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TerraMaster F5-221 5 Bay NAS with 2x GBE LAN $432 Delivered @ TerraMaster Amazon AU


I reached out to TerraMaster for another NAS deal and they've offered a 20% off code on this product, making it cheaper than Amazon's lighting deal last week. The coupon code will go live at 1am AEST.

Featuring 5 SATA slots with SSD cache support, dual gigabit ethernet ports, an Intel Celeron J3355 dual-core CPU released in 2016 with better media playback support, 2GB RAM (expandable to 6GB) and 2 USB 3.0 ports on the rear. Supports Single, JBOD, RAID 0/1/5/6/10 and up to 16TB in each bay.

These are great for file sharing, backups, playing media (e.g. Plex), running Docker containers and more. I personally use my TerraMaster for media storage, system backups and running my UniFi controller through Docker.

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Free shipping included, AU stock and AU warranty.

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  • Dammit. Bought during the lightning deal.

  • Can play x265, I guess? Hmmmm will this a decent upgrade from my Synology ds1511+ ? (Yes old, produced end of 2011)

  • How come F4-210 with quad core but 4 bays is cheaper? $421 at Amazon AU

    One bay worth a lot? Hmm I'm happy with 4 i wish F4-210 can be down to like $375ish

    • Uses an ARM chipset that's not really suitable for media playback and has less apps available compared to the Intel counterparts. It also only has 1 or 2GB that's not expandable. Basically it's the entry level model.

      • Make sense thanks didn't check the processor details.

        My Synology has Atom D525 Dualcore (2C/4T) 1.8GHz x86 Processor only….

    • usually yes an extra bay is alot more

  • Interested in how often the app store on the device is updated, apps like Plex and Transmission for instance are they updated often or are the versions old?

  • How does plex docker run on this?

  • This is intriguing as apparently you can install FreeNAS/Unraid on this: https://forum.terra-master.com/en/viewtopic.php?t=393

  • Damn tempted but hate to think I need to sell my old Synology not sure if there is people who still interested in 9 years old NAS (never have issues)

    • Think it would be worth selling if people are happy just for data storage and nothing else.

  • Just wondering if the new Synology units (eg: DS920+) worth double the price of this for storing home media, photos, and 4k shows and movies? And running them off a Shield

    Hard to find reviews outside of Amazon, and also a worrying lack of support and documentation for Terramaster, unless i havent been looking in the right places.

    Is the TerraMaster F4-421 much better than this, as here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MfYoJkiwSqCXg8cm5-Ac...
    it says that one can transcode HEVC UHD 2160p, which the F5-221 cant?

  • Yo clear,

    Is it possible for you to reach out to Synology to get us some deals on the DS920+ or DS918+ or the DS1019+

    Thanks if you can :)

  • Damn got excited for a moment but I am chasing a deal on the TerraMaster F2-221.

  • Novice here, apologies in advance!
    - can i use it just using 2 or 3 bays and leave other empty?
    - hdd recommendation which won’t cause fortune!
    - how’s it for just general home use ( movie stream, backups etc)

    Thanks in advance

    • yes, u can use some of the bay n leave the rest empty for future…
      cant answer the rest LOL

    • Yes you can use 2 or 3 bays if desired and can setup RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, JBOD, Single as you want.

      Seagate drives have become popular again after the WD SMR fiasco and modified pin malarky. It depends how much space you want. There's external drive deals being posted all the time, you can shuck these (remove enclosure) and use the drives inside. Note grey area on whether warranty will be voided.

      It should do the job but unless you already have large collections well over 20+ TB of data and willing to invest in drive parity/redundancy as well as spend time and effort setting up and tweaking, this might be overkill for you as a novice. If so, just plug an external drive into your TV/router.

      • the stuff i read in the literature of my ones said pretty clearly, no warranty if not in its enclosure. Maybe you did a better job of opening the enclosure but they won't believe that I didn't.

        I've had three HDD drives die over the years, I don't think I've spend a second thinking about the warranty, it's not gonna bring my data back.

        • It won't, but getting your dollars back for an expensive 8 or 10tb is not insignificant

        • Plenty of people on forums have had success sending in the bare shucked drives under warranty, and even in the enclosure too - there was a post not long ago on r/datahoarder about it.

          As to losing data, I guess that's a lesson about the importance of backups. 3 2 1 rule is always something to strive for, but even just single parity raid can save a lot of pain.

        • There's actually mixed results about RMA'ing a shucked drive hence I mentioned it's grey area. Some people have had success putting drives back in enclosure and sending off to get replaced, some have even taken the chance and sent bare drives without the enclosure at all and it's worked. Of course there's others that have had claims rejected too, can be hit or miss.

          You may not worry too much if it's a $99 4TB drive you've had couple years use out of but spending $500 on a 16TB drive would be another matter for most.

        • Have you tried using recovery software

  • Interesting, how can this thing do "Real-time hardware transcoding of up to two concurrent 4K video streaming " with these specs?

  • Does anyone know what a equivalent Synology would cost? Just trying to measure my costs savings if I was going to go with this.

    Main use case would be to mess around with docker containers and also store files (like backups for my VMs, ISOs, videos, music etc)

  • Too bad it's only dualcore

  • Code not working?

    Edit: Good now

  • Can anyone comment as to why this Amazon one has no hdmi output whereas the same model sold by Umart has? https://www.umart.com.au/TerraMaster-F5-221-5-Bay-Dual-Core-...

