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Disposable 3ply Face Mask 50pcs $18.95 + Free Shipping Australia Wide @ Dgzw.com.au


Plenty of stock available in our Melbourne warehouse.

Ready to ship Australia wide! Price includes shipping.

We were wholesalers now retailing at wholesale prices online! We welcome any feedback, please email us.

Large bulk discounts available on request. (orders over 100 3 Ply Protective Disposable Face Mask boxes) Contact Us ([email protected])/ ([email protected])

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    paypal checkout doesnt work

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      Thanks for that amazing feedback! I've fixed it now. :)

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        Paypal failing again… cannot pay

        • Click normal Checkout first, fill in you address details then change Payment method to Paypal.
          this way Paypal payment works.

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            @S L: Nope , doesnt work, error message
            We're sorry, we can't complete your purchase right now.
            This transaction has been declined to comply with international regulations.

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              @ubs: Hi,
              I'm not sure what is wrong in here. However, we are receiving payments from PayPal.
              Try again at another time maybe?

            • @ubs: are you using a VPN by any chance to checkout using Paypal?

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              @ubs: @ubs Hi.
              Is your screen look like this Picture?

              • @S L: yes, then it went to paypal login but after login it showed that error

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                  • @S L: Hi all,

                    We have contacted paypal again and they have confirmed our account is in 'good standard to receive payments' and there are 'no any discrepancy' in our account. Paypal asked if our buyers to contact Paypal to see if their 'accounts are in good condition to make payment.'

                    We apologies for any inconvenience, this has been out of our control. If you have any issues please email us at [email protected] and we can send you a direct paypal link to arrange for payments and place an order.

                    Thank you,

  • Can you really get a good fit if the ear straps are not adjustable?

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      Hello, the ear straps are elastic so they are adjustable.

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        That is not defined as adjustable.

  • Plenty on ebay for 50x $~18 posted.

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    I’d be suss on paying by credit card if it keeps getting declined by PayPal. It keeps declining mine as well.

    This transaction has been declined to comply with international regulations.

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      we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

      We are receiving payments from PayPal. Not sure because our website is busy PayPal is not working. We are trying to contact PayPal to solve this issue for us.

      If you need us to send you a direct link via Paypal to your email address, please send us an enquiry via https://www.dgzw.com.au/contact

      Sorry for the inconvenience caused again.

      Thank you!

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    Ordered using Visa card and order confirmation received within 30 seconds!! Thank you

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    paypal worked for me!

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    PayPal doesn't work!
    Not paying by credit card to someone that is unknown so no business from me!

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      You can use a disposable VISA for online shopping or just monitor your bank statements/transactions for any suspicious activity and your always guaranteed a refund from VISA network if ever your funds are stolen fraudulently or you don't receive the product you paid for.

      More important to note is the specifications on the DGZW website show this product is just a simple 3-ply cloth face-mask and is NOT purposely "designed" to protect you from viruses or airborne particles with diseases (like covid-19). Instead its a mild deterrent for larger droplets, and maybe to help you stop spreading it if you sneeze or cough.

      I am not going to tell you what to buy or not, but if your expecting maximum protection from covid then you really need an N95 or higher rates face mask. I know they can be expensive but you can re-use one for up to a week and disinfect it, and you don't need to go out much other than essential needs right? The WHO (enter american and western bias) advise against the use of N95 masks because they want stocks reserved for medical front-line staff. I do not believe they are acting in the interest of the public really and it's foolish to advise this since protecting the public with the use of an N95 face mask that provides excellent protection will prevent the number of global covid cases thus preventing the number of cases front lone medical staff have to deal with and are exposed to.

      It all comes down to the micron size of droplets the material can stop from penetrating, N95 and higher does a far better job.

      Also for those interest here is an a photo that shows the different face mask effectiveness - https://image.freepik.com/free-vector/protective-masks-colle...

      The ones DGZW are selling have the same effectiveness as a reusable cloth mask with almost 0% protection from viruses. they claim to be multi-use and Flu/Virus protection but I believe this is false and misleading and are acting in their own interests rather than the public. These masks cost less than 1 cent to make and are usually made in very poor conditions and dirty factories with no standards and the materials sourced are not for medical use (check google and youtube for cheap mask manufacturing videos).

      Edit: You can also find these masks cheaper elsewhere and online.

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        Oh for …. sake, someone make the barrage of mask bs stop please! There is ZERO evidence for you last fear-mongering paragraph. Medical masks are NOT required for public protection. "Surgical" masks are recommended for general public protection, as are lesser quality masks. Why? Because there is no definitive evidence wrt the efficacy of various masks against Covid-29 transmission (although some controlled tests have been done - eg https://aip.scitation.org/doi/10.1063/5.0016018) . Masks work not just by limiting exposure to close airborne droplets but also by discouraging people from regularly touching their noses and mouths. Ideally 3 layer disposables will have a melt-blown mid-layer - as these claim to have. Only specialist masks and screens will stop aerosol sized particles if you're paranoid about them. If you are then don filtered goggles as well.

        Bottom line: read widely, keep up to date, and make informed decisions.

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              @DisabledUser67242: it's ok to be wrong sometimes, don't be hard on yourself mate. You just admitted that masks work, welcome to the present day. It's good to learn about things feels good.

      • Would love to know how you're "disinfecting" your N95 masks…
        I know of only one "possibly" safe method.
        And I can guarantee you they're not to be used for a week before you "clean" them!!

        • +1

          I'd like to know myself. Reprocessing wouldn't be available to 99.99% of the public. His comments show a poor understanding of the reasoning behind public mask use. Criticism of governments prioritising professional PPE for health workers was a particularly low point.

          This might help him: https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/personal-protective-equi...

