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Meross Wi-Fi Smart Garage Door Opener Controller, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant $50.99 Delivered @ Meross Amazon AU


Hallo… Hope you Guyz doing good.. Got this deal thought Share with OZ Family..Hope it will help some members ..

Original price: $67.99
Deal Price: $50.99 (25%OFF)
Code: 5IFVTL4H
Expire Date: 08/15/2020 23:59 AM PDT

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  • +3

    good deal, I made my own using "Relay" and wifi plug costed me around $40 in 2017. this package sounds gd

    • Is this plug and play or do you want to do some electrical wiring to connect?

      • +1

        No additional electrical wiring required. Fairly easy to set up.

  • How does it detect whether the garage door is open or close? From the app history or does it come with a sensor?

    • +3

      The meross website shows that it comes with sensors to be attached which tell if the door is open or closed.


      • Cool, thanks! From the said website:-

        1 x Smart garage door opener
        1 x USB adapter or Power cord with plug
        1 x Door sensor with sensor wire
        4 x Screws
        1 x Test wire
        1 x Double-sided adhesive tapes
        1 x User manual

        So its a hard wire sensor

    • It has a magnet sensor.

      • +3

        "Hey Google, is my garage door OPEN?"

        "Garage door doesn't support that"

        • +14

          "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that"

  • Thanks Op! Missed out last time, got one. Looking forward to it.

  • I like the idea but how do u install it?

    • +3

      Super simple, but each garage door is different. Mine wasn't in the 'supported list', so I emailed support, they asked for a photo of the motor and told me exactly what to do. It really was easy.

    • +2

      I used this video to install my one: https://youtu.be/0gcyJC_WkRk

      The model you will receive is VERY similar to the one on the video and comes with the cable preinstalled (so you don't need to take it apart like the video does). Hope this helps.

    • Check your garage door model if it supports hard wire switch to open/close. If it does, this unit should work.

  • Is this compatible with all existing door openers?

    Can 1 of these be used for 2 existing doors?

    Is there a way to use this without Alexa or Google Assistant?

    Thanks to anyone that may be able to assist with these questions.

  • +10

    If you run Home Assistant (or similar) and don't want to buy into another proprietary ecosystem, you might be better off with $50 Generic Tuya (Tasmota compatible) Smart Garage Opener.

    You can use it with Tuya apps (like Smart Life or Brilliant) with Google and Alexa integration.


    Convert it to Tasmota using Tuya Covert and use MQTT without cloud with your favourite home controller (eg. Home Assistant).

    • Are you sure it works with Smart Life?

      Just realised you meant the model you listed works with Smart Life. Yours is more appealing but it comes with US plug. Gonna wait till they have AU plug or a USB powered one.

      • Yeah, probably was bit ambiguous ;)
        OP model is not compatible, but the one I listed on Amazon or eBay is :)

        Sorry, I just did a quick search on Amazon. They are available locally with AU plug, eg:
        USB powered

        • Seems this one is USB powered. How do you know if it is generic Tasmota? Is it if it mentions Smart Life app? Would also rather not have it locked into proprietary ecosystem.

          • +1

            @reubenb87: Yes, it is listed in the description that it uses "free Smart Life app". $49.95 ….. mmmmmmmm tempting

          • +1

            @reubenb87: This one I know for sure (my mate bought 2):

            I cannot guarantee that others two are compatible, but chances are they are as they have the same generic casing and are Tuya based - ie use Smart Life. So they probably have ESP8266 or variant.

            Going cloud free is great but be prepared to fiddle (a lot) :)

    • Can this be used with google home?

      • Smart Life and Brilliant works with Google Home and Alexa

  • +4

    sonoff basic $6 + 5 minutes of soldering = wifi voice activated alexa compatible garage door open/close controller

    • even a wemos D1 mini and a relay with ESPhome/tasmota if you like it to be nice and bite sized.

    • how? so it becomes just a relay? powered by 240v?
      any links?

      • Exactly - wifi relay powered by 240v.
        No links, I got idea myself: just repurposed existing relay and set inching

      • +1

        better off using sonoff sv which is powered by low voltage. Can use a usb to power the sonoff or from the terminal block of the garage motor itself (my opener has output for 24v)
        You can even add a reed switch sensor to detect open/close state of garage door.

  • +1

    I have one of these….really handy and super easy to set up. Well worth it.

