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5 ~ 100 Free Deliveries on Orders Over $10 ~ $40 @ Uber Eats


EATS2150 ($10 Min Spend) Expired

A promo for up to 5 free delivery fees. Minimum order of $10 (excluding delivery fee) required for each order. An amount equivalent to the delivery fee will be deducted from your total order value.
Code expires 31 Aug

More 5x Delivery coupons below:

EATS2935 ($15 Min Spend)
EATS2880 ($20 Min Spend)
EATS2899 ($40 Min spend)
EATS2150 ($40 Min Spend)

100x Free Deliveries, with varying Min spends

EATS3960 Min $10 Spend, ends 15 Sept
EATS3965 Min $20 Spend, ends 15 Sept
EATS3967 Min $30 Spend, ends 16 Sept

Referral Links

Referral: random (2231)

$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • Not eligible :( But thanks!

  • add minimum spend to title

  • +6

    Never get anything from Uber

  • +4

    I got eats2880, free del 5 orders min $20

    • Thanks mate, this one worked for me. Will add must use by 31/08 11pm

  • +1

    I literally just received a promo for 100 free deliveries until Sept. 15 straight to my app. Don't really see the point as I'm unlikely to use even a quarter of that.

    • +8

      and thats exactly why you got it

  • +2

    eats2935 for free delivery on next 5 for $15 min order

  • I got 2899 which worked for me :)

  • +1

    Just got eats3965, 100 free deliveries with 20 min spend for next 30 days

  • +1

    I got drinks20 for 30% off bottle shop order (max $20 discount) via email

  • eats2899 - minimum spend $40

  • Eats3965 over here, 100 free deliveries for 30 days $20 min

    • Same here. This targeted rubbish probably annoys people more than the benefits it brings to the few.

  • +3

    Being ineligible for all the other deals finally paid off, I got the 100 deliveries!

  • +5

    not eligble for any of them so great, now ubereats gets $0 instead of a few $ less delivery fee.

  • +2

    Really 7 codes and not even one for me

  • Eats3962 also, $15+ Spend for 100 free dels

  • -1

    is it legal to offer promotions that only 'certain' people are eligible for?

  • 5 free delivery fees on orders you place over $20 - EATS2880

  • +1

    non of them work for me :(

  • +2

    None for me ;(

  • +1

    Eats2748 - 5x free delivery for orders over $30

  • None for me.

  • one of my accounts got 5 free deliveries for >$20, the other for >$40. hmm.

  • /Insert Dr Evil Meme

    One millllion deliveries

  • None for me but i also got Uber eats twice on Thursday so that makes sense

  • Not eligible for any awww was gonna get some lunch tomorrow

  • 'Oops, you’re not eligible for this promotion' DOH! seems their algorithm is for the codes to work for customers who do not order often to get them sucked in & addicted then will just use ubereats without discounts because they're hooked ;)

  • Nothing for me. Dang

  • Had the code 'goodbyedeliveryfee' for free delivery over $49 come up as a banner on the app. Like seemingly every UberEats code, it doesn't work. Switched to a different app out of distaste for this dodgy marketing tactic and found that a particular restaurant is cheaper on there.

    • Got the same banner, code didn't work originally but does now.

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