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Oppo Find X2 Neo 12GB RAM/256GB $749 Delivered @ Kogan


Black version: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/oppo-find-x2-neo-256gb-moonligh...
Get $50 OFF Selected OPPO Find X2 Neo Phones using code “NEO50” at Checkout. Subject to availability. Offer ends 11:59PM (AEST) 12 August 2020 unless extended or sold out prior.

Officeworks: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/oppo-find-...

6.5” 2400x1080 AMOLED Capacitive Screen 90Hz display
48 wide +13 telephoto +8 ultrawide +2MP rear camera, 32MP front camera
12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage
Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, octa-core processor
ColorOS 7 (based on Android v10 (Q)) operating system
30W fast charging, 50% in 20 min, VOOC 4.0
Non-expandible storage, no 3.5mm headphone jack

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  • If you are unlucky. OW doesn't accept coupon code price beat.
    Only price beat 5% from $799

  • at this price for mid ranger i think you're better off to get Realme x3 superzoom

  • Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro still shit all over this.

  • Is this definitely dual SIM? No other Neo's I've seen are.

  • What possible reason is there for a phone with 12gb RAM?

    • Android man, it actually makes a diff unfortunately

      • No, Android system will kill apps to save battery these days

        • Depends you can set it do what you want.

          And if battery is an issue that is when power banks come in but yeah of course efficiency and slimmer app usage is best but some people need or want to use it all all the time on demand whenever they want or need it.

        • My comment wasn't directed at battery life, talking about actual os performance with inactive background apps. I'm a mobile developer and I see this every day.

    • Not sure if it is RAM related or SoC related but my phone tends to slow down when I try to push it to its limits a lot.

      My current 4gb RAM Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X is actually starting to show significant slow downs when I really try to multitask it or push the phone to its limits.

      Whether I need more SoC or RAM performance I have no idea my guess is both.

      So yeah to answer your question the possible reason is for power users I suppose.

      Older people and people who only use several apps at a time don't need 12gb RAM but power users and heavy multitaskers do.

      • Might be the chip and also not having the latest Android version.

        My Oppo A52 has 4GB of ram and seems to handle everything just fine.

        But I don't really need to multitask all that much, maybe 3 apps at a time at most.

      • eMMC degradation possibly.

    • Very little reason, especially for one with a mid-range CPU like this. Anything past 8 these days is a bit crazy IMO.

      • 8 is pretty good right now.

        I wanna see how much this thing can handle with 12 or even 16 honestly.

        Mainly interested to see if I am ram limited or SoC limited.

    • One word: Java

  • Own this phone and it's a lot of phone for its price.

  • Good deal for this price. Just waiting on what Xiaomi is going to announce tomorrow. Almost had it with apple and their overcharging . This year the oems other than Samsung are coming strong.

  • +6 votes

    Hard to believe the pixel 4a is considered great value given phones like these

    • I'm waiting for the 4a so it kills me seeing specs for this price, I just really can't be bothered with Colour OS :/

      • Watched some reviews of an oppo phone yesterday, it honestly doesn't look too bad and some features are nice. I'd be fine with it and this is coming from someone whos only used google phones purely because of software. But then again, it was just a quick look and I've never used Colour OS before

        • I've had an Oppo phone before and the OS really frustrated me. I eventually went back to a non-Oppo phone purely because of it. I will admit that this was a while ago (several versions of the OS ago) so it may be better now. Even after installing another launcher it kept 'stealing' focus and I'd have to hit a button (at minimum) to get the alternate launcher back. The phone itself was fine and good value for the price I paid (which seems to be the case with Oppo devices).

          • @slacktech: yeah, I have no experience with ColourOS so I can't comment, just what was shown in the YouTube reviews which apart from OxygenOS is the more cleaner androids I've seen. I agree though that past experiences can make you hesitant to buy future phones. I had friends in highschool who had samsungs and experience massive lag issues whilst the UI was quite ugly and clunky. To this day I still don't consider a Samsung phone haha.

            • +1 vote

              @bkhm: I've been using samsung for few years now. Samsung ui has improved a lot since they introduced One UI.

        • Interesting then, I'm coming from a (broken qq) Mi 9t and the aggressive app killing just annoyed me so much. I'm worried that other Chinese OS's will be similar. I feel like the operating systems can look nice enough, but the normal daily usage can get really annoying.

          • @Project A: More than pure android? I own a pixel; I exit an app for 5 seconds and it'll still need to reload sometimes. I mean this has 12gb ram, surely they've dialled it down a bit haha

            • @bkhm: I definitely didn't want to hear that :(. My biggest problem was not receiving notifications, I would only get my emails in batches once or twice a month. Have your pixel phones been ok in that regard? Or have you also noticed that being a problem?

              • @Project A: Yeah but that's my experience, some of my friends don't experience it too often. What do you mean by notifications? You mean Gmail? I've turned notifications off for Gmail but have it on for bluemail, I get a notification for every email I get.

  • For me no 3.5mm headphone jack is the deal breaker

    • It's a factor for me also. I'd rather use my cabled headphones than have a waterproof phone.
      are there any decent phones left with a headphone jack?

    • I also still look for a phone with headphone jack , wireless audio is good but it's convenient to plug in the headphones directly.

      • Samsung S10?

        • I've been using S10 , 5G version. It's very good phone. But there's no new phone either samsung or oppo with higher refresh rates and new processors with headphone jack

  • Wow $750 bucks for a midrange phone. I've never spent that much on any phone. Hard buy seeing as you can usually get last year's flagship for a similar price or less.
    Would you rather buy this or the oppo Reno 5G?

    • I remember when a "mid-range" phone cost $200 :)
      In 10 years time, a mid-range phone will probably cost you $3000 :(

    • Literally just talking about how my pixel 2xl 2. 5 years ago was about a $1200 for free on a $49 contract. Now it's $750 for this, and $2200 for the note. It's crazy

  • Stupid question but is it 5g?

  • I think its a good package for the price but those hoping for a solid camera on this should look elsewhere :(

  • Saw the dual-sim in the listing the other day, so decided to message Kogan. This is their reply:

    Thank you for your email.

    I can confirm that the Oppo Find X2 Neo (256GB, Starry Blue) that is found in our Kogan.com website is Dual Nano-SIM and unlocked to all network provider in Australia. It is also indicated in the product listing.

  • How would this camera compare to the Samsung Note 10/S10?

    I currently have a Mi 9T that i find great but camera I find a little lacking with no OIS or video stabilisation.

    Would this be a big enough upgrade to the camera over the Mi 9T or should I hold out for a deal on the S10?

  • This VS a Oneplus Nord?