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[QLD] 8 Pack High Protein Cold-Pressed Juice 350mL Bottle $9.99 Shipped (Was $30.99) @ Go Juice (Brisbane only)


Further to our current fire sale, previous post linked below, have put up a final sale coupon code that'll take down the price to $9.99/ 8 pack and $14.99/ 12 pack for our high protein cold-pressed juice.

As we still have stock remaining of the current batch, this is to clear out that remainder to make room for the new incoming stock.

Being a Brisbane-based company, currently we'll only be able to ship to the greater Brisbane area unfortunately, but have thrown in free shipping for those areas as well.

Usual RRP of $3.99 / bottle in stores, selling now at below cost due to excess stock cause by closures of stores / cafes / gyms that were otherwise stocking our products over the last few months.

Disclosure: Stock has an expiry date of 20/08/2020.

Previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/556107

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  • I live within 12km of CBD.
    If I order in next hour, how soon will shipment arrive?

  • Damn paid $20 for 12 & got 2 lots.
    Was definitely worth it!

    Good tasting drink. Those are quickly disappearing.

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    High Protein Cold-Pressed Juice

    Oranges on have <1% protein?


      Our juices are formulated with a whey protein blend, so each bottle contains 15 grams of protein. However still retains all of the taste of the natural orange juice!

  • Damn would love to order but I'm in Woodridge, any other ways for me to grab some slabs?


      Woodridge Brisbane? You shouldn't have any issues checking out, happy to deliver there!

      • I'm in a unit complex, do you leave it out at the mailboxes or call the unit number get into the gates and leave by the door? I don't usually get things delivered here that's all. Will be around if you can tho :)

        Edit: seen in checkout its free - I just thought Woodridge was classified as logan is all.

  • I will get some when plant based protein is used :~)

    • Umm… you're not even in the distribution area to buy it?
      Have cut down my consumption of dead animal protein while on this.

      • I'm in Brisbane, just haven't updated my location.
        That is awesome - it looks like a good product, I just can't use it until it isn't using whey

        • Understand your concern.
          This is a start up business with their first ever batch - testing the market.

          Unless a non animal protein product is same or cheaper price & tastes well mixed with orange juice in tests… it's unlikely to be commercially viable. Too early to expand the range or establish a new market - from the point of view of the business.

          Unfortunately they've had enough trouble shifting this product with well established whey protein.

          • @the INFIDEL: Yep, fair points, thanks for expressing them. I'll keep an eye out!

            • @Vinbie: I test marketed nut milk & butters, long before they were known by many. I had done my research into my products, producing tasty blends of nuts for optimal nutrition, without animal products.

              Given the small production runs using quality ingredients, the price was high, but demand very low.

              Finding a large enough market for your product is often difficult. Those who were interested had little money, & those with money weren't interested.
              So production ceased.

              • @the INFIDEL: Do you feel the market has shifted significantly the last 5 years or so? Plant based / vegan really seems to be on a constant upswing that goes beyond it being a short lived trend

                • @Vinbie: Definitely. It's shifted from fringe more to mainstream.

                  In those days it was "alternative lifestylers" who were interested, & they were generally poor in $ terms.

                  Now, some large businesses have plant based protein offers. But those may be more to appease its opponents - a marketing ploy to ensure their long term viability.

                  BUT, the products are usually just non-meat alternatives of their regular range of hamburgers etc, rather than tasty non-meat foods. That's something I find strange (given how many tasty non-meat dishes there are!), but it supports their established business model / image.

                  I've asked those chains whether they cook the products separately to the non-meat ones - no (but generally in a different area of cooker)! That would be unacceptable to many non-meat eaters, especially when based on religious belief. Those cooking the "burgers" had not tried them - always avoid food the cook won't eat!

                  People are now more interested in their health. They are more aware of issues in food production, animal welfare, etc.

                  And we are generally wealthier & better educated, with more access to information - able to direct our funds towards products with better environmental & ethical standards, if we wish.

                  But beware of trends, fads, diets - they often don't last!
                  I went back to a limited amount of animal based protein!

                  People tire of spending time & effort making choices & preparing more complex meals. It's easier to go back to what we were brought up on. And fast food places are almost everywhere!
                  Luckily my Mother introduced me early to lentil burgers & the like😉

                  As a lapsed vegetarian hippie, I have since advised businesses on different thinking to develop new products & productivity…

  • Delivered in Carindale👍

    This was their first batch.
    Great tasting product, good idea.
    Pity about the timing, with gyms shut down.

    Apparently shake before drinking stickers are planned for future batches.
    Shouldn't be a problem getting some exercise while consuming.

    Just need to line up distribution & buyers.
    Wish Go Juice success for the future!

  • For those like myself who did not get their orders delivered today, after reaching out on multiple platforms I just received a message saying that they are delivering the rest tomorrow due to larger number of orders.

    Great news for Go Juice, but communications could have been better upfront, at the very least a heads up.

  • Got mine delivered yesterday. Great service, great product!
    Ordered some more and will order in the future.