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[eBook] Free: "How to Build a Computer: The Best Beginner’s Guide to Building Your Own PC from Scratch!" $0 @ Amazon AU, US


Save yourself the headache and learn the right way of building your own PC.

• Which parts you need
• How to connect it all together
• How to Install the operating system
• And much more…!

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Credit to dealdroid @ hukd

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  • I remember the first pc i built i followed a 3 part series on newegg hosted by Paul. Took me the whole day to build. Good times.

    • How many have you built since?

    • Same here! Watched it repeatedly to prepare myself for the build haha!

    • Why build PC your self?
      1. To save money on parts + labor + markups!
      2. Gaining new skills (repair, upgrade, assemble etc)
      3. In the future when you have any PC problem it will save you money from going back to PC shop for repair / upgrades - for example PC shop normally charge $50+ on labor to install RAM.

      Don't be afraid - afraid is your biggest enemy… if you afraid like me then buy all your parts from Amazon, why Amazon? Amazon offer free return if something went wrong or 1 month changed of mind.

      Buy Motherboard with Q-LED, why? - motherboard troubleshooting via Q-LED indicators when something went wrong (not boot)

      Learn from Youtube - your best mate

      Lastly: Build for sale - like TechFast in OZbargain

    • Me too! I built my first PC in 2013 mainly with that and a whole bunch of YouTube videos. The niftiest trick I learnt from Paul was shorting out the power pins with a screwdriver to power on without a power button. I'll stay proud of my PC build forever because I still use it and it's able play virtual reality games fine.

  • "Now, do you have extruded polyvinyl foam insulation?" "Good. Assemble the aluminum J- channel using self-furring screws. Install" ".you'll need corrosion-resistant metal stucco lath." "
    "Now parge the lath."

  • +49 votes

    No need, I learned everything I need to know by watching The Verge's video on building a Custom Gaming PC.

  • Just youtube it, whose gonna read while building PC these days? lol.

  • +10 votes

    I gave it a quick skim read. I think this may be the first free eBook i've looked at. This is definitely a pass in my opinion.

    It's definitely worth looking for a guide online. While the basics are the same, there are a few differences. For example, anything above a basic Graphics card, you'd need to connect PCIe power cables and chances are you're not buying a sound card. PCIe isn't mentioned, neither are NVMe SSDs.

    There are some weird formatting issues as well.

    It's dated 2018, but they are some ancient stock photos. Nice pictures of AGP graphics cards, passively cooled CPUs, socket 7, sound cards, PCI slots.

    • This is definitely a pass in my opinion.

      It's rare that a free eBook posted here is even slightly better than garbage. Yet, we upvote it because… reasons.

      A sample review:

      1.0 out of 5 stars this is NOT a book,
      Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 January 2020
      Verified Purchase
      This is a pamphlet made from an on-line article several references to "click below for more information" not impressed with anything about its production or content !!!

  • I spend 10min read the book already
    I can say that

    This book is not specifically teach you how to plug every different socket to motherboard or from power supply…….which for me is difficult part..Because I don't know them very well.

    it just general talking things everyone knows.

    So I recommend YouTube will much better if you really need build a PC as beginer…

    • +2 votes

      So I recommend YouTube will much better if you really need build a PC as beginer…

      What if it's your first PC and can't access youtube?

      • Which country does not have access to YouTube?

        Only one I know is China, use bilibili then ^.^

      • Then the ebook wouldn't be of much help anyway. lol

        If you can access the ebook, you can probably access youtube.

        • -2 votes

          Then the ebook wouldn't be of much help anyway.

          It doesn't help much if you do either…

      • What if it's your first PC and can't access youtube?

        Then use a phone, or whatever device you're using to access OzBargain :)

  • I would've loved to find a good tutorial on teaching how to apply the thermal paste. That for me was the most nervous thing I ever had to do as a first timer

  • If this is as good as The Verge video, I'll donate to the author.

  • I don't need to read the book to know it won't compare to The Verge's PC build

    • +1 vote

      Is that guy available to build my PC?

      I read this e-book and can't get mine to the post screen.

