Poll - What Is Your Current Smart Phone?

Hi OzBargainers.

Just curious, what is your current smart phone ?

Keep safe and have a good weekend.

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  • +2

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.. Awesome phone

  • +2

    AGM X2 Mil spec Tough phone. This phone has survived falls that would of killed any other phone, not to mention all the swims it's been on as well.

    • +1

      I still have an older AGM phone as a backup. It's slow, but so tough.

  • Still rocking the v20 that's going strong and doing everything I want it to.

  • +1

    Honor 8X dual sim, takes useful piccies at night. Works with backstreet sim cards from India and Bali.

  • +1

    Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB. planning to upgrade to s10e

  • +3

    iPhone 8 Plus and don't imagine upgrading for a few years more. Does exactly what I want it to do, receives all the updates and runs better now than it did when I got it. My son still uses his original iPhone SE and I still hold the belief that it remains one of the best smart phones ever made. Pixel's are great but they are only supported by Google for a few years before moving on and one of the reasons why I haven't made the switch back to Android.

    • yeah, reason I am on iPhone as well, I tried the S7 and really want to like it but the S7 only got 1 OS version upgrade and support pretty much dead after 18 months. iPhone 7 released about the same time as S7 still receiving latest updates and new functionalities today. making Android very unattractive.

      • My wife uses an s7. It got a security update about 3 months ago.

        • +1

          I believe what @Goraygo was referring to was the Android feature updates, not security updates. It is stuck on Oreo (Andoid 8) whereas the iPhone 7, which was released with iOS 10 is fully compatible with iOS 13 and will support iOS 14

          • @Cyphar: yeah well it's not completely dead as they first mentioned above. It is still being updated, including 2 major updates. Yes it is still pitiful compared to Apple.

            I also have an htc one m8 (2014) and the xda community has been able to update that to android 10.

            That's really the strength of android. It depends on what you want though.

          • @Cyphar: Thanks @Cyphar you are absolutely correct.

        • +1

          Not the same as an os update. I have an S8 and it won't be getting Android 10. 11 is around the corner. IPhone 6 users are even getting ios13! Samsung are a joke when it comes to Android updates.

  • +4

    Galaxy Note 8

  • +2

    I've got a Redmi Note 4X, which I bought used last year for about $120. I'll upgrade in a few years. I don't have the need for an expensive phone.

    • Best battery life ever!

      • The battery life is even better since I've upgrade to custom MIUI 12 firmware, based on Android 9.

  • +1

    Samsung Fold

    • +1

      What's your feedback on the Fold? Was thinking of upgrading for a new Fold or just continue with the Note series at some point in the future.

      • Unless you're an early adopter or a gadget (profanity) like me it might be work waiting for the second (or third) generation to come out.

        Its a very cool concept; and clearly all phones in the future will adopt a version of fold-able screen technology. the problem is the screen isn't perfect - theres an almost imperceptible "fold" down the middle of the screen, the screen protector isnt resistant to anything more abrasive than a damp towel and its not water/dust resistant at all.

        As I said though - very cool concept.

        • I don't get why they don't just have two bezel-less screens next to each other, so no need to bend the plastic which will eventually delaminate and cloud up. With tight tolerances, two bezel-less screens would be imperceptible from one folding screen and way cheaper to produce.

          • @DisabledUser100949: I think the issue actually is with tight tolerances - you need to remember every bit of fluff or grit in your pocket could make its way in to that gap and gum up the phone or damage the folding mechanism.

            I know TV company have been pushing for smaller and smaller bezels for many years now, and while good - its till not perfect

  • +2

    Note 10+ very satisfied with the phone

  • +5

    Terrible poll

    • Agree

    • This needs a poll!

  • ip11 256gb (first iphone, before that all galaxy phones and one lg v30+)

  • +4

    Still rocking my Galaxy S8 front screen is cracked and the battery life is terrible now just averaging half a day before recharging but I like the camera and phone size. Probably get the new Pixel when it's out in a couple weeks

    • Hahaha exact same story here, except I won't be moving to pixel until (if ever) they bring back sd card and headphone jack.

