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Smartphone Clearance at Vodafone Retail Stores Only (SE X10 $149, HTC Legend $149, Galaxy S $349)


Just got a bulletin with some great pricing on end of life handsets with Vodafone. You might have to hunt around for stock - in retail stores staff can have a look for stores which have stock. The Galaxy, X10 and Legend should all be free to unlock, the rest will be locked to Vodafone. The X10 is particularly good value as it recently got an upgrade to Gingerbread.

Also the prices aren't reflected on the internal pricing matrix, so make sure staff scan the phone through the till before they give you the price. Full list below:

Samsung i9000 Galaxy (Black & White) $349.00
SE X10 (Black & White) $149.00
HTC Legend (Black & Silver) $149.00
Samsung C3050 HS (Black and Pink) $19.00
LG GT540 Optimus (Black, Pink & White) $79.00
LG KM570 Stage Silver $79.00
Nokia E63 3G Handset $79.00
Nokia 6700 Slide (Purple & Silver) $99.00
Samsung Jet 2Gb (Black & White) $99.00
Sony Ericsson X8 Black $99.00
Vodafone 555 $79
Nokia C3 $79
Nokia E71 $79

(not a rep, just work in a retail store)

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  • IMO X10 is the best value

    • The X10 is a horrible phone. I wouldnt recommend it. No multitouch makes it pretty useless in most areas.

      • I'd rather have a 1GHz CPU and 4" screen & Gingerbread

        over 600MHz CPU and 3.2" screen & eclair (could be froyo)

        I hardly play games on the phone

        • yeah its not only games it effects. It effects a lot of gestures like pinch to zoom and webbrowsing is very difficult. The patch they made for it really doesnt work.

      • SE added multi-touch with an update (although it's not 100% effective, since it's done via a bit of software trickery, as opposed to real hardware multi-touch).

      • The X10 has dual touch, which allows you to pinch-zoom in pretty much every app contrary to what walletinspector says. It's obvious you have never used an X10 in your life.

        Obviously, if you're buying this to play games on, its probably not the best option.

        The X10 recently got its bootloader cracked and can now load truly custom ROM's including cynanogenmod 7.

        The real limitation of this phone is that it only has 384 MB of RAM. It will most likely run ICS, but there will be issues.

        For $149 is a bloody bargain!!

        Check ebay, X10's are going for almost double this second hand!!

        I sold my one 3 months ago for $270 and it was more than a year old with scratches.

        • Hi sabaramo. A lot of users comment that the touch keyboard is not very sensative. Is that true in your experience?

        • I got one and, if you ask the shop, they are able to locate any Vodafone Shop with an X10 still in stock if they want to help you out.
          THE X10 HAS A PROBLEM.
          The battery only last 1 day.
          I upgraded X10 to Gingerbread. Anytime you install something, it works for a while, then start rebooting and die.
          You need to reset the phone pressing the bottom right button when you put it in charge but then the same happens over and over again.
          Had enough of it, I am going crazy. I should not buy it.

  • when does this clearance sale start?

  • Hmm… Samsung Galaxy S or Samsung Galaxy S2…. :/

    • +8 votes

      You would have to be stupid to not spend $150 more to get a ridiculously better phone.

    • Buy S2 from Kogan

      it's worth the extra $150 easily

      I have S2 parents have S1
      S1 is not bad but S2 is way better

      and yes stupid not to spend extra $150 to get a ridiculously better phone

    • s2 so much better value!

  • The X10 seems to be the champion amongst that list.

  • So if you purchase the X10 is it locked to vodafone or unlocked? and also do u get a starter sim pack or just the handset?

    • +1 vote

      It's locked, but should be free to unlock on the Vodafone website (you can check before you buy it). It's a postpaid handset so doesn't come with a SIM, but they are only $2.

  • Went to 2 Sydney CBD stores, neither had X10 stock.

    One rep told me they were discontinued late last year!

  • Wow. Nokia 6700 has bounce 2. My god. The memories….

  • Hey noticed they have the Google Nexus S in prepaid section for $269. That seems a better deal than the Galaxy S as internal parts are nearly Identical.

  • how to find out which stores have stock?

    • Not sure but ringing your local store would be best bet or order online.

    • Easiest way is to phone your local store, ask if they have stock, if they don't ask them to check which stores do.

      Not available online.

  • Clearly the SE X10 has the best processor, camera, is upgradeable to gingerbread etc. These specs aren't everything of course, there's a reason the HTC Legend is the same price with lower specs. The build quality of the Legend is amazing, single piece brushed aluminium. The gorilla glass screen is incredible. I keep mine in my pocket with keys and coins, the aluminium body occasionlly gets small scratches but the glass stays perfect.

    Size and form factor are important - many people prefer a smaller phone. If I was buying today I'd have to go with the X10, better processor, 720p recording, 8.1 megapixel camera and gingerbread would win me over. But the HTC Legend is a great peice of hardware and IMO a steal at $149.

    • I've been told the Samsung Galaxy GIO released earlier this year is also $149 at Big W. The SS GIO has better specs than the HTC Legend.

  • where's the link…?

  • Checked QLD stock - only available @ robina and bunderburg

  • called like 5~6 perth stores, none in stock for SE X10

  • I called up and apparently all the voda shops in NSW had to return the X10 and Legends to supplier, so none would have stock

    • So why would they advertise a product they don't have in stock??

    • I just picked up the last SE X10 from Marrickville Metro (NSW) Vodafone (someone had earlier bought 4)

      As other users have mentioned, there's definitely a few still lying around- just need to look for the less common areas.

