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Kenwood Triblade SystemPro Hand Blender Silver, Orange, HDM808SI $139 (RRP $219) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks decent and on sale

  • Top of the range hand blender with expert-level attachments for a unique home cooking experience
  • The powerful 1000W provides optimum speed and torque, making light work of heavy loads
  • Take complete control with the gradual and smooth speed control and with the addition of the Turbo function, blend your food to the perfect consistency every time
  • Included with the Kenwood Tribeblade SystemPro is: Chopper Bowl with Blade attachment,
  • Easy twist attachments makes the SystemPro easy to use and ideal for creating more versatile dishes
  • Ergonomic design giving you more control with the SureGrip handle, simple but strong power control at your fingertips
  • The Triblade System combines 3 elements to give you unrivalled performance

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  • Cupboard filler😁

  • Purchased, thanks OP! Old one just broke, so perfect timing.

  • Any opinions on this vs the Braun multiquick?

    • Braun 100%. Better quality, longer lasting. More accessories available. All parts available separately if something does break.

      • Are you referrring to the multiquick 5,7,9?

      • Unfortunately the new Brauns have that safety button on top you have to hold down to press the trigger. That's a pain.

        We have an old Braun from like 10 years ago, going strong and we use it all the time. The bowl thing busted ages ago when trying to make nut butter but the stick part is better than the new Philips I bought a year or 2 ago. It's quieter too.

        • I have a new Braun with the safety on top - it's less than ideal, but only a little annoying. Otherwise rock solid.

          You can almost certainly get a replacement bowl by the way.

  • Got one of these and wont consider buying it again.
    The attachments ingress water which is impossible to get out.
    You cannot wash or dishwash them, you have to wipe them clean….

    haha comment below crossed paths



  • With these systems which include the chopper container thing, most that i've come across state that you cannot wash the lid of the container. I've had one before where I washed and I could not get the water out! Obviously mold concerns.

    Seems pretty silly to me that a container lid designed to capture spills and splatters cannot be washed.

    Anyone have the same issue? Or know of any other systems with similar chopper container that has washable lids?

    ^^^ above comment a few seconds before me

    • I've got a Sunbeam version. Had it since 2009 and it gets a fair bit of use. Bowl, lid, blade goes into dishwasher on the top rack. Broke one bowl and was able to get a bowl and blade replacement as a spare part. Motor still holding up well

  • Had this previously… little motor failed a bit after warranty despite only being used to puree cooked veggies into soup

  • Very handy tool but I bought a Braun 5 pieces set for $60 from Amazon before cashback😜 Engineered in Germany and made in Europe.

  • Not really a bargain. They've pretty much priced matched it to The Good Guys


  • Good Guys Commercial has this for $120