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10% off Apple Mac Computers Online and in Store @ JB Hi-Fi


Offer valid until 11:59PM AEST 13/08/2020 unless otherwise specified. Excludes Airport & Express locations.

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  • Hey OP, can you please list the exclusions?

    Edit: Better put '+ Shipping' in the title, too.

  • Please tag deal as associated

  • I was able to get a 2020 13' macbook pro base model for $1782 and with appple care for $240. Gotta get the right employee and you'll get a great deal.

    • Why bother with Apple Care, why not just pay more premiums on your regular contents insurance.

      • Because applecare gives an extra year of warranty, and also its much better service. Dont gotta hate people.

        • All you have to say to Apple is "A.C.L." and you get that second year of warranty for free. They even document it on their own support pages.

          • @jaydisc: No they all already know that. For Mac's apple care gives 3 years of warranty. For iPhones etc, its two years.

          • @jaydisc: Apple stores are good at that, you don't even have to mention it. When I brought an item in for repair, I thought it was out of warranty, the Apple store staff actually brought up ACL and said I did not have to pay. It is this kind of service that gives people confidence buying Apple products despite the higher initial costs.

    • Good point.

      But question is - did you shop around with employees to find a right employee? Or you just happen to stumble upon the right employee by luck?

      • Happened to get lucky, now I go to him everytime. But even with other employees theres a certain number they can negotiate to, so just gotta balance between playing nice and hard to get.

  • With ARM macs around the corner, i’ll probably wait

  • Wow, includes the 2020 27' iMacs.
    Good upgrade for those who need macOS (otherwise, build a $7 gaming PC with RGB)

  • are macbook air reliable? how long do they last? thinking about getting either the Acer Swift 5 $996 or Apple MacBook Air 13 for $1439?

    • how long do they last?

      Something about a piece of string

    • The MacBook Air with the quad core upgrade is a good computer. If it's not included in the 10% because its technically BTO, then get the regular quad core air.

    • my 2012 macbook air is on its last legs

    • I have a mid 2013 macbook air and it's still going great. My battery doesn't last as long as it used to, but theres a place in Melbourne that will do a battery swap for ~$160 which I'll do when I can get around to it. I want to buy a new one, but theres nothing really wrong with mine at all, it does everything I need it to.

    • if you do any tasks that are intensive, mba 13 is trash because it has a fan spinning on its own without a heat pipe to the cpu

    • Have a 2014 (haswell processor) MBAir which is going well… hardly use it, had some wifi connectivity issues a while ago and I disabled iMessage on the Mac which seems to have fixed the internet connectivity issue. Battery life is good.

      Some YouTuber who works as an independent repairer was saying something about problems with a heat sink or fan, but I can’t remember which Mac laptop it was…

      OS X ecosystem hooks you in. Fortunately, MS Office works well (work subscription).

    • Mine just died. It was 7 y-o. The power circuitry went. Before that, the left command key was already only half responsive. And the paint on the a key was gone. Also some corrosion on the chassis where I rested my hands.

      If you're gonna edit movies, look elsewhere—mine took hours to encode, got really hot, the fan would kick in at max, and throttle like crazy. I would leave it open upside down on the bare floor when exporting in iMovie so as to maximise air flow. Pretty primitive.

    • The Macbook Air is a difficult laptop to repair, and I don't even think it's a particularly good choice. If I had to spend That sort of coin I'd find a lightly used Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon instead.

    • I have the 2013 macbook air 11 inch still going strong. Still getting the latest os and very portable laptop. Not for everyone but it's so handy to carry around I really like it. Only has 128gb drive but I stick small 128gb Samsung usb(https://www.amazon.com.au/Samsung-128GB-Flash-MUF-128BB-AM/d...) permanently on it and that's been going well if I have to replace the battery one day I might upgrade the drive too with higher capacity but it certainly hasn't been an issue for what I use it for. Hoping to get at least another couple of years out of it

      • Ssd can be upgraded by buying apple to nvme adapter, only $5 from aliexpress and $150 nvme m2 ssd and you can quadruple the capacity

    • The newer models (2015 on) are not what they used to be. Beware, spending a premium on on of these does not ensure longevity.

  • Don't forget to double dip with discounted gift cards. Check the wiki for where you can get cards.

    • Agreed. I did this earlier in the year when I was able to get JB to match my employee reward program discount and then used discounted giftcards. I got the new 2020 MBP 13" with 4 Thunderbolt 3 for a solid 15% off.

  • Be prepared for a wait. Friend ordered an iMac in previous 10% off Mac. Still have had a confirmed date when it will arrive.

    • iMac was very supply constrained before the update… they should just end up getting the 2020 one.

  • Anyone else getting offered free shipping in VIC? Haven't noticed this before on JB site…
    A friend from NSW told me about this deal and he's not seeing free shipping on his postcode, but I am on mine.
    May have something to do with the stage 4 lockdowns?

  • I've ordered the Mac Air, click & collect available at my local JB HiFi.
    Thanks OP!

  • These sales without codes are great, because you can show the prices to Officeworks to get another 5% off with price beat, effectively 14.5% off!

  • Will be possible to customise, to get an i7?

    • If you're talking about a build to order option know the discount is clearly excluded from those. Discount only applies to base configurations of each individual product.

  • I wanted a Macbook Pro 16 on the weekend but JBHifi didn't have stock. I tried price matching Umart at the Apple store but was denied :( I ended up buying one from Costco today for $3449 atleast they had stock for immediate pickup and a good price without asking for a discount or waiting for a deal.

    • AFAIK, Apple stores never do price match. The 16in Pros seem to be popular, especially the top i9 ones which OW rarely have in stock. You could have got OW to price beat the i7 though.

      • Got iPad 7th gen price matched Officeworks at Brisbane city store last December. Maybe they changed the policy this year…

      • Only if they have stock which at the moment they dont

      • Not true they do price match. The reason I was given was that Umart had no physical store in Adelaide which seems like BS.

      • Apple retail will always price match if it’s a local store, advertised price, in stock, and not above 10%. Given Umart has no store in Adelaide that’s within policy, I’m afraid.

    • Costco off the shelf prices are pretty much 10% off retail. I grabbed a 16 inch last month and a Apple Watch

      • And no need to buy Applecare as the warranty would be till the time you have continued Costco membership.

      • My point exactly. No need to go to an Apple store and hope for a discount. The Costco price is even cheaper than the edu store discount.

    • Bought one from OW PBG in the weekend.

  • Just got the base model at OW for $1709
    thanks OP

  • I just got the Apple store in Brisbane to price match today as they actually had them in stock (5K 3.8GHz). No problem at all to do the 10% off. I always prefer buying direct from Apple as they’re much more helpful when it comes to repairs down the road.

    • If you buy from any Apple authorised reseller, you would get the same support service from Apple stores.

  • Bought one from Apple a month ago. Got delivered to the wrong address and unable to retrieve it. Apple sent a new one to me 2 weeks ago, still hasn't left the warehoues.
    Requested Advanced Refund and bought off JB, expected to arrive by Friday (fingers crossed).
    Thanks for the post OP!!

    wish me luck.

  • Of course this happens 3 days after I pay full price for the 3.8GHz imac 27. Let’s see if they come to the party on a price protection refund…..

    • You are brave for admitting paying full price on OB ;-)
      If you bought direct from Apple, you can make use of their 14-day return policy.

  • Guys, just checking are iPad Pro devices included in this deal?

    EDIT: Doesn't look like it.

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