  • +3

    I'm waiting for one with HomeKit

    • +2

      I have iSmartGate which is HomeKit compatible.

      It is also compatible with Google Assistant, SmartThings, IFTTT & Alexa.

      It’s not as cheap as this one…in fact it’s a little exy, TBH! I did however, manage to get a discount through their online chat service, I think it was only 10% off though…pretty lame but better than nothing I guess. If I where to try again, I‘d hit em up for more of a discount…Ya never know your luck!

      You can get Siri to open, close or check it’s status. So I‘m guessing, the rest of the smart dudes/dudettes will be able to do they same.

      They have 2 versions, the “Lite“ which does 1 garage/gate/door or the “Pro” which does 3 garages/gates/doors.

      You can hook it up through wifi or through Ethernet via a USB to Ethernet adapter.
      You can connect certain cameras through the app which can get a video feed of your garage status visually, if that’s your thing. I haven’t tried this though.

      I don’t use their app at all, I mainly use it through HomeKit app. It has worked flawlessly for me so far, so I have no complaints.

      I haven’t had any issues connecting remotely but I guess that’s totally reliant on your own network & access to the inter webs.

      Also be sure to check their compatibility list…

      • …Oh and one other nifty feature I forgot to add is that the garage door button shows up on my car stereo screen when I approach my house. You'll obviously have to have a CarPlay stereo for this to work.

  • Is this working through a third party server?

    Is it possible to use this WITHOUT the proprietary app?

    • use from within alexa or google home?

      • Presumably that doesn't have access to all of the history?

        I was thinking going through a third party server is unsecure (couldn't they effectively control my garage door?)

      • use from within alexa or google home?

        Will it use both Amazon (or Google) and 3rd party Cloud server in this case?

        • yes, alexa for example will need to be linked to the 3rd party account.

  • I have a B&D SDO-2v1 PD - it only lists SDO-2v2, does this mean it is definitely not compatible?

    • +1

      It'll work fine I'm sure. All garage door motors have two contacts to connect a wired wall controller, which is what this device utilises.

    • Try here, page 8. Look like yours?

      • Yep - board layout looks almost identical - terminal block is there which I assume is the most important bit

  • What differentiates this one from the Kogan ones?

    • The Kogan one uses a wireless sensor to detect if the door is in an open or closed state.
      This one uses a reed switch (magnet sensor).

      • Which is better?

  • Can you add an IFTT to auto open the door when you reach a certain part of your street?

    • +1

      Probably. The Alexa app natively has rules based on location that you can use to trigger.
      Personally, I prefer to activate it via voice, so it's not activating, if I drive near the location trigger point.

  • Bought one of these for my garage door opener, which is not listed on the compatible list, however it worked fine, so easy to setup. Worth every cents, even at full price.

  • Anyone experience of using it with Gliderol Glidermatic GTS?

    Glidermatic GTS+ is mentioned in supported hardware.

    • I have the same Gliderol Glidermatic GTS (not GTS+) as well. Really interested in this but not sure if it will work. Might spend some time to do the "short test" tomorrow when I have some time.

      • +1

        Yep it will work. I have a GTS and installed the Kogan version garage opener. The GTS has the two terminals on the door opener motor. If you want to test, wire two one metre lengths of electrical wire in the two terminals. Touch the two ends and the door will open. Touch again to close. If that works then great. These units are wired into the terminal and connect to your wifi and the app. The app then triggers the 'touching'. The sensor part just sticks on the inside of the door and tells the app if the door is open (sensor is horizontal) or closed (sensor is vertical).

        The Kogan one has worked perfectly for me and I love it. No need to look for the spare key when I walk home from the pub (Qld).

  • +2

    So you're opening doors to your house using Wi-Fi.

    I'm sure nothing could go wrong.

    • lol

    • +2

      I got sick of my young kids telling google home to play "Jingle Bells" I set a command so it played Rick Astley instead.

      Not sure which was worse..

    • Yes.

      I will not link it with my alexa, instead, I will keep to my phone.

    • used wifi garage opener for two years and never had any problem whatsoever.

  • Thanks OP. Been looking for something like this. Ordered one.