      • Fair enough I've also been eyeing up the P30 spec looks good but I'm worried about future updates etc.

  • +7

    Sony Xperia Z3 Compact I found in hard rubbish after my Moto E4 died.

    Previous user did not wipe his phone so I kindly reset it back to factory settings for him, rather than assume his identity and clean out his bank account and swipe right on his online dating profiles.

    • My wife had one of those. Loved it till the treadmill ate it.

    • I loved my Z3 but the screen kept cracking under the slightest pressure. After my 3rd screen replacement I gave up and went to the Pixel. It was such a great phone with amazing features and a sweet camera but that glass screen was trash.

    • +1

      can u share the rubbish bin location, might try when i pass by :)

    • Good find dude

  • iPhone 10s 256GB

  • Galaxy S9. It's a good phone, but the curved screen bezels are gimmicky. Wouldn't get a flagship for my next phone though, waste of money IMO.

    I ordered a Pinephone which has just shipped, keen to tinker with it and would love to see a for a true linux/FOSS phone grow to challenge the android/iOS duopoly.

    • Looked at the Pinephone - very interested myself for similar reasons. Just not sure about it being a daily driver and not interested in having two phones.

      • Yes I wouldn't get it as a daily driver right now. It's basically a devkit until the OS matures. Though I think Ubuntu Touch is workable for simple use.

  • +2

    Pixel 2 Walleye atm. Had this for 4 years and on 2nd handset via warranty.

    Not a heavy user so looking at either the 4a or a bargain 3a

    • Battery on mine is on it's way out. Kit to replace it (iFixit) is cheap enough (~$50), but worried about butchering it and needing a whole phone instead. Fast charge has been keeping it liveable so far.

      • +1

        I've done this on two phones and I would recommend that you dont do it. Even if you get the screen off and the main PCD and sensors off (PITA part). Putting it together and I've found the pre-cut adhesive isnt 100% accurate and not that same as factory. The bezel will be slightly higher /lower in some spots and not as IP proof as before.

  • +6

    OnePlus 7 pro. The best phone I have ever owned with a screen to match. Having a pop up camera makes camera holes look rediculous.

    • +1

      Have 7 pro too. Won a 11 Pro Max in March and have been using both since. Gravitating towards the pocket with the 7 pro whenever I can.

      • +1

        Fellow owner here. Bought it over a year ago when it was on a really good deal.
        Basically buying OnePlus for the third-party community firmware/software support. Using root and custom roms are the biggest advantage Android has over other ecosystems, and I'm not giving that up for a Samsung Galaxy SNote or ASUS RoG. Pixels have been worse devices for me, and way too overpriced. I remember when the Gnex got a huge discount, then the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and Nexus 5X remained at that competitive price… well it looks like it's (temporarily) back with the Pixel 4a.

        However, I hate the OnePlus screen because of the curve. The 90Hz doesn't make any difference than 60Hz, unlike the 120Hz screens. And I've broken plenty of cases and glass protectors in this short while, despite, babying the thing. I was much much harsher on the LG G6, and that thing is in pristine condition. I'm tempted by the OnePlus 8 Pro (flagship screen and camera), but will hold out for a couple years for a proper upgrade to the QSD 855. I think ARMv9 may be in the works, and it might come out in 2022… meaning both the QSD 865 and QSD 875 will age fast, just like how the QSD 808 and QSD 810 aged.

        • I see where you’re coming from about the curved screen on it. The flat screen on the iPhone definitely feels better like the screen edge is digging into your finger and makes the screen feel bigger.

        • +1

          I can appreciate your point about the curved screen, It's never bothered me, but this statement is way off-

          "The 90Hz doesn't make any difference than 60Hz, unlike the 120Hz screens"

          If that's your subjective experience so be it, but 60Hz to 90Hz is a BIG difference, 90Hz to 120Hz is less so. Obviously 60Hz to 120Hz is bigger if you do that leap in one go, but 90Hz up from 60Hz is already a major perceptible improvement in smoothness (50% improvement), most tech reviewers I've seen or read agree on this.

