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Muson H11 H8 H9 Car LED Headlight Bulbs $19.79 Post + (Free $39+/Prime) @ Muson AMR Amazon


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Muson is our another brand with selling car LED headlight bulbs.
Muson H11 H8 H9 Car LED Bulbs Now $19.79 Easy to install, Contains 2 bulbs.
Wide Application
Better Visibility
Plug & Play
Cooling Fan System

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Warning: This product listing does not mention ADR (Australian Design Rule) compliance and may not be permitted in your state, please check your local state legislations.

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  • +8

    Oh god no! Please don't do this! The glare from cheap LEDs replacement bulbs!

  • -2

    Up to 45% OFF, only $19.79

  • +8

    not recommended, i am an auto electrician and been working on car HID and LED for over 10 years.
    1900 lumens brightness too dark for headlight and fogs, even darker than the normal halogen bulbs.
    HID is normaly 2600lm from factory, and the kits i installed are over 3900lm.
    Dont risk yourself to buy this kinds of things and put urself in danger while driving in the dark.

    • anymore details on the "kits" you install/recommended?

      • the high brightness hid kit is around 70-80 bucks, 3600-3900lm, metal ballasts. Any cheap kit with unbelievable low price on eBay, plz avoid. The good led kit is around 120-180 bucks, but definitely give the brightness and service life u expect. The brightness for led is at least 3200lm to 3900lm, but looks not that good as hid. I would only recommend hid on headlight unless the led is in matrix from factory. U can use good leds on fogs and high beam. But definitely not led.

        • +6

          For HID to be legal it will need auto leveling and washers. People installing HID kits into housings that weren't designed for it are just as bad at blinding road users compared to cheap LED retrofits.

          • @mrderrickc: To be honest, many jap cars comes with self cleaning lens, no washer is required from factory. you need to adjust the level for whatever new bulbs put in the car, even the halogen bulbs of differeent brightness and different manufacturer. if the HID bulbs are good enough and the level of the beam is adjusted properly, there is no glare at all toward any coming cars. Been with cusotmers since the 1st gen hid, none has the issue. the cheap HID due to the clarity of the glass tube, there will be glares for sure. That's why i say dont risk to buy the cheap HID and LED kit, not worth the money.

            • @luce2339: Hey luce,

              what H7 hid kit would you recommend for a projector len low beam?

              What about H11 hid/led kit for fog lights?

            • +1

              @luce2339: Those Jap cars are not automatic self level cars (at least the ones I have owned), adjusting a knob does not classify as self leveling.

              The rules clearly state that "Self-levelling systems and headlight washers are also mandatory for any headlamps producing over 2,000 lumens (a measure of light output)."

              Anything else is classified as illegal and makes the car un-roadworthy and insurance companies may use it do deny claims.

              • @mrderrickc: i owned the ESTIMA, and FORESTER XT, the forester XT comes factory HID, which is self leveling but need washer, my estima is self leveling and cleaning, comes with factory HID. For subaru outback and liberty, all headlights are self cleaning. the factory HID is around 2600lm, so what you mentioned 2000 lm needs washer is not right.
                Anyway, using HID is at personal choice. but definitely wont recommend the LED on low beam.

            • @luce2339: I really hope you install ADR approved kits…

              • @BigAntz: Plz be noted that unless the car comes with factory HID, otherwise all aftermarket HIDs are not ADR approved including Philips, osram and other top brands. LED has to be in matrix from factory, otherwise the spectrum is not good enough for everyday driving.
                ADR comparing to the regulation organisations of other countries including USA and UK has it very special requirements.
                If the HID is as good as the factory one, no risk of using and no dangerous to others on the road.

              • @BigAntz: But u can still use hid while off road, it’s just not for legally use while driving on the city road if it’s not ADR approved.
                I can exactly say that NO HID kit and LED kits and bulbs are ADR approved on the road in Australia.
                U can use HID LED on high beam, fogs, spot light without issue.
                I’m not sure if u are anyone industry from the 1st gen of the hid and led system and obtained adequate knowledge about the industry. But that’s all what I know from the industry standards.

  • +2

    If your car’s headlights are not designed to work with led bulbs then do yourself and other drivers a favour and don’t get led headlights. The result would be bad visibility and glare issues that can affect you and other drivers

    • +2

      In addition, I try to avoid driving when it's dark due to people nowadays installing very bright led lights as a low beam and it just blinds me for a moment when such enthusiast passes by - and what even worse is there are bluish ones and, when someone drives behind you and jumps up/down on an uneven road, it looks like police flash lights and I have to switch my attention from the road to the rear view mirror to check.

  • +5

    LED headlights are not ADR approved for almost every car on the market. You'll get fined car having these in your car.

  • Well it definitely lights up everything. Even the signs glow😂

  • I got a LED conversion kit for my vehicle, for Highbeams, (as we were driving in the outback and i didn't have an LED Bar to fit as there was nowhere to mount it)
    it was one of these kits.
    (so quite an expensive kit)

    i gotta say i was less than impressed, they where 5000 Lumens. yet didn't provide much extra over low beam lights. maybe because they where designed as low/high beam lights, Id get HID lights next time if i was looking for distance and something bright.

    so if mine was the high quality ones, i wouldn't risk the lower quality ones thats for sure.

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