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Casio Edifice Chronograph Sapphire Glass EFRS565D-1A $179.00 (RRP $269.00) Delivered @ Starbuy


Edifice Chronograph EFRS565D-1A
I viewed a deal on the front page and found this Watch for a decent amount less with Sapphire Glass, here is the other article https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/556872
I have placed an order myself and if it gets here in time before the deal is over I will note about the quality and I fully intend on testing if it is real sapphire with a basic scratch test.

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  • diamond selector 2 is probably the most popular device to use to test for sapphire… i think they are under $20

    • I will give it a look

      • Just drop a bit of water on it. Glass is hydrophilic and will wet, while sapphire is hydrophobic and water beads off it. It's a pretty reliable way to check given they don't usually stick hydrophobic coatings on glass watches.

  • The other watch has an Automatic Movement and the case is Titanium.

    • True, but I trust the quality of quartz movements by casio and at this price I think its a pretty good deal, Titanium isn't really necessary for a watch in my opinion, the only thing I would say is a genuine advertising feature for life of the watch is if it has a mineral glass face or sapphire glass face

      • I think most enthusiasts would note the watches arent directly comparable… thats a 40mm auto dress watch, this is a 44mm quartz chrono. They both arent for me but I do appreciate people bringing these deals up anyway.

        I think OP just stumbled on the Casio and thought it would be interesting.

  • I used to be a casio watch guy, now I'm just a fitness watch.

    • I have been daily driving the F-91W for like 2 years, so I thought a bit of a fancier would be a good upgrade.

      • It might be cheap but I have a model forget which that looks like the A159W. Simple, metal and has a 10yr battery. I have 2 I liked them that much.

        • I have like 5 watches in that cheap under $100 price range and I love each of them for different reasons

        • There are almost no metal Casios - it'll just be a painted resin case, the bands can be aluminum or steel on the more expensive ones though.

          The A1000 is the only true metal body digital Casio nowadays - other than some high end GShocks.

  • "I have placed an order myself and if it gets here in time before the deal is over I will note about the quality and I fully intend on testing if it is real sapphire with a basic scratch test."

    According to the official website it is, so.. it is.


    • Yeah but it could just be marking crap, its like when apple put a sapphire glass screen on the first apple watch, which was chemically a sapphire glass screened watch but it didn't actually have the hardness of real sapphire glass so they could slap it as an advertising feature without the manufacturing effort

      • Casio and Starbuy are both reputable. Of course it is sapphire. Some watches have a mineral crystal with a sapphire coating, but this is normally stated.

        • Seconded, and they wouldn't be at pains to highlight that it's anti-reflective if it wasn't true Sapphire either.
          Seems a decent value Chronograph albeit battery only, so somewhat a trade-off there, thanks for sharing OP

  • Looks like a nice watch.

    I found a quick review for this model on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=AlbCEAKa6-U

    • I checked it out and I have a sneaking supposition that the guy who made that video saw this post or it was just really suspicious timing

      • Yeah. Looks like he gets watches from Starbuy for review on his channel. Timing is a bit funny but at least we got to see this watch a bit more before deciding to pull the trigger.

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