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[VIC] Free Access to Optus Sport @ Optus


Finally something to celebrate in Victoria. Free Optus Sport starting this weekend

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    Lol just as soon as EPL finished up

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      Just in time for Champions League

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        5am set your alarms!

  • Alrighty how do we use it in NSW then???

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      Drive by. We never close our borders 🙂

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      • I've tried using Nord vpn with optus sport in the past. It detects it. Not sure about others

        • Yep. SurfShark too. Doesn't play well with VPNs

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      Just come round my joint, I'll uber eats some bat sliders 🦇

    • Edit: i am in Sydney but i can still play everything for free even without logging in. Just gonna start watching man City beat the shit out of real Madrid 😅😅

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    what. i just signed up today for the champions league!

    • I was just about to as well.

    • I was just about to sign up today. Thank you Optus :)

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    Optus sports >>>>>>>>>>>>> Foxsports

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      idk why the downvotes. Optus sport is legit

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        Legit, really? You don't remember the World Cup fiasco?

        • lol I think I joined after that. how did they mess up ?

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            @razorite: You couldn't even watch the games :/

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              @Cousin IT: Worked fine on Fetch. Watching on the app was an issue.

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          Fox Sports would force you to sign up for other meaningless shit and never got CL/EL rights

          One fiasco doesnt make Optus totally bad

        • I don't live in the past.

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      Big drawback for me with Optus is the shocking 720p resolution.

      • for me its shocking on my chromecast but always excellent on a desktop/laptop.

        • The actual stream is flawless for me on both Apple TV and via android tv on my TV. The problem is still the resolution being 720p and the picture being grainy and muddy, looks dated.

      • Not for me. Looks great. Must be the upscaling. I'm watching on a 4K TV via a Fetch TV STB.

        • Fetch at least upscales it now from 720p to 1080p, but still it’s an upscale. However at least it’s about on par with all other streaming providers. But I mean, that’s just for fetch - a lot of people don’t have fetch. It’s pretty poor that a company like Optus are only offering 720p streams in 2020

    • Having Foxtel is like going to your mailbox to grab everything and finding what's actually important amongst all the junk mail

  • Stay safe Victoria!

  • -2

    When EPL is over. Lol

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      It’s literally for the champions league?

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      EPL was 'over' back in February.

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    Even if I don't watch the matches live, I really like Optus Sport's "Mini-match" special. Scores are hidden and I can watch the best plays and feel the same level of excitement, all in 20 minutes or so instead of 90 minutes in the middle of the night.

    • Agreed, mini matches are a fantastic addition to the streaming era. Perfect to watch the condensed game on replay

    • Concept of mini match is good but execution is poor from Optus Sport on this. So many big moments are missed on their mini matches that are shown in 5 mins highlights elsewhere.

    • I actually prefer the mini-match concept to the full game. With rugby which can stretch on for a couple of hours with breaks, stoppages, half time etc I'd record the game live, then start watching it 90 minutes in, fast forwarding through the boring bits. I'd compress the 100-120 minutes or so of a live game to less than 30 and still see all the action, plus watch the final minutes tick down live.
      When you're time poor you can squeeze 3 matches into the same time as 1 regular match :)

    • Same. Then for the 'bigger games' you get mega matches which is good too.

      However I have found their post matches vids underwhelming. I wish they would just have a playlist of some sort so they bundle them together for those who like watching what the players, coaches said after the match. Instead I'm starting 1 min vids and having to go thru the app for the next min vid. Should be easier…

      Maybe there is an easy way and I just haven't found it??

      • +2

        Australia has some raving loons? Shocker.
        Stop watching the news.

        • +3

          This. 100 times this.
          Every population or group is distributed with some people at the top of the graph, some at the bottom, and most in the middle.
          With the invention of the Internet and social media, rather than smaller pieces information being curated by industries that competed for quality ie aiming at the top, we now consume much larger volumes of information that mostly compete for shock value, therefore aiming at the bottom. This is not healthy, and switching off is the only method to maintain sanity.
          Switch off the news, switch off social media, and ignore anything an actor or musician has to say.

        • At least we call them raving loons.
          In some other countries they're called Republicans.

          • +1

            @bender000: yeah look at those crazy republicans burning down chicago and portland.. damn those republicans!

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    Chelsea 4 - 0 Bayern Munich incoming.

    • -1

      Barcelona fans would be more happy than Chelsea fans with this score!!!!

      • Barcelona 2 - 8 Bayern (or maybe 9…1 own goal) =D

  • This is awesome

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    What is an example of something on Optus Sport that is not available to everyone? I'm in Perth but I seem to have access to everything. (For years Bunnings has thought my closest store is Ballarat, it seems like my screwed up IP geolocation has finally paid off).

  • What if your a subscriber already?

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    Somehow it didn't work for me?
    Anyone also experienced the same issue?

    • Downloaded optus sport, it asked to signup
    • signup done,
    • When I tried to watch, it asked me to upgrade my account to watch and pay $14.99/month
    • +1

      It worked for me on Android. Give it another try

  • +1

    I got the same issue as @hotcold . I'm a brand new user, installed app, put in details, had mobile number verified and pretty much can't watch anything until I "subscribe for 14.99" per month.

    I can't seem to find anywhere in the app to enter any coupon code or validate my location.

    • +1

      Same issue. :(

      • +1

        Same boat.. :-Z

        • +1

          I tried a number of times with the Android TV app, uninstalled/reinstalled and it kept asking me to pay. Then I loaded the Android app on my mobile and it worked fine. Chromecasting to the Android TV now from my phone.

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        It suddenly works for me after several hours.

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      It worked for me on my Android. Tried it 5 minutes ago.

      • Yep. Looks like the fixed the issue

    • Mine works now too. Thanks folks. Happy days

  • I can't seem to cast my Optus Sport from my phone to TV. Is that on purpose?

    I have to download Optus Sport app on my TV?

    • I used optus app on phone and cast to TV, it is working fine.
      Perhaps check basic stuff, wifi connection, tv setup, etc?

  • I had to register for it to work https://sport.optus.com.au/register

  • -1

    Oh, that's nice for Victorian. Enjoy and stay safe.

  • I've had Optus sports for the last 4 years. It's completely useless. All you see is English soccer, which on a personal level I couldn't care less about.

    The point of contention is why call it Optus Sport, instead of Optus Soccer.

    • It has football from across the world?

    • Well no, it’s not just English football, it now has plenty of other leagues.

      I imagine the reason for the original branding was they have/had the vision to expand to different sports eventually.

  • Anyone tried this in any other states? to see if it works or not

  • Bloody awesome!

    thanks Optus. Couldn’t wake up early today, watching replay now and using Chromecast to cast on my TV. Very clear picture

  • Optus Sport is more like Optus Football. What happens to other sports?

  • +1

    Football is a sport.

    It's not called 'Optus Sports'.

    It's called 'Optus Sport'.


  • when does this expire?

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