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Standard 3 PLY Masks Box of 50 $35 Shipped (KN95, Prochoicesafetygear, 3M Masks Also Available) @ Wearabloodymask


I know their have been some questionable deals posted and also items that were shipped that were different than described but i wanted to post the details of my site and assure everyone that;

• all items listed are physically in stock and ready to be shipped Australia wide
• all items ship match EXACTLY the description
• The standard 3 PLY masks that i have listed are NOT approved by TGA and therefore not suitable for use in a medical setting
• Branded KN95 and P2 Masks are manufactured by Powecom, prochoicesafetygear or 3M.
• Powecom are one of only 7 companies approved to sell in USA as they meet the recommended quality levels. the full list can be found here - https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/coronavirus-disease-2019...

To answer your questions before they are asked;
• Fairly new website but it has security features set up including SSL
• Several checkout options including google pay, shopify pay and paypal checkout

I should be getting TGA approved masks in the next few days and will post when i have these updated.

Happy to answer any questions on this site

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    I like the site name!


      thanks mate. i can't take credit though, i heard it on zach braff podcast!


        Any idea which mask would be best suited to a beard?


          beards are a tough one because they will limit the ability to create a good quality seal.

          The best solution is the 'whole mouth and nose cup style' so something like the 3M which can extend somewhat.


        Any update on the tga approved masks?


          Hey Benny,

          Yes they have arrived and in stock. $42 including shipping Australia wide. Best price for TGA masks anywhere


    ACN: 643 134 963
    ABN: 97 643 134 963(External Link)
    Registration date: 1/08/2020
    Next review date: 1/08/2021
    Status: Registered
    Type: Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares
    Locality of registered office: GORDON NSW 2072
    Regulator: Australian Securities & Investments Commission

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      yes i have registered so this is legitimate and paying tax etc.


    Great site name.
    Just wondering what the difference between your mask and the $28.99 - TINAWELLS 50Pcs Face Mask, 3 Layers Breathable Earlooped Disposable Mask - Blue (Sealed in Plastic Bag and Packed in Color Box), Shipped from Australia from Amazon


      hey alex,

      i haven't seen the quality of the TINAWELLS mask so i don't want to say anything without first hand experience.

      What i can say about the masks I have is that the next batch (made using same materials, production line etc) i have coming within the next few days are approved by the TGA and have a ARTG number. The ARTG number is only applicable from the date of approval so all masks manufactured from this date moving forward will have this number.

      Hopefully this tells you that these masks are of excellent quality and meet the relevant Australian Standards.


      $24.64 with their coupon.

      Made by Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical it looks like.


        not listed on the FDA approved however not all surgical are reviewed as too many on the market.

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      thanks for uploading the updated link. The Powecom masks are listed here;
      - Guangzhou Powecom Labor Insurance Supplies Co., LTD

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        The Powecom masks are listed here

        FYI: Just because a manufacturer is in the "approved" list does not mean the products imported to Australia are the same quality as the ones imported by the Americans. Quality fade is quality fade.

        i have coming within the next few days are approved by the TGA and have a ARTG number.

        Post the ARTG number.

        So the shipment haven't arrived? How long will it take for the masks to reach end users?


          The ones listed on the website are physically here in Sydney.

          I have not listed the ones yet on the website that have ARTG because the shipment has already been delayed on two occassions. Once i have physically received i will put items up with associated ARTG.

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            Hopefully this tells you that these masks are of excellent quality and meet the relevant Australian Standards.

            Not always true. I find the consistency of the quality not to be the same when dealings with Chinese manufacturer. This is where the term "quality fade" comes from. First few shipment(s) of good quality. The succeeding shipment and the quality starts to fade. Once the reputation of the product takes an un-repairable "hit" the manufacturer burns down the name and resurrects to another one. The cycle goes on.