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40% off Wahl Salon Series V5000 Hair Clipper - $119.95 Delivered ($109.95 with Welcome Code) @ Shaver Shop


Father's Day Sale
Hair Clipper
Made in USA
Free Shipping + $10 Off for new members

The V5000 brings a true professional tool to your home. This clipper is equipped with a powerful V5000 motor and is corded for continual use. The convenient taper lever on the side allows you to quickly change between lengths without the use of guide combs. For long haircutting lengths we have provided and additional six guide combs ranging between 1.5mm – 13mm. Wahl uses professional quality precision-ground blades that are designed to stay sharper for longer, giving you the most out of your clipper!

Includes: V5000 Clipper, six guide combs, blade oil, cleaning brush, blade guard and styling comb.

• Professional V5000 vibrator motor for durability and longevity
• Ultra-powerful corded Clipper
• Ideal for tapering, fading, free hand, sculpting and skimming techniques
• Convenient thumb lever adjusts the taper and texture without changing blades
• Unique angled blade allows adjustment to zero overlap for super close cutting
• Cutting Length: 0.7mm without attachments
• Guide Comb lengths: 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 10mm and 13mm
• Made in USA
• 2-Year Warranty

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • Can someone explain how is this different to the Wahl Super Taper or Wahl Taper 2000 which also have v5000 motor and are slightly cheaper elsewhere?

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      True, Taper 2000 in black is sexy af.
      All three are made in USA, I guess its just about design

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    I got the V7000 a while back, oh man I wish I never went through those other 4 or 5 cheapies over the last decade.. quality units that cut 10x better than the cheap gear.

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    I bought these clippers from Shaver Shop for this same sale price back in May. Due to these being the first clippers I had ever bought and used myself I bought a few extra guide combs to give some extra length and margin for error. Solid clippers that work well.

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      It'll be the last one you'll ever buy.. think my super taper is close to 20 years old and hasn't missed a beat. prior to that went through a bunch of cheapies.

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    The v7000 is 40% off, $139 with code too.

  • Just bought for this for the parents and own a very similar model myself. Great hair clipper, heavy in the hand but feels very well made. Cuts extremely smoothly. Just have to keep it oiled after each use. Although I wouldn't call this a bargain, if you needed one it's an ok price. Better with the $10 off.

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    Is there a cordless alternative to this?

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      I have no idea why my last comment was unpublished, I only posted links I googled for reference. I'll use Wahl links this time.

      What I was originally trying to say was I think the Wahl Super Taper Cordless is the closest to the Wahl Salon Series v5000: https://au.wahl.com/Products/Australian-Products/Professiona...
      The Wahl v5000 and the corded Super Taper both use the v5000 motor and I can't find any differences between them other than design.

      But the Cordless Super Taper motor changes from the v5000 to a rotary as for most Wahl cordless clippers.
      The most well regarded cordless Wahl clippers I've seen on my travels seem to be these: https://wahlpro.com/products/5-star/cordless-magic-clip/ which are also rotary.

  • I'm torn. Which is better? This or this?

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      I find the cheap Philips stuff to be below par, the Wahl clipper should have more power, last a long time, are highly regarded and well made.
      If you want something cheaper try the Wahl Comfort Grip, for about $80. It has a Powerdrive motor which is not as good as the v5000 but has plenty of power for home cuts.

      The Wahl Super Taper and Taper 2000 are as good as or better than the Salon Series v5000 from what I can tell and can be found slightly cheaper around the net.

      • Thanks very much for the advice. I've never shaved my head before and this is all unexplored territory for me.

  • I'm looking for 5cm taper for wahl I have 3.8cm but I still think it's too short for the front

    • The first one I bought in May, broke down after 2 use, returned and got another one which also stopped working. wouldn't recommend, although these are made in USA, even the lady was surprised. Maybe I got a bad lot ( got both from the same store)

  • I am trying to decide between V5000 (As mentioned above) & V7000 currently $139 with $10 off coupon and super taper 2000 For around $40 (brand new from a friend) V5000 Motor, this is the first time I am planning to do a home hair cut, should I spend the extra money and go for the V7000 or is the super taper 2000 sufficient?

  • Can you use this for your beard? Obviously not for a close shave… more of with the guards.

    • Most definitely you can. I'm doing it with my 13yro Wahl clippers and they are great.

  • Pulled the trigger on the V7000. Fingers crossed.