger grips.

  • Any suggestion for 3D scanning on a budget?

    • I read many moons ago that the PlayStation move camera connected to a PC can 3D scan an object into CAD. Try a search.

    • there are now apps out that can just use your mobile and they do hella awesome job of it.

  • so i've been watchin a few tute videos and reading up - and the 2 popular and affordable upgrades are the skr mini e3 v2.0 motherboard and BL touch.

    Is there any value in figuring out how to work a 3d printer without these 2 upgrades first? As it adds a whole heap of features that may take away from the troubleshooting experience of a stock ender 3. i.e. bed levelling? Or should i jump right in, get both upgrades and install it over stock on day 1?

    • Is there any value in figuring out how to work a 3d printer without these 2 upgrades first?

      I'm not sure I understand - or maybe you don't understand :) The learnings in 3D printing are much more about learning how to measure and design things, rather than the actual 3D printer and settings you are using to make the design into material. Having said that, not only those upgrades are inconsequential, but the 3D printer itself is too.
      You can come up with the best designs and functions and print them using the cheapest printer; conversely, you could buy the most expensive printer and still not be able to model anything.

      Buy the stock standard model and a filament and learn a CAD program well. Start creating real-world objects and see if this is for you at all. Really no point in worrying about upgrades yet (or ever)

      • i appreciate that 3D modelling using CAD is a whole other area of knowledge but that's not what i'm asking about. My question is more to do with learning about the actual hardware and understanding the parts that go into making the 3D printer work as intended. In this case, will learning how to calibrate the bed be completely obsolete if I got a BL touch instead that circumvents any surface warping/unevenness?

        also, i'm not diving into 3D printing with an 'inventor' or engineering mindset. I think for the most part i'll be printing STL files that can be found on thingiverse - any design aspect of 3D printing will be taking a sideline.

        • I see

          learning about the actual hardware and understanding the parts that go into making the 3D printer work as intended. In this case, will learning how to calibrate the bed be completely obsolete if I got a BL touch instead that circumvents any surface warping/unevenness

          Of course not. 3D printers are surprisingly simple and similar devices so once you understand how to level a bed, change the filament, replace the nozzle, you can do it on all devices. It's really not that complicated but takes a few attempts when you are learning.

          also, i'm not diving into 3D printing with an 'inventor' or engineering mindset. I think for the most part i'll be printing STL files that can be found on thingiverse - any design aspect of 3D printing will be taking a sideline.

          That might be problematic - you will find that after a few STLs you are kind of done. At first, it will feel like a magical toy-store you've never been to, but after printing a handful of these magical toys the novel wears off (pretty much for everyone). Initially, I thought the same but I ended up printing about 5 items from Thingsverse all up, and designed many more times of that.

  • I just got an email from bang good that the ender 3 is out of stock and their currently putting pressure on the factory to produce more units. Did anyone else get this email? I only got it a couple hours ago.

    • Did you order the normal or pro model? My email said already shipped, but I ordered pretty early, although I did cancel my original order before I posted the deal and re-ordered the pro an hour or two after my initial post.

      • I ordered the original late yesterday afternoon.

        • If you're in a hurry for it, jump on the chat and ask if you can swap for the pro if its in stock. It's only another $24 and is quieter and has a better PSU.

          • @Hazza: I'm not in a hurry for it right now. But you do make a good point

      • Just ordered the pro version now. Didn't have any problems hopefully i don't get this email soon though lol.

        • Ignore that, bloody misunderstanding it's the glass that isnt available.

      • hmm mine order is still being processed even though I ordered the pro before you made the change to your order.

  • +2

    I now own a 3D Printer…damn I have such a love hate relationship with ozbargin :?

    • I had an a8 from about 3 years ago, loved it but it's been offline for a while. Maybe this will get me back into tinkering.

  • +2

    Just an update for those following. My order arrived this morning.

  • Order Submitted
    Aug/07/2020 00:11:03

    Payment Confirmed
    Aug/07/2020 00:12:13

    Order Processing
    Aug/07/2020 00:14:05

    Anyone else in the same boat?

    • Strange as it should have progressed well and truly. Did you jump on the banggood support chat to inquire about the delay?

      • not sure what's up - I did scrimp on the insurance as it was going to be shipped from an AU warehouse.

        maybe I got unlucky and fell into the next delivery batch after it got listed as out of stock.

      • support chat said the glass plate and PLA went OOS. the printer itself is ready to be shipped.

    • This is my update, it was shipped the next day:
      Aug 11, 2020 23:05 Package has been sterilized and shipped out.
      Aug 10, 2020 20:25 Our warehouse has started packing your items.
      Aug 10, 2020 20:16 Order submit.

      • is this for the ender 3 or the ender 3 pro? i did add a glass bed and PLA to the order. If one of those items went oos, that might delay the entire order I suppose. sigh.

  • Mine arrived today. Took about an hour to put together and an hour to figure out how to calibrate it.

    Currently running a test print which looks like it's running perfectly. Loud and slow but that's what I expected.

    • Guessing it didn't come with the newer silent board? like some people were saying it might.

      • +1

        This was probably the normal non-pro version, is that right chu-oh?

        • Yep non pro but I got the glass bed.

          I'll probably upgrade the board soonish.

          • @chu-oh: Nice. Good work setting it up and getting to printing already!

            • +1

              @Hazza: Procrastination is a hell of a thing :D

        • Ah i see, my mistake. Ordered a pro version with an SKR mini, but the skr is gonna take like an extra month to arrive so really hoping it comes with the silent board since I'm just gonna have it on my desk.

          • @Jeffry: Yeah, no silent board. It's loud as, hopefully the SKR mini board comes soon.

    • +1

      Loud and slow

      Welcome to the world of 3D printing :)

  • Purchased a pro directly from the creality site and emailed them. Sounds like they don’t even have stock and Banggood is out of stock of the pro 🙄

  • FYI, looks like Banggood have further dropped the price to $254 delivered.

    • Even better! I suspect small drops will continue as time goes on, now that tech prices are going back to the normality of pre-covid.

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