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Creality Ender 3 3D Printer $268.43 Shipped or Pro $293 Shipped (Aus Warehouse) @ Banggood


Hi guys. Long time lurker, first time posting a deal.

With the crazy COVID19 pricing starting to rollback, the ever popular Ender 3 is on special at Banggood AUS warehouse for a great price of under $270 shipped or the Pro for under $293 shipped. Plenty of videos on this 3D printer for 3d printing newbies. I grabbed a Pro with the glass bed ($22) and a kg of filament ($35). Great bang for buck. Enjoy!

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  • Got a link to the glass bed?

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  • Thats an incredibly good deal.

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    [In jv's voice] What's the normal price?

  • I've seen people talk about using a different nozzle to print miniatures. Any recommendations for what I should add to a Banggood order?

    • E3D or Microswiss are pretty damn good upgrades.

    • Standard is 0.4 but I think you can use smaller, like 0.2 for minis… though resin is prob better overall if you are only printing minis I believe.

      • yeah, i started looking into it. Plastic is probably fine for monsters, but faces and fine details better with resin.

        Keeping an eye out for a discount resin one!

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWOiu5Nkg5A

      This guy uses stock from memory and gets incredible results, it's all about your slicer settings.

      • PLA quality impacts a lot on more detailed prints as well. One spool I ordered works fine at draft/standard layer heights, but produces horrid results at higher quality. Haven't had the problem with other spools.

    • Ask Bang good not to Bang your package up real good and then refuse a refund?

      • Did that happen to you? Pay the shipping insurance if your worried about that.

        • I just bought and Ender 3 V2, shipping insurance was something like $6. A no brainer for a $400 expense.

    • you can get a set of 0.1mm to 1mm nozzles for like $10….just order all of them

      Yon still print at 0.12mm with a 0.4mm nozzle FYI. Just the smaller nozzle has incrementally better detail

    • You'll get much better detail from a resin SLA printer at the cost of very small print size and having to cleanup unused resin. Ender 3 will still do miniatures but not nearly as well. Have a look at a comparison on youtube.

  • I do see the "Pro" version in the related products for $293, is it worth the extra to go for this version?

    • Yes.. the magnetic bed and improved power supply is worth it.

      • I disagree regarding the magnetic bed, as it is not guaranteed to fix any warping in the factory bed. From what I have read the glass bed is the best bet. Hence why I went with the standard version and add on glass bed.

        • very interesting…

        • I have an ender3 clone, geeetech A10 and it has a grippy textured / glass double sided bed.

          The glass bed + hairspray gets me good adhesion every time. Would recommend glass any day of the week.

        • Yeah I suppose if you have a warped bed then glass will help… however I have been using the magnetic bed for 18 months and 95% of stuff sticks fine with no messing around with hairspray and pops right off the flexible bed.. no real right answer.. if you have issues with glass, then going to magnetic may help, and vice versa… each machine is different and people also have different printing needs and the most underrated part, skill levels of building and setting the machine up properly.

          • @sarakoth: Very true. Most of my reading mentioned that for a first timer, bed levelling (and having a perfectly flat bad) can be the difference between giving up on 3d printing from the start, or having many successes. And since each machine/bed is different, in theory the glass bed should eliminate that variable. But your right success can be had with either.

            • @Hazza: I wrecked my magnetic bed from not getting it leveled off correctly. The wheels underneath are terribly inaccurate when trying to level it off.

              Ive just ordered a glass bed cant complain for $20

        • Glass bed is much much better.

    • I literally only got the pro version delivered a week or two ago for the $293 you mentioned. It is much quieter than my friend's non pro version. Other than that they seem almost identical.

      • So your pro must have the new control board if it is much quieter than the non-pro. Can you confirm from any of the doco/marketing that is has a different board?

        • I also purchased a pro to add to the collection a while back, I had to actually check the board physically to see if it is was the newer style. Was going to chuck in a e3 mini but didnt. Also the Y extrusion is larger on the pro. I think it is well worth the 40$ extra for the pro.

          • @ajh: So your pro had the quieter control board then? Nice. I might change my order then. Also it's only an extra $24 not $40.

          • @ajh: My Pro arrived last week. What am i looking for to confirm the upgraded board.

            • @wpw: Easiest way is old one is light green new one is blueish. It’s in the box underneath the bed.

              • @ajh: Just opened it up. green. has V1.1.4 on the board?
                Also has slight scratch to one side of the magnetic build plate , will this have any impact do you think.

                • @wpw: V1.1.4 is an upgraded board compared to the original/non-pro pretty sure, hence why its quieter. The latest is V1.1.5 though. I doubt a scratch would have any impact.

    • There is version 2 as well.

      • Sadly shipped from cn if it was au would have got it!

        • Yeah, for now shipping cost is killing the value proposition for Ender 3 V2 and also for the similar BIQU B1.

          So if you want value for money you're better off with an Ender 3 Pro and D.I.Y mainboard upgrade eg. BTT Mini E3 V2.0 mainboard.

          If there was AU stock of all 3 I'd probably get the B1 myself. The pros and cons of V2 vs B1 have very comparable cost price I think so it just comes down to personal preference. Personally I bias the better mainboard on the B1, it's going to be useless extra cost for most buyers but personally it's something I was already looking at paying extra for over the BTT Mini E3 if I wind up buying an Ender 3 Pro.

          • @Joku: True the FLSun Q5 - prices has dropped to - shame also CN warehouse though is a Delta which is a different beast all together! (has had some frustration with a pred - but the Q5 is suppose to be real "good" OOB)

        • How much would be a fair price for a local v2?

    • It's worth getting from the Creality store, and having it ship from Australia.

      • That link is for the Ender 3d pro. Unfortunately the Ender 3 V2 is sold out on the official Creality store. Agree with Scrobo that it's worth buying AU stock (if you can find it at a decent price…)

  • How does this compare to the Anet A8?

    I've got an A8, about 3 years old. It's been giving me all kinds of problems lately. I need a new hot end, but it might be worth just getting a better printer at this point.

  • Yeah I'd go for the Pro at AU$24 extra.

  • Can you link to pro? Can't find for that price

    Also for complete newbie what else should I be ordering.?

  • Not a bad deal - Creality selling it on their official website for $207USD ($286AUD) with tempered glass bed and 5 nozzles from AU warehouse.


    $35 p/kilo for filament. What brand was it?

    Can get esun PLA+ for $25 p/kilo OR 3d fillies for $26.90 p/kilo in oz. Both print very well.

  • G'day, can any one advise a newbie what the difference is between the Pro and non-Pro versions? What you recommend for someone starting out?

    • Either is fine. The main benefit of the PRO is the better power supply. Whichever version you go for I recommend the glass bed.