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Seiko Men's SNKK27 "Seiko 5" - $103.55 Delivered @ Amazon AU (WatchNation Australia)


Have been eyeing some budget Seiko 5s and this popped up. Cheapest I've seen in a while, historical low according to CamelCamelCamel.

Great price for a reliable entry level automatic watch.

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  • Just a heads up - this watch has folded links in the bracelet which are bottom of the barrel, so factor in a replacement leather or canvas strap. It does have an exhibition case back if that's your thing.

    • Good warning. The folded links are awful hair catchers and horrible to remove to resize the bracelet. Seiko really shouldn't be selling these bracelets on their watches.

      I also struggle to get excited about the basic Seiko 5s nowadays given what Cadisen, Guanqin and Pagani Design all offer for similar money (ceramic bezels, sapphire crystals, solid links and solid end links, and a superior Seiko NH35/NH36 movement).

      • Too right with the Chinese mushroom brands on Aliexpress - far better value. If you are patient

      • Can you give one example of a watch? (Chinese brands with all those features that you mentioned?) Thanks

        (ceramic bezels, sapphire crystals, solid links and solid end links, and a superior Seiko NH35/NH36 movement).

        • The Pagani Design PD-1651 and PD-1639 are probably the picks of the Chinese bunch at the moment:


          https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000668260744.html?spm=a2g0o... (Note only the first five options are the ones with the NH35 and sapphire)

          • @xyron: Thanks learn something new today

          • @xyron: ooohhh bit of a speedmaster "homage" https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000751020262.html Is this an automatic movement?

            • @demod: no (well kinda but not really) that one uses a seiko VK63 "mecha quartz" movement which is a quartz movement (uses a battery) but retains some of the mechanisms of a traditional mechanical watch so that you get the mechanical effects like the sweeping second hand etc.

              its also good value for ~$60USD though.

              • @xyron: I should add, to answer your question, they have replica automatic movements In many cases identical to the genuine but in the cheaper ones you will get different more reliable movements that produces the same functions. Eg the 2836 is a common fill in for 3135 movements.

                Edit: was meant to be a reply to @demod but I can't change it on mobile now

            • @demod: What? No, it's based on the Rolex Daytona. Same as the first link is the yacht master. The reason they are so close is becuase the factories over their are primarily making replicas of luxury watches. I'm a bit if a watch nerd and have quite a few reps of various brands and even next to their genuine counterparts they are all but indistinguishable, especially to someone without rep knowledge. Even more niche brands like JLC have 1:1 reps. It's an interesting world of you already like watches. Obviously fraught with blurred ethical lines though.

              • @900dollaridoos: Wow.. it totally is a Daytona! I really want a speedy, but would happily spend $100ish on a "homage" with a good automatic/manual movement. I'll have a look at those other brands you mentioned.

                • @demod: The speedy is a great watch but it's one of the few in rep communities that most recommend you save up for the genuine. There are good aesthetic copies but none that replicate the movement which is its main feature. Much more complicated than the Daytona's, say.

                  If you are interested Google the 2019 50th anniversary speedy. Imo it's the best looking omega going around

    • Strapify does 18mm or 20mm width leather bands, and this Seiko is 19mm.
      Any idea which size I should get?

      • I'd go the 20mm and squeeze it in. It will soften over time. Not a fan of the spring bars showing.

    • C'mon it's $100, that's a given. What next no sapphire crystal so buyer beware?

      • Not necessarily, collectors might know, but someone looking just to buy one watch might appreciate the heads up. It all goes to the extent of the bargain.

      • it's not a given on the chinese brands (who use seiko movements too), so why should we tolerate it from seiko, especially when they too are manufacturing in low cost jursidictions like malaysia for these low end seiko 5 models?

        • State sponsored Chinese brands need all the leg up they can get, so I'm not surprised at all. You won't find these features in any big name brand at this price no matter where it's built, so yes we should tolerate it.

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            @nomoneynoproblems: I doubt the Chinese government sponsors all watches made in China. If it is the case, then it's one more reason we shouldn't tolerate it from big name brands, as we essentially get subsidised buying Chinese brands, as you suggested.

          • @nomoneynoproblems: A point worth mentioning is we have Seiko with their history and heritage, has proven robustness where even 50 year old plus watches are still working. These Chinese brands are new and unproven. Who knows what kind of cost cutting is done inside?

      • Plenty of watch rookies are clueless.

  • Great looking watch for the price.
    Got in before Amazon's pricing algorithm kills the deal.

  • This fella trys on a few different straps; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3CK8MQy_FE

    I like the look of it with a black leather band

  • I think the lowest was $95.70 according to Camel3 from Amazon.

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    A similar Seiko 5 was my first automatic. It took some time to begin appreciating what a pathetic movement the 7s26 is.

    • Indeed, I'd prefer a basic Orient auto over a Seiko 5 if you must have a Japanese brand for this kind of low-$100s price.

    • In what way? Does it keep accurate time?

      • No hacking and no handwinding are obvious flaws. Accuracy is all over, the +/- swings are more pronounced. Very loud rotor action.
        If you compare this to an Orient movement or a better Seiko movement you will not want to go back to the 7s26 even if it is in an SKX.
        To give you an example with my Orients I can wear it one day (and I know that it will run faster when worn) and then stand it 12 up for a day or two to lose a few seconds (because I know this movement reliably goes slower 12 up). This way I don't need to correct time. That would be futile with a 7s26.

  • My first Seiko, pretty well indestructible, always take it on holidays as the lume is great. The bracelet isn't awful, I've paid more for watches and ended up with worse feel on the wrist.

  • I don't understand the market for budget watches. Isn't the only two purposes of a watch to tell the time, or to be a piece of expensive bling to show off your wealth? Since everyone now has the most reliable timepiece ever invented in their pocket (on their phone), that leaves the only purpose for a wristwatch as a piece of jewellery. And if you buying bling you never go cheap.
    Have I missed something here?

    • You missed the watch enthusiasts that just like watches.

    • Firstly, watches can be accessories, not just bling. People wear bracelets made of leather, say, they aren't just limited to diamond flex pieces.
      Secondly there's watch enthusiasts that enjoy the mechanics and history of watches. Yes a Patek is very nice, but so is a ferrari fo car people. Think of the seiko as toyota 86, cheap but still interesting and looks kinda cool if you're into that kind of thing.

  • Big hassle getting phone out of bag - I don't keep it in pocket, too big - turning it on then reading time, compared to looking at wrist.