    Even the YouTube review of this model has a hdmi… Yet pictures on Amazon show it blanked off.

  • Been waiting for a good NAS deal, thanks. Now to wait for a good HDD deal.

  • Does anyone know how loud the fans on this are?

  • Bit the bullet and bought. Can’t go past this at less than half price of similar Synology line. Especially if it can run Synology DSM.

    • is that guarantee each DSM will work right away or you need to wait for someone to modify it first? (like the xda custom rom for example when new android released then all the chef need to cook the rom first to make it compatible with older phones and usually will have some bugs still)

      • Having seen Clear's activity in the past, I trust him/her to buy now & research later. But I'm sure I can deal with whatever is on it or FreeNAS…. And absolute worst case scenario = order cancellation and/or return.

        • yeah the freenas is 100% can but not sure about DSM maybe the syno staff sneak in some code that check the model serial number something like that

    • Yep for the price you're getting similar hardware to a 418play, and the cheapest ones of those are about $650

  • I'm still happy with my QNAP TS-469L 7 years old , not sure if anyone wanna buy it i put it online so I can upgrade :)

  • A deal on this one would be great with 10Gbe https://www.amazon.com.au/TerraMaster-Quad-core-Hardware-Enc...

    • Network

      Storage that is accessed over the network. Available to most devices on the network.

      The specs in the deal suggest 16tb is Max individual disk size x 5 slots.

      • This might be the dumbest question but is access to your NAS impacted by your internet speeds?

        • Yes and no. For local access from home it uses your internal network so internet speed is irrelevant. However if you are away from home eg on vacation or at work then you can access this NAS through your internet and so your home internet upload speed will be the bottleneck.

  • Can I play movies from the NAS to my roku streaming device?

  • Can this do 4K via Plex Server?

  • Can these take more than 6gb ram?

    • I don't believe so or at least not officially. It's 2GB soldered plus a sodimm slot.

    • The ram upgrade process looks a tiny fiddly too - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGKdQOYlkLU

      • Why didn’t they just put a cover and screw in the bottom of the case so you can get straight to it!!!

      • Not that fiddly. You'll need to open it up to change bootloader if you want Xpenology (Synology DSM)

      • Any tips on which modules that actually work? Just because someone installs a module on YT, doesn't mean it actually works… I don't really want to pay USD$60+ for 4GB of their branded one…

        • OK. I think it needs to be SODIMM and DDR3L (not DDR3). I just successfully upgraded mine with some old Samsung ram I had lying around. I tested two different types- DDR3L and DDR3. I was only able to get the DDR3L ones I had lying around to work.

          At first it felt like it I wouldn't be able to snap the ram into the slot but after some unscrewing and wriggling around I got it to work. Probably comes down to the sizing of your memory stick itself.

  • Any chance to have F5-421 at around $450, op?

  • Boom! Ordered, Cheers to OP and everyone for the helpful information in comments and sweet deals! :-)

  • Bought the F5-420 deal which was the last one, presume EOL and replaced by F5-421 so this seems like a better deal. Is the only difference the HDMI port on the F5-421? Fitted mine out with 5 x 4TB WD Red NAS drives. The TM operating system seems stable and user friendly. 2 big fans are throttled by temperature control so the unit seems amazingly quiet.
    The support seems a bit iffy. Lots of forum responses on TM website from TM support saying to the effect will investigate this and get back with no followup.
    Don't get good vibes from my amazon message communication when I have requested a Tax Invoice from TM. Had a reply back from Doris at TM saying that as Amazon fulfilled the order I need to contact Amazon - and gave me Amazon contact details. In the Amazon order it quite clearly says TM is the seller and in Amazon's T&C it says I need to contact the 3rd party seller to obtain a Tax invoice. Have contacted Amazon and they said they couldnt see the reply back from TM in the Amazon message centre, but they getting an "Accounts Specialist" to follow up on this and will contact me. Anyone been successful in getting a Tax Invoice?

    • Mine says "Contact seller for invoice if not shown here" on the "My orders" page, so I'm gonna contact the seller now

    • Similar case, I contacted the Seller, then Amazon, then Seller again, eventually got the tax invoice; however, the tax invoice issued by a company "Noon Technology Co., Ltd" from SHENZHEN, China, and it shows 0 GST; so I don't think it can be used for next year tax return

      • If there's no GST then it's just an invoice and there's no GST to be claimed. You should be able to use the invoice for tax deductions if you class it as a deductible expense.

    • I got a reply.

      Hello Frank,

      Thank you for contacting TerraMaster. Your order is currently in pending. When the order is shipped by Amazon, we will be able to send you an invoice as the attached.

      Best regards,

  • Any recommendations on quality (and bargain) disks for this to get going? I pulled the trigger to replace my well aging NetGear ReadyNAS 6 bay reliable old NAS. Old usage was just storage. New usage will also eventually include space for home security footage, and playing with the features this one offers.
    So 4TB of useable storage to start. I'm wondering if SSD's are the go now for this kind of usage or not.

  • I took the last one, says eta 27th of August instead of 17th earlier today, any chance got delivered earlier OPs?

    • It's fulfilled by Amazon so it's going to depend on them. Best reaching out to customer service.

      • Thanks, i also got this 2x$270 12TB WD drives which has been severely delayed by DPD (ETA 27th August, stuck in US for 2 weeks), I didn't expect Amazon orders coming so late, and the waiting is just painful.

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