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Fashion Reusable Masks $1.99 Each + Delivery ($8.50 or Free with $25 Spend) @ Bit Pixel Tech


Now selling reusable masks for a low price. Only buy what you need with a per-mask price lower than many bulk deals.

Class B Non-Medical Reusable Mask 1pc
  • Premium Quality: Made from 95.5% high quality polyester and 4.5% premium grade nylon.
  • Comfortable: A one-size fits all design with soft integrated ear loops, non-irritating, breathable fabric.
  • Fast Shipping: Bit Pixel Tech products are shipped from our Melbourne fulfilment centre and will be delivered to you in as little as 1-2 days with a tracking number provided for peace of mind.

50pk Disposable Medical masks are also back in stock, refer to this OzBargain post for more details: Disposable 3ply Face Mask 50pcs $21.99 + Delivery ($3.01 or Free with $25 Spend) @ Bit Pixel Tech

A $13 surcharge will apply for orders placed to remote addresses by our shipping provider Sendle. You are more than welcome to request a cancellation and full refund if you find out you are in a remote address and do not wish to pay the $13 surcharge.

"Remote parcel deliveries are charged a simple flat-rate surcharge of $13 (or $11.81 excl. GST) on top of the national rate." - Sendle Web Page

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  • Hmm gonna negotiate with the facebook seller now, thanks

  • Get in quick for your ~!~fAsHiOn~!~ masks

  • why ship a $2 item with parcel pricing….? can you ship it as a letter?

    • +1 vote

      I used to do this until AusPost just gave me too many problems. After they charged one of my customers $13 and change to collect a parcel i gave up on them. And keep in mind the parcel was already paid for by me and had a proper label on it.

  • @OP, Are these masks single layer? Or?

  • These are potentially the worst face masks going around at the moment. Everyone is selling them, eBay, facebook, gumtree etc etc - they aren’t worth 50cents let alone $2, I purchased a few, they don’t fit well, too thin and poor quality.

    • +1 vote

      Honestly, this is the first time I bought some, and I'm glad I bought very little since people aren't really interested in them. The disposable masks are probably much better imo. To be fair these reusable ones are much more comfortable for me and a bunch of people I talked to in comparison to the disposable ones, so yeah.