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Royal Kludge RK71 71 Keys Dual Mode RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard US$52.99 (A$75.46) Delivered @ Banggood AU


Ship from AU warehouse,free shipping ,GST free and one week delivery.


  1. Small size super compact mechanical keyboard with 71 keys. With separate arrow keys, suitable for office and home use. The 71-key compact layout makes it ideal for reducing space;
  2. 18 RGB backlight modes, 8 monochrome backlight modes, 5 full color backlight modes. These patterns are more enjoyable when you're playing games or typing at night.
  3. The keyboard has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the standby time is up to 360 hours and 10 hours for continually working time, it takes 3 hours to fully charge;
  4. Wireless mode, 1 minute no operation, keyboard backlight automatically off, 5 minutes no operation, the keyboard into standby mode. 10 minutes no operation, enter deep sleep mode. You can press any key to wake up the keyboard;

Package Included:

1 * Royal Kludge RK71 71 Keys Dual Mode bluetooth 3.0 + USB Wired RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
1 * USB Cable

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  • Not Cherry for those looking.

  • OP, any deal on the womier k87?

  • I was looking for 60% - 75% options recently, not much available in red / quiet locally, all blue / clicky. I ended up with an Amazon cheapie, wasn't prepared to wait for intl postage or restocking this time.

    • GK61/SK61/GK64/SK64 boards would give Gateron optical reds, which are great, but not sure about local stock beyond the odd 'fulfilled by Amazon' listing.

      I think it's a bit much to expect custom keyboards being heavily stocked locally. Keycaps and replacement switches would be about where that begins and ends.

  • Odd as it may sound, I'm hoping for a full size 104-key wireless mechanical board. I'm on a waiting list for the Keychron K1 (104 key) which seems to be constantly out of stock - does anyone have any other suggestions? Please and thank you.

  • Been thinking about buying the AKKO 3084 SP Ocean Star but worried the switches might be super loud. Anyone have this kb, or a better recommendation for a kb with F keys that line up with the number keys?

    • Depends on a few factors:

      • Switch type. Red < Brown < Blue
      • Typing style. If you're bottoming out each keystroke, that could add a fair amount of noise. You may consider o-rings to mitigate this.
      • Material of the bottom plate
      • Switch material and keycap quality
      • Where are you using the board
      • I like Brown's from experience but I have never used reds are they the same in noise? At the moment I'm using mx speed and they are great.

        • Reds are similar to speeds, but with more travel.

        • I have AKKO 3087 Brown, not as loud as Corsair K70 Lux brown.
          Typing on the AKKO is an enjoyment and build quality is great.

  • I must say, that's rather an eclectic name for a computer keyboard.

    Anyway, best of luck with your projects!

  • been looking for a bluetooth mech kb under $100

  • 71 key really sucks for me in multiple ways. 87 is much better.

  • How is this compare to the Kemove snowfox 61? Which is better?

  • Ordered balck rk71 with brown swithces on Tuesday and received to the inner west of Sydney Friday morning. Not bad!

    Theb kb is built really well, the body/case is solid and the plastic of great quality. the snap on feet and the rubbers are great too, grippy and no movement/slack or rattles.

    The switches appear to be 'TTC' brown. They are smooth bu8t there is no bump or tactile feedback at all. They feel like 'reds'?

    All keys are quite stable and not much play. even spacebar is quiet. Bottoming out is a little rattly perhaps. o rings should help.

    Font is attractive, key caps are ok.

    RGB is cool and fairly bright.

    It is feature packaed with BT, battery, mac/win modes

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