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½ Price - Energizer Max AAA 14 Pack/AA 16 Pack $9.75 (Was $19.50) @ Woolworths


Long-lasting power and innovation is what the Energizer MAX family is all about. Count on Energizer MAX batteries to deliver long-lasting power to your everyday devices.

  • Alkaline battery
  • Energizer Max lasts 3x longer
  • Power seal technology
  • Ideal for electronic, remote controls and digital devices
  • 10 year Shelf life

AA Pack

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  • Is shelf life really 10 years?

    • I would invest in lithium ones which are more expensive but definitely more reliable

      • Yeah their 1.5v lithiums are the undisputed best if you want highest capacity and will never leak. They are actually worth the price when extra capacity factored in.

  • How are these compared to Bunnings Varta?

    • I recently tested the AAA versions of the Energizer Max and Varta. Energizer was 870mAh and lasted 8hrs 45min. Varta was 1008mAh and lasted 10hrs 14m. I only tested one of each so the results may vary from sample to sample but I was surprised at how well the Varta performed. I also tested Arlec (also from Bunnings) and it was 943mAh and lasted 9hrs 29m. Test were done at a steady 100mA current draw.

      • Great thanks you.
        Any idea how this test performs against Aldi's batteries?

      • So Energizer Max were the worst performing. Interesting!

        • Yep, I thought so too. I'm just in the process of redoing the test on one of these just to verify the previous result. I'll post back the result here when it's done.

          • @Rogerwilco: Thanks, that would be awesome, plus whatever other brands you can get your hands on, like Leakycells I mean Duracell.

            • @ak47wong: Ok, another Energizer Max AAA has been tested. I was pretty confident that this 2nd test would have shown that the first AAA was somehow not representative of Energizer Max performance, but it was in fact slightly worse than the first. After only 8hrs 35m the test showed a final result of 855mAh. Just in case anyone thinks these batteries may have have been close to their use by date, this one from the same packet as the first has a date stamp of 12-2029. BTW, the testing was done using a OPUS BT-C700 Intelligent charger using it's discharge test function.

              Up until now I was pretty much an Energiser fan and still have 3 new 20 packs of these, but I won't be buying them again. I'm obviously also not a fan of the Leakycell brand and won't be buying any just to test one but I will test the ALDI brand when I get around to buying some.

              Interestingly Canstar Blue did a 2019 survey of battery brand customer satisfaction. Duracell came first, ALDI 2nd, Energiser 3rd but Varta only 8th. Go figure. https://www.canstarblue.com.au/home-garden/batteries/

              • @Rogerwilco: My experience with Aldi batteries is not that good. So far I find Varta wins. But will be great to see your test results of Aldi batteries. Thanks again for your time.

                • @sunrise12345: Yes I did some research and found lots of complaints of them leaking black gunk and exploding was also mentioned a few times. I don't think that these are even worth testing their capacity as I don't think I'd buy them even if they surpassed VARTA in capacity.

              • @Rogerwilco: That's crazy. I was also an Energizer fan, but should I buy Varta and Arlec instead then?

                It boggles my mind why people voted Duracell in first place. I've lost count of the number of devices that have been damaged by their crappy, leaky batteries. The only upside is that Duracell do honour their guarantee and reimburse you for the cost of the damaged device.

                Thanks for sacrificing your batteries for these tests!

                • @ak47wong: I know that I'll be buying Varta from now on. My tests aren't very comprehensive but for me I think it's good enough to get a reasonable idea how these batteries perform. Even if the Varta had been equal to the Energizer I would probably still buy the Varta because they're low cost all the time and so far I haven't had any leaking issues from them either. I don't have much experience with the Arlec ones so can't recommend them. I only saw them when I was buying the Varta so I thought why not test these too. I thought they were going to be junk compared to the Energizer.

                  Anyway I hope you and anyone else reading my results got some benefit from this.

  • Got both AA/AAA yesterday and was going to submit deal now and OP's one was showed as possible duplicate.. good job OP!