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Second 2 Week Free Trial @ Binge


This deal is for accounts who've already lapsed their Binge Free Trial and are not currently subsribed to Binge.
Due to issue with the streamotion payments provider (https://help.kayosports.com.au/s/article/Billing-Partner-Mai...)
They are unable to verify whether you have had a free trial in the past. SO just login and activate subscription

Please note that I would suggest using a prepaid card for this with limited balance just in case. They try to charge you later.
My prediction is that this will give you just short term access to service before they realise and start cancelling the subscription.
Again This seems to be more of a glitch than a deal and proceed at your own risk.

First Post BTW

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    Don’t give your money to Rupert

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      We won't. That's why this trial will come in handy.

    • But you're supposed to be loving and endorsing Rupert, west loves Rupert alikes, they rule the media from the back seat.

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    I forgot to turn my subscription off and got charged $14.

    Make sure you turn it off as soon as you sign up, it will continue until the end date.

    • I thought their T&C said that if you cancel the subscription then you lose access?

      • Nope, cancelled a few days earlier and could watch until the last day of the trial.

  • Sounds like someone's about to float…

  • First Post BTW

    Second Binge BTW

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    No way to get this on TV/PS4/XboxOne, only method is via Chromecast or Firestick / Apple TV.

    • It's so annoying as I use my Ps4 as my media server.

    • PS4 & Xbox no. But most 2018-19 TVs (LG & Samsung) now support Airplay and Sony has Play Store.

      Also because of the absence of Good DRM on Kayo and Binge videos you can DLNA cast the video (most smart tvs have this).

    • I have a chromecast plugged into my HDMI input on my xbox one. Still annoying there is no app for xbox

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      "only method is via Chromecast or Firestick / Apple TV."

      …not quite..

      I have a Nvidia Shield (Android) TV set top box. The Binge for Android TV app came up immediately in the Google Play store when Binge launched a few months back. I presume the app would be available on Sony, Samsung Android TVs as well as the 'Yum Cha' Android TV STBs (MI TV etc). Here's the Google Play Store link for the Binge for Android TV link:


      .. anyway I trialed Binge for a day or so then cancelled. It didn't offer up anything new that wasn't already available elsewhere, no was it complementary to existing offerings.

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    Is there even subtitles yet?

  • How many months is the free trial?

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    I assume the length of the trial period is proportionate to the quality of the service? A 14 day trial seems pretty crap compared to other platforms. Disney had a 7 day trial and now they don't offer any trial period to my knowledge.

  • I have been on the 12m free Telstra trial but gee there is nothing worth watching. I did find that if u scroll down to the last section under "shows" they have a bunch of foxtel channels to watch but no guide and lots of ads.

    • Ads on a paid streaming service? So basically Foxtel.

  • I look forward to this venture going the same way as Presto.

  • Might signup just to watch the wire in HD

  • got the message I have already had the free trial so I am not longer eligible. This one is for new customers only perhaps…

    edit: here is the exact message "Seems you’ve taken up a similar offer in the past so you’re not eligible for this one."

  • Also getting "Seems you’ve taken up a similar offer in the past so you’re not eligible for this one".

    Was also pretty much broken for me, no issues with prime, netflix.

    ALSO, and this was a dealbreaker, once you add favourites to "BingeList" there seems be literally be NO WAY to view them. If you click on BingeList it shows a row, and only a row of your faves - which you can scroll right with loops at about 10ish, with what you were watching below.
    So you can save, but can't access your faves.
    I searched high and low for either a reference to this issue, or a support forum and didn't find either.