          One thing I've done to double down on it is force the phone to run 90Hz at all times through an ABD command connected to a PC, that helped because selecting 90Hz in the menu's still goes back to 60Hz in a lot of situations (app dependant) and I could notice it and tell when it switched between 60 and 90.

          • @foxpants: I don't see most things get rendered at 60fps, so the 90Hz has many "guessed frames" in-between. I see quite a few choppiness in the shadows and edges during swiping. That's not what I noticed on the Razer Phone, which was 120Hz. I believe doubling is much more straight-forward computationally. I need to get all three side-by-side and do a direct comparison, so I can make sure my perception wasn't wrong.

            Yeah, curved screens are great for renders, showrooms, advertising, and the marketing department. It sucks for real-world use by consumers :(

            • @Kangal: Very bizarre because my experience of 90Hz has been fluid and flawless, perhaps some specific apps have inserted frames but definitely the UI navigation, most apps and a lot of games truly and properly run at 90hz/frames per second correctly rendered. I've done a lot of digging and tweaking in general, another passion of mine is high refresh (144hz+) PC gaming with a lot of tweaking and optimisation (that's where I find a lot of my fun) so I'm quite pedantic about making sure it runs right, and I'd call the 90Hz 99% flawless when forced using ADB at least.

    • Same and agreed, bought it at launch and it hasn't skipped a beat.

  • +2

    Long term Pixel owner here.

    Converted to iPhone after the files app came in ios 13. Samsung is so bloated, still not able to find Pixel as per my taste after Pixel 2 XL.

    Deep down the heart, still a pure Android fan.

    • +2

      You sound like me except I am refusing to go to iPhone. I have a Pixel 2 still going strong. Did you try other Pixels after Pixel 2XL?

      • +1

        Not actually, did not like Pixel 3's huge notch. I don't use phone camera much so, Pixel's USP is no big deal for me.

        I have lot of dependency on phone for my work and believe it or not, the way Gmail works on iPhone is much better than Android. Also, some of my other work apps works much better on iPhone than Android. So I decided to forget my emotional factor and bought something which just works.

        Also, I think selling iPhone in used market, will not be that huge loss for me. There are many takers.

        I have some high hopes with Pixel 5 (Seems Google is going in right direction). Fingers crossed :-)

        Samsung is okay in Android world but I was pissed when I couldn't uninstall Facebook.

        • +1

          Yes Samsung has way too much bloatware. Interesting about work apps, I haven't had issues on this front.

          The Pixel problem for me is that there seems to be too many hardware issues every time I read reviews on the new models. Until Google take over making their own hardware I think it's going to be a rocky road.

  • +3

    Pixel 2, recently replaced the battery for $100 to try and extend its life for 12 months, anything after that is a bonus in my mind. Still hasn't skipped a beat performance wise. I'll run it into the ground before upgrading.

  • Oppo a52 to replace Moto G5Plus; Mainly got due price and strong likelihood of being updated to Android 12 via Oppo.

    Couldn't believe it when open the box and found that they include a case and screen protector.

    Pretty reasonable for $270 (~$2 per week over at least 3 years) I paid, use it for messaging, browsing web and occasionally photograph.

    Would have got an iPhone but the entry price is too high when it's unlikely to physically last 3 years (not saying anything about Apples quality but rather I'm not particularly gentle or precious with my phone)

  • S10

  • +3

    Huawei P20 Pro

  • Pixel 3

  • Who else is here seeing if someone mentioned their phone model? :D

    Me, Huawei P30 Pro - super happy with it still after over 1 year ownsership, 2 day battery life is still going strong

  • +1

    iPhone 6S Plus. Had it for nearly 5 years. Got the battery replaced by apple a while back when it was cheap. The phone wouldn't turn back on so they gave me another one. Still goes great, I figure I'll get at least another couple years use out of it yet. Actually I kinda have to cause their new phones are hideously expensive so it's gonna take a while to save up.

  • +1

    Nokia Banana Phone.

