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Qantas Care Package, Includes Business Class Sleeper Suit $25 or 4350 QFF Points @ Qantas Store (+Free Gift Membership to Share)


Long Time Lurker, First time poster. Please be gentle…
DISCLAIMER: I work for QF.

Each care pack includes:

1 Qantas Business Class sleeper suit L/XL (suitable for most shapes and sizes)
1 Qantas Curates Business Class amenity kit featuring ASPAR Travel Essentials (Sweet Orange & Shea Hand Cream, Ultra Hydrating Face Moisturiser & Sweet Orange Lip Balm)
12 individually wrapped Tim Tams
200gram pack of smoked almonds (served in Qantas First Class)
Packet of 10 T2 Lemongrass and Ginger tea bags
The Qantas care packs will be on sale from 9am Friday 14 August via qantas.com/rewardsstore with free Qantas Frequent Flyer membership available for non-members to join the program and send care packs.

Qantas has put these items together in a care package that can be sent anonymously as a surprise ‘random act of kindness’ to a friend, family member, anyone that might be doing it tough or as a “treat yourself” gift.

An individual can send up to 10 packs anywhere in Australia via Qantas.com for $25 per pack or 4,350 Qantas Points, including delivery.

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    • +21

      You're asking to be told where to go?

      • +8

        Just something nice to wear around the house.
        Can confirm they are super comfy!

        • +9

          Throw in a hot towel and you have a deal…

        • +2

          Errr… does that mean if you wear one of these pyjama suits you can actually join the "mile high club" without flying? Well… while flying united, but not in the air. ahem

          • +12

            @rooster7777: Hate to break it to you, Unfortunately it doesn't count if it's only you.

            • -1

              @denmec90: no no no! I'm one step ahead of you…. I did say while flying UNITED…
              and no, a man does not have elephant trunk characteristics
              interesting innit…. unity basically means 1, but united means more than 1 constituents

  • +12

    Skip the "first poster crap" please. We are sharing caring people here. Share someting good we vote up. otherwise we ignore.

    That said - great first post. Thank you

    BTW an edit to your headline would be.

    Qantas Care Package, Includes Business Class Sleeper Suit $25 or 4350 QFF Points at Qantas Store (Free Membership)

    Something like

    Qantas Care Package, Includes Business Class Sleeper Suit $25 or 4350 QFF Points at Qantas Store (Plus Free Gift Membership to share)

    • +1

      Thanks, will do!

    • What does "Plus Free Gift Membership to share" mean?

      • Usually you have to pay $99+ to join QFF membership (tho there are other methods of bypassing that)

        Now it's free for you to join when you purchase this Care Package lol.

        • +6

          Yeah and the only airline in the world to charge a fee for your loyalty lol.
          It's only a matter of time before they drop this silly charge for sending a plastic card. It's not the 1980's Qantas ;)

    • You haven’t read some of the people who comment here, have you?

    • +1

      Apparently we're a bunch of "clicky primadonnas that live frustrated useless lifes" according to https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/ozbargain 😬

      • And?

        • +4

          …and it's not the ozbargain life you choose, the ozbargain life chooses you

      • +1

        Of course I click. This is the internet. I often browse it on a PC.

        They need to learn to spell. It's cliquey. Lives. I find their spelling frustrating so I guess they're right?

  • OK yeah this is cool!

  • +3

    This deal, plus this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbEGmghn_jo - now all I need to find is a business class seat and I can pretend I'm flying somewhere!

    • would first class even be on the wing of a plane? lol

      • Haha, no :)

        • I'm pretty sure I've had views over the wing in First Class before on either Emirates or ANA. I remember being drunk on nice champagne, and taking video of lightening over the wing whilst being totally at peace (I'll have to check videos to make sure I'm not combining memories of a SQ Business flight instead).

  • Quite comfortable PJs also.

  • +2

    i don't recommend the Business Class sleeper suit. Quality isn't that great.

    • i have 2 pair and just wear them sometimes if lounging around the house or staying at someone else's house

    • -

  • +2

    Oohh these are nice.

  • +3

    nice got one pack, nothing else to use points on anyway.

  • +2

    Any photos of the sleeper suit?

    • +2

      They're not great, a tee and tracksuit pants from Kmart would better. But it's a nice deal to send to people and for $25 not bad value with the included items.

      • +1

        Cool, thanks for the short review!

      • +2

        Well you are buying sleepwear not active wear…

    • +1

      Only really useful to flex that you've flown business class.

  • +7

    Nice one OP, likely the closest thing most of us will get to Business Class this year

    • +14

      Or ever :(

      • +4

        I was going to have my first international business class experience this year, I booked 2 x return trips to Europe this year in business class with points! Fortunately able to get a full refund of points and taxes.

        • That's lucky, did it cost much in points to upgrade?

          • @melbstheburn: Upgrade? I believe they booked in business class which is pretty much the only way to secure a seat.

          • @melbstheburn: I combined points from all different FF programs, @Bozbargain is right, I booked business class reward seats, rather than an upgrade from economy

        • How long did it take you to get the refund? I'm still waiting on mine…

          • @keithality: I waited 6 weeks then followed up with them…and while I was on the phone with them my refund just happened to have been processed at the same time…

        • When was your trip to take place? I am booked for November so wondering when to start talking to them.

  • +2

    Thanks, got one. I already have the Business Class sleeper suit.
    Can confirm they are really good, i've had them for over a year now. They a good fit for either winter or summer.

