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Gray Nicolls MAAX Players Edition Cricket Bat - Lynn Sane $549 Delivered (RRP $1000) @ Sturdy Sports


This time it is Gray Nicolls Players Grade Cricket Bat on Manager's Special from Sturdy Sports.There are more Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats that you can browse through if Players' Grade is too much for you.

Free Delivery Australia Wide on this Cricket Bat + Free Knocking.

This bat is retailing at $949 at around full price on other website while Sturdy is hell-bent on providing unparallel service and unbeatable prices.

This store deserves love and support from this Ozbargain community.

Description from the product page:
This Players Edition bat is handcrafted in Australia to replicate the shape and profile of International Australian player Chris Lynn

The full players style cricket bat is the peak of cricket bat production. This kind of profile is both the most powerful and most forgiving. Such a design is what you will usually see at the international level

Construction: Built with finest Players Grade English Willow
Edge: edges are heading close to the magic 40 mm mark
Bow: Standard for ease of stroke play
Sweet spot: Middle for All round stroke play
Handle: Semi-oval for comfort and complete control
Grip: Zigzag Grip for better hold
Pick-up: Minimal scalloping for lightweight pick-up
Toe: Natural Squared toe
Finish: Free Knocking in (15000 Machine knocks)

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  • Crin..c ket . ..

    • Wow retails around $1000 and is being sold for $549 and assume Sturdy still makes “some margin” on it. Makes me think 🤔 sports goods retailers operate on 100% or more margins? Or should I expect an answer on the lines that these things never sell for RRP?

      • Most stores are selling for $949 or more. I am not sure of the details on this one, but generally, they don't have more than 20% margin. I guess this is in collaboration with the manufacturer, that's why a limited time deal, so good relations with your vendor to get the best prices and pass on that special price to your customers.rather than taking that big cut. That's how Sturdy has been rolling I guess.

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    Ready to play?

    • Yes we provide ready to play service.

      There was a time when cricket bat just require knocking and play with an old cricket ball cos previously bat use to have a lot of moisture content & didn’t require oiling for new bats. That’s why traditional cricket bats were skinny and heavy in weight

      Modern cricket bats also require to oil and apply face & toe protection. These bats air dried and have less moisture result of which they become light but they fatty and thicker. To extend the life and improve performance we highly recommended to choose our Match ready service.

      Please let us know if you have any other query, happy to help

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    Wtf… I must be old. Really expensive player level bats were about $400 when I was an adult

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    Might consider for this year’s Christmas family cricket game.

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    'The full players style cricket bat is the peak of cricket bat production'

    Going to have to pull you up there champ. I still have my Scoop. Single.

    • I see your Scoop Single and raise you with my Ultimate 750 Limited Edition - Long Blade 😉.

    • +2

      We do have latest GN scoop model in stock. Sturdy sports is the only retailer stock them in australia. We like to be different in our collection. Check the latest scoop and don’t forget to see the real document and history behind scoop making in our description


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    My own bat already does a pretty good job of 'all round stroke play' and I really like it's 'sweet spot' but the free knocking does sound pretty tempting.

    • TRUE Its a 100% its genuine deal and Thanks for your interest.

  • Will I be hitting them out of the park like Chris Lynn with this bat?

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