  • +2

    Samsung S3

    A true ozbargainer

    • I have a spare S2 with Android 10 LineageOS. Works well.

    • wow…you beat me by 2 gens (Samsung S5 user), not sure if u are able to use NFC payments as they need min of 5.0 and up ?

      • removable battery ftw

  • +4

    I like my galaxy S10+ but will not buy another Samsung until the curved screen is out.

  • Galaxy s7 edge but going to get the new iphone

  • +1

    Umidigi F2

    Bulletproof to boot. Dropped the SOB into the toilet more than a few times, portaloo once too. A day or two later it has dried out and works perfectly. I think they made the body out of unobtanium and the screen out of diamonds.

  • +2

    OnePlus 7T Pro

  • +1

    Moto G 3rd gen, will replace in the next 6 months-ish when the right deal comes along. After 5 years the battery is starting to go.

    Never had a cover or screen protector on it and the only damage its sustained are little chips in the plastic, the screen is completely uncracked. More than happy with the quality of my $268 phone

  • +2

    Xiaomi Mi 9t, Was always a Samsung buyer for the last few years with galaxy 7,8,9. But they pushed me just a little too far with bixby, their crap software and dodgy updates that killed my battery life.

    Now a VERY happy Xiaomi Mi 9t user. half the price, similar performance, none of the pain. Only item missing is Wireless charging but will get that on the next upgrade and it is a very minor issue considering how much better their battery life is compared to Samsung or Apple.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9+
    Yes the battery is fading,
    Yes it has the crappy Exynos processor
    But it had wireless charging and was better value for money at the time than the ridiculously priced iphone x

    Having said that i'll probably pick up an Iphone 11 pro when they come down in price to replace it
    As nice as Android is, the efficiency of the IOS system is second to none, battery life is a big gamechanger

    • If battery is your main reason you are going to be disappointed with apple, it is one of the few areas they are behind the best Android phones. My wife has to lug a powerbank with her everywhere for her 11 pro. I think the max is about the only one that ranks as decent compared to top Android ones

    • +1

      Best phone I've had to date. Brought my wife one 3 months after getting mine. We both got the 256gb versions. Yes, battery is fading but still a great phone even though it's been superseded. I would never have kept an iPhone this long.

  • +3

    Tcl plex

  • +3

    Huawei p30 pro still loving it.

  • +1

    Samsung A70. Will be changing to Pixel 4a next month pending stock availability.

  • +1

    Pixel user here. I think we deserve a seperate poll option (not sure what made the OP think Oppo will have higher user base than pixel)

  • +2

    Galaxy s10e which I paid $99 for with free Galaxy Buds. Telstra didn't seem to care that I cancelled the plan :)

    • Ha! I TRS'd one as well since the receipt's tax component said $90.90 (since the discount comes off a $900 gift card, the GST charged is based on $999 amount)

    • this guy lol well done

  • +2

    Redmi Note 9 Pro

  • +2

    Huawai Mate 20 pro, got an unbelievable deal through optus+ flybuys with $125 Flybuys, a google home and a watch + all optus perks included for $69 a month https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/439281.

    I love the camera on it, unfortunately i left it on the roof of the car and drove off which smashed up the front screen, still works fine except the front camera and face reco are screwed, that will teach me to not get a screen protector.

    Hopefully by the time i get my next phone the curved glass screen will be a thing of the past.

  • +1

    Galaxy s10 512GB

    IPhone 5 and iPhone 7 in the drawers, probably will never be used again.

    • +1

      sell the 7 dude, still a good phone and decent resale price

      • +1

        I haven't thought about it, this is a good suggestion :)

  • +1

    V30+ owner, came from samsung S8 and regret switching but my charger port didn't work and screen was cracked.

    The Lg is virtually indestructable

  • +1

    lg v30+

  • +1

    Galaxy S8.

  • +2

    Xiaomi Mi 9

  • +1

    Galaxy Note 5 xD

  • +1

    Instead of the latest iPhone, got a Motorola g4 for $180.. then used extra the $1,000 for flights for a holiday to San Francisco

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