    Overall good value for money

  • Search on the internet
    I think this is how the pajamas looks like

    • +1

      They're the old ones

  • +2

    i like the sleeper suit. they're holding up better than my kmart pants but the shirt isn't holding up compared to my kmart pj shirts strangely enough

  • +2

    Ugh why only L/XL? I’d have loved to get a set for my wife.

    Or at the very least provide some indicative measurements so that people can understand the size of this unisex item.

    EDIT: I just checked and I’m wearing a M/L at home. I’m a normalish (unfit) male and it’s loose. How is L/XL an average size?!?!

    • +5

      average size for Aus standard :D

    • +4

      always easier to fit a small person into a big suit than a big person into a small suit. and when it comes to sleepwear, it doesn't really have to look tailored.

    • it's meant to be loose and comfy for long haul flying.

      • +1

        Are you a Qantas lawyer?

        • haha alas I am not.

      • No love for short people </3. Can you find out where theyre hiding the other sizes?

        • I'm afraid I'm close but not in Qantas Store. DH8 might have more info. I reckon an overstock of their L/XL size - which by the way run large.

    • +4

      I'm around 180cm and 80kg and always pick L/XL. The S/M is short and you'll show your mid drift after a few washes.

      • -1

        Of course S/M will be short after a few washes.

        That’s why you’d be a M/L sizing correctly fitted, like me.

        If they had M/L I wouldn’t argue the point on the size selection.

        But stating L/XL is for the average person seems an extraordinary stretch.

      • Thanks, I'm 175cm and 75kgs, this is exactly the info I needed to get the L/XL

    • I have many of these (from business travel) and the actual sizes vary hugely, regardless of what they are marked as being.

    • How tall are you, if you don't mind me asking?

      • 162cm.

    • oh well. i wanted one for the wife who was meant to go to NYC next month. I guess I'll have to wear the PJs and give her the Tim Tams.

  • Thanks OP. Great first post ;)

  • +3

    Thanks for the info OP!

    Since you're an insider… When are the F PJs coming? 😁

    • I doubt that will be a thing, QF like to keep SOME exclusivity…

      • +1

        can we have a deal with just the PJs? :P

    • Is there a discernible quality difference or just style? I think my F PJs are starting to stretch a little…

  • +7

    Dammit, if this had been last week I would have jumped on it.
    Wedding anniversary today, had been planning to be in a restaurant in NYC, where I proposed to Mrs B. Not there for obvious reasons, and the way things are going not sure if we will ever make it back. This would have helped recreated the illusion at home!

    • You are lovely :)

  • How's thing working at Qantas these days

    • +2

      Not great with the current health crisis, but it's not as bad as expected. Rotational periodic stand downs every fortnight. Some business units are doing a lot worse than others unfortunately.

      • Every fortnight?! Can't imagine how it must feel like at the office :(

        Are you in the marketing group / Qantas shop?
        I reckon this is a great idea btw !

  • which is better? use points or cash?

    • F

    • +4

      I am going to go with cash, if you use the points to redeem for seats 4,350 points are worth a lot more than $25. If you are not using these points, the going rate is about 0.9-1c per point so giving you approx $40 back.

  • +3

    Purchased, good brownie points with the wife.

    Thank you!

    • +2

      Happy wife happy life.

  • It's a nice idea to clear out the excess stock. You would expect slippers or atleast socks.

    • +1

      They do come with socks, located inside the amenity. Same as on a flight.

    • It looks like the amenity pack includes socks too, taking a look at this photo

  • As a poor guy never flies business/1st class before, so prior to changing to the PJ, do you get a chance to shower? And I assume the PJ is fresh out of factory not out of laundry? 'Serious inquiry' :)

    • +1

      some long hauls do have showers. ready to wear I think.

      • +1

        Yes to both

    • There are showers in the lounges too. Was 'invited' by a friend once and even for a short haul late afternoon flight, felt refreshed from a quick shower before boarding. The food and drink at the lounge didn't hurt either =)

      • +2

        Your friend invited you into the lounge, or the shower in the lounge?

    • +1

      You get to shower on board with Etihad & Emirates so you get to change to the PJ on board.
      It's a pretty amazing experience, was lucky enough to try it last year. Makes you feel like a million bucks (even tho I'm not lol)

      There's no onboard shower for Qantas so you'll probably shower at the lounge prior to boarding.
      Not sure if you want to wear your PJ while boarding tho!

      • Only 1st class.

    • +1

      Generally I make sure I shower just before heading to my flight, either at home or in the lounge. No showers on Qantas flights.

      Then on the flight change into PJ's immediately so your clothes can stay nice and fresh for the other end. I always find the best shower is AFTER a long haul flight when you have another connecting flight, being able to freshen up with a shower in the lounge between flights makes you feel almost alive again.

      PS: my wife loves the Qantas PJ's, I always have to bring them back for her, not allowed to leave them onboard. She wears them around the house or for doing her art.

  • +7

    This is a smart way for Qantas to clear their inventory of perishables!

    • +4

      Definitely a great way to clear up lounge tea bags and plane snacks/amenity kits!

  • +2

    Can confirm the PJs are super comfy. :)

    @DH8 - Can we get a deal where its just the PJs?

    • L or XL for me?

      • +2

        XXXXXXXXL for you ;)

      • These are one size L/XL.There is also M/L but not for sale here.

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing this! I love the QF PJ's - they're very comfortable so it's good to see you can now buy them on the store!

  • +2

    Looks like this is the official market valuation of Qantas Business PJs. Also loses their exclusivity to the point nose of the plane. :(

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