  • Are these the same?

    https://www.ebay.com.au/i/223698201817 $19.95 (EDIT: Price for remote only, sorry)
    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WiFi-Smart-Garage-Door-Opener-Co... $14.94 (EDIT: Shipped from China though)

    • It does the same thing, but they are not the same in terms of software. the one you linked (second one) looks like the one I have, which works fine but it uses ewelink software, which recently made integration with IFTTT a paid service. As a result, I now use it with Alexa instead which isnt as good as it does not recognise the command unless you have the alexa app open, unlike Google assistant.

  • +5

    This device looks pretty decent and at a good price. But just be aware that it's not 100% safe to remotely close your garage door if you can't see whether any obstructions are present, such as you car, pet or toddler.

    If you have a camera feed you always check before closing, then that's sort of ok, but camera images can be delayed. The best solution is an IR beam that stops and reverses the door if broken by an object in its line of sight. If you have one of these already (little black sensors on either side of your door opening, a foot or so off the ground) you're pretty safe. After-market sensors are probably available to retrofit.

    Door motors will automatically stop and reverse if the motor detects it's working past its configured close-limit, but that probably won't be enough to avoid denting your bonnet or crushing your small dog/cat/kid.

    • Good point! My garage door automatically opens back up if it gets obstructed with something. Curious to know if that would still work if I got this? I think its something to do with the motor. If the motor senses a force then it starts rolling in the opposite direction or something like that. So, just hope it works with this wifi switch as well.

      • +1

        That function is what I mentioned in my last paragraph above. It's a mandatory safety feature all garage door motors must have.

        Yes, the close-limit safety feature will still operate as intended with this device. But it's a safety feature of last resort: in most cases it will still allow the door to push with significant force on any obstruction before it kicks in. Test it by pulling up on the door as it closes and see how much force you have to exert before the door stops and reverses.

      • the door will still open back up if it hits an obstruction, despite being triggered to close by the device - no probs.

        • Thanks @debo - that’s good to know.

          @crikey mine seems to have been setup with a very low limit. It doesn’t need a lot of force to go back up, I can put my hand under it while it is closing and it goes back up as soon as it touches it slightly.

          • @Dealking: That's good. Make sure you test it quite near the ground as although the absolute limit is unchanged, the effective limit can differ along the path of the door depending on how hard the motor is already working. If a pet or person is going to get their bones crushed between the ground and the door, it'll happen down low.

            I've tested with a cardboard box under the door, and that box gets pretty badly crushed. If the box were my dog, she'd be in serious trouble.

  • Now I feel like an idiot spending ~200$ for a gogogate in 2017 😭

    • Until recently there wasn't much of an option.

      Gogogate has other advantages like:
      - Allowing timed guest account entry
      - The gogogate wireless door sensor is better because you can just stick it on the door without needing to run another wire and figure out how to get the two magnet sensors on the Meross one close enough without hitting each other etc.
      - Temperature sensor on the wireless sensor
      - Option to add an IP camera in the app to see the garage and door when controlling it in case there's a car or person in the way.
      - Can use ethernet cable if wifi does not reach or is unreliable

      The Meross one does do all the main basic functions though and for much less. If my gogogate ever dies, it's good to know there's a cheaper alternative

    • I have their 2nd iteration coz of it’s HomeKit compatibility. But you get you pay for in regards to feature set & the like…

  • Found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0EY5kPQ4ek
    Good reviews on this channel.

  • tempted to get this since last time it was posted. would anyone know if it would remind me if the garage door is opened, is it smart enough to do that?

    • I just read it has notifications if the garage door has been left open for a long time, plus notifications everytime it opens and closes

      • fantastic, i didnt see where it was mentioned, instant buy now

        • check the sixth photo in the ad, the one with the guy on his phone.

  • I made this by getting 7 dollars so off relay. You can use home assistant if U do not want to use cloud server.
    To find the status of the door up or down, I used window sensor that tells it.

  • Code not working anymore

    • noooo im getting the same error. The promotional code you entered is not valid

      • I am using visa and code still not working.

    • Just worked for me.

      • @Klang, are you paying via Amex by any chance? wonder if this is why its not working.
        its not working on my master card either

      • Blyat. No longer working. I ordered approx 24 minutes ago (looking at amazon email).

        So, I take me words back.

        • dam i procastinated too long

  • You can buy similar ones on ebay like I did for $35

  • +2

    Says the code is not valid

  • This is about half the price and works like a charm. Have had it installed for a few months now.


  • +1

    code not valid?

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