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Seiko Automatic SRPB53K Samurai $329 Delivered (RRP $675) @ Starbuy


Another fine automatic Seiko "Samurai" going for a slightly more attractive price, a decent discount.
STARBUY'S 1-DAY STARDEAL. On Fridays, this deal stretches over the weekend, closing out Monday 10:00am.
Normally Starbuy's price is $425.

Seiko Automatic Diver's Mens Watch SRPB53K. This modern and functional look watch is matched with a blue dial, stainless steel case and a silicone strap.


Calibre Function - Analogue - 3 Hands
Calibre Accuracy - +45 -35 seconds a DAY (at normal temperature range (5ā„ƒ and 35ā„ƒ)
Calibre Display - Analogue

Water Resistance - 200 Metre Divers
Case Material - Stainless Steel
Case Size - 43.8MM
Case colour - Silver
Band/Bracelet Type - Strap - Extra Strength Silicon
Band/Bracelet colour - Black
Band Reference - R02F011J0
Glass Type - HARDLEX
Crown Type - Screw Down Crown
Rotating Bezel - One Way

Dial Colour - Blue
Hand Indicators - Hour, Minutes, Seconds
Calendar Indicators - Date
Lumibrite - Hands & Hour Markers
Dial Markers - Batons

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    Wake the f up Samurai, we have a city to burn!

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    Oh no my wallet….

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    I want the orange one.

  • Sharp!

  • I have a question about Seiko automatics. I bought a cheap Seiko 5 SNKK27 posted here:


    I don't wear it often, but on days where I do what I consider from past experience to be a fair amount of flapping my arm about, it has stopped by morning and I have to reset the time and date. Is that normal? Have I got a dud? Do I have to wear the damn thing to bed?

    It keeps time fine during the day while I have it on.

    • This is a feature of the watch… kinetic energy,

      Perhaps you are too sedentary… keep moving about more often, else give your watch a few shakes at bed-time before going to sleep.

      (Also, they don't make'm like they use to. I had a Seiko 5 I bought in Japan in 1975. It kept perfect time and never ever had the back off for repairs until 2018 when it just stopped. It was going to cost more for repairs than a new similar Seiko. Anyway, it would keep time when stationery for nearly 2 days and It needed very little motion to keep time. The replacement model bought in 2018 requires more frequent movement to keep time else it stops altogether overnight.)

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      Doesn't sound normal. That model should definitely have a power reserve that lasts through a night (and then some).

      There is a large range and hierarchy within Seiko automatics. Seiko 5 is their entry level series ā€“ these days production has largely been moved to Malaysia for not just final assembly but also manufacture of the movements. Quality at this end of the spectrum starts to reflect the affordable pricing, but what you're experiencing falls beyond what can be expected.

      As you move up the Seiko range, quality improves dramatically. The Samurai posted here, for instance, is in their Prospex range and has a solid and well regarded movement. Go further up the range, to the Presage series, Astron series, and then to Grand Seiko and Credor and you're in the realm where not many other brands can compete for quality.

      It can be worth investing in a watch winder, which rotates your watch when you're not wearing it to keep it ticking over. This may cost about as much as the watch you own, however.

    • i don't think wearing it to bed will do you much good unless you sleepwalk a lot …

      The rotor at at the back of the watch spins when you move around, thus winding/charging the mainspring. The watch you linked I think has a 7S26 movement, which I believe has about 40 hours of power reserve fully charged. But that assumes you wear it enough to fully charge it. Its kind of hard to estimate how much activity is enough to fully charge it, everyone's level of activity differs.

      Try wearing it more often? The other alternative is a motorised watch winder but thats really overkill.

      The newer Seikos like the Samurai in this deal uses a newer 4R35 which allows for handwinding. That makes it a much easier to keep the power reserve topped up for occasional users like yourself.

    • That's not normal. I own numerous Seikos and none of them do that, even when I've been "physical".

    • That model should have a 43hour reserve, so with the movement stopping overnight is not normal.

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      Your watch could have problems or it could be within specification, it can be tricky to diagnose power reserve issues. If you're moving around much at all, even say 5000 steps throughout the day, I'd expect the watch to have no issues running through the night.

      You can also try shaking the watch side to side (similar movement to dealing cards) to help wind it up before you go to sleep. Google "seiko shuffle" and I'm sure you'll find videos.

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    Easy mates, keep it easy :D Wait till late afternoon to see Weekend Sales first :D

  • ooo tempting, but kinda want the orange boi

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