  • +1 vote

    I've just gone through this book, it's pretty useless

    Youtube will be hundreds of times more useful…

    • Why do you not neg the deal then :)

      • -3 votes

        Because some people might want read it as a novel, rather than an instruction book.

    • Didn't you also say "What if it's your first PC and can't access youtube?"
      Yet here you are saying Youtube is more useful. Why must you be such a pain?

  • Perfect book for The Verge!

  • Did my first pc build over the weekend. Itx small factor. Pretty easy stuff, watching videos of someone doing the action is better than reading it "eg very gently drop cpu into bracket".

    I was scared of breaking stuff cause it's so fragile - biggest challenge for me.

    • I used to be like that, careful with every part. Then I realised pc parts are actually quite sturdy.

      Haven't built a pc in a while as I moved on to using laptops but I applied the same approach to fulling apart mobile phones, which turn out to be a tad less sturdy than I expected…

    • the only thing people should be scared of are the cpu pins, those are the most fragile things

      other than that not really

  • I miss the days of opening up computers and having that fear of God.

    • I could pull apart anybody's else pc and fix it all up with no nerves at all

      Time to do my own, I'd take 5mins just to undo the case!

  • Recommend watching Bitwit's 50 min tutorial instead

  • Not bad, but I still think everyone should follow the Verge

  • "Toss a coin to your PC builder!"

  • Does it teach you how to first create the Universe?

  • DO NOT DO IT, building a PC is a gateway to other things. Next thing you do is you get a case with a window, then you have to make it look good on the inside so you buy cable extensions, then you try to sync all the RGB in it. You see vertical brackets and you think…. wow that looks good. Then you think I will try and AIO, then an AIO is not good enough anymore you go into soft tubing the CPU, the next GPU you buy is a reference one so you can get a waterblock for it, then you figure you can add another rad someplace… you see all the cool kids that they do hard tubing not soft so you start practising your bends and you change everything to hard tube. Then you see some coloured fluids and you use them only to figure out they gunk up everything. After a while you figure out that your computer costs an arm and a leg, if anything needs changing it takes 1 day even to replace the NVME drive while a techfast one with the same specs is just 1500 aud.

    You end up not upgrading for years just because of the investment you made into your existing components.


    PS: I regret nothing.
    PS 2: It is still cheaper than having anything with a motor as a hobby.

    • Then you stuck with your self for not learning a new skill and depending like baby on PC shop for upgrading and trouble shoot / any PC problems

      When you were a baby when you learnt how to walk did you fell down? did you rise up again and walk again?

  • ….Building Your Own PC from Scratch!"

    They never mention PLCC…. so how can you really "Build from Scratch ?" LOL

  • Yeah so many rubbish eBook's make it to the homepage.

  • You guys, The Verge did a better guide… It was so good they had to take it off YouTube

  • Does techfast use this book?

  • Is half the fun taken away, when you need to read the book to do it vs trial-and-error approach to build your own PC. It's sort of like assembling an IKEA item, but with parts you have chosen (IKEA MoC :D https://www.ikeahackers.net/).

    I haven't built my own PC for ages, it uses to be (stand to be corrected) cheaper do build my own than a pre-made Desktop (mini tower), but nowadays I can't be bother (time, the 'forever' upgrades, etc…). Missed the days of "msy" visits.

    Maybe the book (I haven't read it to comment) would be alright for people that have no idea or concept of what is inside a PC to get started and then bin it when they know how :).

    • If you haven't spent three whole days panicking because you can't get past an error screen on the initial Windows setup, then have you "really" built a computer? If you're following some guide to get it all done quickly then why not just buy a pre-built computer and cut out the middle man.

  • To build a computer from scratch, first you must invent the universe.

  • Everybody's joking about The Verge, but spare a thought for Motherboard Vice who thought it was Still Way Too Hard

  • They say when the verge build a PC the gods flip a coin ")

  • AU = $3.99 for me.

  • Seriously, buy parts, slot together. Quicker than reading the book.
    Or your pc store, $50

    • Some people can’t even assemble IKEA with instructions 😑. What luck would they have building a PC… paying for store to assemble is like getting IKEA to put it together for you for extra cost. Probably the wrong demographic…