      Just so it saves people time, here are the list of stores I've called in Sydney:

      Liverpool- inbox full- couldn't get through
      Bankstown- no reply
      Parramatta- none left
      Rhodes- none left
      Macarthur Square- none left
      Blacktown- no reply
      Campbelltown- none left

      Also, if you are somehow able to find a store with multiple in stock, do leave some behind for others and not hock them off on eBay. Seriously, the fact that some OzBargainer was kind enough to share this info with you means you shouldn't go off and screw it up for everyone else.

  • So, is there anyone get one of these good deal?

  • Great deal for the X10, not to fussed over the Legend as the Liquid Metal is superior for $128. Also I'd prefer a Nexus S for $300 at Voda or an Incredible S for $300

  • so has anybody actually laid eyes on any stock yet?

  • I want to get the X10, tried calling but couldn't get through. Argh.

    • Yeah same issue with me. It kept on saying 'mail box is full'. The service is as bad as their reception!

      • Stores are often flat out, especially since the 4S launched. We quite often don't have time to answer the phones - we're not supposed to provide support over the phone anyway.

  • It this the X10 with the 4inch screen or the mini x10 with the qwerty kb?

  • Can someone of you send me the proper link to the vodafone website to purchase these phones?

    • There is no link, read the deal carefully. Its stores only either call around or go visit the actual stores.

      Dont bother with Rhodes, been there last x10 was gone an hour before.

  • I got the X10 for $149 in George St Vodafone store near Wynyard station and so did a friend. Dont know why I got the X10 as I have enough phones already. There were 3 left when we left.

  • Nokia E63 is the same price as the E71…

  • LG GT540 Optimus isn't bad for $79.

  • went into robina. the guy said i will have to pay to unlock the X10. can anyone confirm this?

  • I really want to get the x10 but don't know which store have that. you know what, somehow I feel like we need to check all the store around Sydney in order to hunt this deal, without any trace. If Vodafone want clearance, why not just post it in their website, just like Nexus, or at least have a list of store for us. I'm sorry but i feel so bad with Vodafone. :(

  • and they guy forced me to buy some prepaid starter kit…10. Sigh why am i complaining if its so cheap.

    • Return it unopened for a refund as it's no a bundle deal. Say you don't agree with the T&C if they quiz you.

  • anyone know stock for the legend in perth?

  • anyone know stock for the legend in Adelaide?

    • No one knows about stock for XXXXX in XXXXXX.

      For stuff like this it's better if you go and check yourself :)

  • Vodafone store in Eastland shopping centre Ringwood VIC has SE X10 (both black and white) in stock,but they do not sell it only unless signing a $29 plan with Vodafone, mentioned this deal on internet, store manager said we are not doing right. damn!

    • +2 votes

      Pfft, go in later and talk to a different staff member. They're just being dicks about it to try and force a new contract.

      • Agreed.

        If they have postpaid stock, you should be able to buy it. I would tell them I want to buy outright, and if they didn't sell it to me, I'd be lodging a complaint to Vodafone. Ask them for name, ID number etc.

        • TIO, Vodafone… same difference, the general idea is, complain about it to someone.

        • Complaining to the TIO makes no sense since theres no competitive/service issue with refusing to sell you a phone. The VF head office would probably be interested to know there were stores doing that though.

        • Err… bait and switch would concern the TIO.

    • I'd complain about that to the TIO.

  • to buy or not to buy :S or should i wait for a nokia n9 to drop in price

  • i called vodafone in North sydney,they said they have 1 Sony X10
    but when i came to pick up , they said they have only x10 mini

    • Try wynyard they still had two black left 30 minutes ago

      • omg
        poor me, i lived so far from Wynyard
        if i know this before i will go to wynyard after come back from North Syd
        is it address 333 or 285 George St because when i search on website i saw 2 store near Wynyard

        Thank you very much laser

  • I just bought one se x10 for 149$ from cronulla vodafone store. Went roselands shopping mall first. The sales girl was amazingly helpful. They did not have any in stock, but she went through the trouble of finding the nearest store that has stock, called the store and got them to hold one for me.

    I'm pretty sure they have a few more in stock. Both black and white ones. But pls call them before going there.

    25, cronulla St, cronulla.

    I could not find a Ph number. Not even on the docket.

    The store person confirmed this can be unlocked.

  • I am in Melbourne (Bundoora 3083), where can I buy LG GT540 Optimus?

  • bought castle hill at 11am, 3 left. told my friend, he bought 1 from rouse hill at 1pm, still 1 black left

  • I've been to Vodafone store at Northland Shopping Centre, Preston, Victoria. The staff said she got an LG GT540 Optimus but the price is $149 instead of $79. Why is it?

    • i got the same problem with u when i ask them about X10
      staff showed me the price list of all handsets and i realised all price changed

      • Like I said in the post, the internal matrix wasn't updated. If it was scanned through the til, it would show up as $149. Go back tomorrow if you want it.

        edit: another possible case is its a Vodafone Select Dealer who isn't owned by VHA. If so, they may not have the special.

  • anyone know about adelaide stock…

  • Just go to vodafone and they said x10 cannot sold without contract, wtf. :(

    • Yes - the abve-mentioned Bundaberg store whih was supposedly one of the only two in Queensland with stok of the X10 said the same thing, " not available prepaid, contract only"

    • All staff don't believe it when I asked them. So they checked their computer, then everything displayed on screen-all clearance models with price, title is something 'prepaid clearance'. Also when my friend went to another shop near his home. The stuff there said that's impossible X10 at this price. But they checked the computer after they know somebody alreday got it. Then my friend got one of those at 149.