          Small extract:
          N95 Respirators Not for Use by the General Public
          The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend that the general public wear N95 respirators to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including coronavirus (COVID-19). Those are critical supplies that must continue to be reserved for health care workers and other medical first responders, as recommended by current CDC guidance.

          Anecdotal "evidence" suggests masks may help limit transmission but there is still a variety of views among medical specialists about public mask use. Here's just one worth reading: https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2020/04/commenta...

    • Hi Intel1,

      You can send us your order via [email protected] and we will send you a direct paypal link. See if that helps,

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    • Hi rodneydangerfield,

      We DO NOT steal anybody's details. We only save the 'Name''and the ''E-mail address"' of a person who agrees to "SUBSCRIBE" to any of our promotional emails. Also, if a subscriber do not wish to get any promotional emails they can unsubscribe at any time.

      P.S. Viruses are contagious so is kindness.

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        You should not be subscribing people without their consent or request in the first place

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    The guys website isn't even accepting paypal and they have a warning

    "We're sorry, we can't complete your purchase right now.
    This transaction has been declined to comply with international regulations."

    • Hi dom03,

      We have reached out to paypal in regards to this issue, and paypal has replied saying 'good standard to receive payments' and to 'ask your buyer to contact us so that we can see if their account is in good condition to make payment.'

      We apologies for an inconvenience caused, we are working hard to get on track to process all orders.

      • +1

        Why would anyone believe you? upload a screenshot of PayPal's response.

        • Hi Dom03,

          Please email us at [email protected] and I will forward you a screenshot. I am having trouble attaching a picture here. Thank s

          • -1

            @dgzw: Exactly why noone should trust you. lies.

            • @dom03: @dom03 emailing is not that hard. :)

              If you know how to attach a picture here, happy to learn from you and I shall post a screenshot here.

              Happy Sunday!

              P.S. Don't forget to wear your mask if you're stepping out. ;)

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    What business uses gmail as their official contact? That's so unprofessional and suspicious.

    • typically someone either attempting scams or someone drop-shipping products from a manufacturer based in China.

      • And what's your issue with the latter? It's something called private enterprise.

        • -1

          nope, it's called taking advantage of people for greed and personal gain. This is the wrong mentality and goes against the ideology of a good human race.

          • +1

            @dom03: What a load of tosh. The seller is providing a service. He and his sister puts money, time and effort into making this happen and yet somehow you think they shouldn't get paid to do it. You aren't required to take up their offer. The prices aren't outrageous. If you believe otherwise then get off your arse like they did and import a thousand boxes and make them available for cost or free to your fellow humans.

            • -3

              @DisabledUser67242: Sounds like your associated with them, when you post here don't forget to tick the "I am associated with …." checkbox.

              • @dom03: I'm associated because I've called your comments to account? Lol, have another stab in the dark. If your guesswork on masks and govt health advice is anything to go by you could throw a thousand darts and still not hit the board.

                I note you haven't replied to thedriver's question above. Why would that be?

                Would love to know how you're "disinfecting" your N95 masks…

                Are you in the process of organising a mask deal or are you simply a knocker of others who use their initiative and are trying to get an income? Their website explains everything, when's yours going public?

                • -1

                  @DisabledUser67242: still here? you have nothing better to do with your life than act like a moderator here with ill advice. I'm still waiting for an answer about why you believe N95 masks are not suitable for humans as protection against covid-19.

                  Much love =)

                  • @dom03: Seems you're more than a tad confused about lots of things dom. Masks, public health advice, my connection with the seller, the difference between comments and moderation - unless of course you're suggesting you are also "acting like a moderator"?

                    While you're here. Feel free to point out where I suggested N95 masks weren't suitable. In your own time. Your straw man argument is as transparent as your lack of knowledge about masks and public health information. Classic case of a little knowledge being dangerous.

                    While you're chasing up the comment you've fallaciously attributed to me (did it give you a thrill?), we're still waiting on the answer to how you're disinfecting N95 masks. Any progress there or do we take it that you've now realised your error?

                    We can take it as read that you have zero evidence regarding the lack of efficacy of masks like those in this deal for general use by the public, simply because no such data exists, in fact most anecdotal evidence suggests they help - something you'd know if you bothered to read widely.

                • @DisabledUser67242: "ignorance is bliss" isn't it?

                  • +1

                    @dom03: So they say, although these days some wear it as a badge of courage unfortunately. Imo spreading ignorance is worse than being ignorant. What do you reckon?

                    • @DisabledUser67242: keep pushing your trolley full of the rubbish you believe, I wont be replying anymore as you cannot argue with stupidity.

                      • +2

                        @dom03: You really plumbed the depths in your comments here dom - dismissing public health advice from responsible experts; criticising advice from authorities to reserve the limited stocks of PPE for at risk health workers; invention and Trumpian lying about what I supposedly said (when it's all above in black and white for anyone to see). It's patently obvious why you can't provide answers to some very simple questions.

                      • @dom03: yeah nah possumbly got you good on that last one.

  • If anyone has provided passwords change them immediately and use Chrome with all of the bells and whistles to alert you if a website is suspicious.

    • Hi Rodney,

      This is misleading information that you are providing to all our customers and supporters. We have contacted our web admin and they have confirmed that our website is HTTPS / TLS encrypted and is safe and secured for all our customers. We do not appreciate blatant comments thrown with no proof at a small business. If you need to discuss further about our services, website security or anything else please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected].

      We are working hard to provide the best customer service and support during these unprecedented times and we would appreciate honesty. Be kind.

      • it's always a good idea to change your passwords regularly, and also if you suspect your account may be compromised. Why would you say it's misleading to customers. Your website does not look professional and you have already had a few users above reporting of issues with paying via paypal.

  • new domain name, new user, not so new data harvesting scheme.

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