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Xiaomi 10th Anniversary 10% off & $0 Shipping (Mi A3 $287, Air Purifier 2H $157, 34" Curved Gaming Monitor $619) @ Mobileciti


Hi all,

To celebrate Xiaomi's 10th Anniversary, This weekend Mobileciti are offering 10% off All Xiaomi products on already discounted prices. It is astonishing that it's already been over 10 years since Xiaomi was founded even though they did enter the Australian market only recently. I found that the timeline around 33 seconds into this Youtube video is an interesting throwback to some of the Ozbargain favourites. Please apply coupon code HAPPY-MI10 at checkout to receive the discount. Thank you!




As usual, 100% AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, local Australia Manufacturers warranty.

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    Where’s the Mi 10 ultra

    • +3

      Still in China

    • +1

      i was about to post the same question. mi 10 ultra gonna be huge.

      in 2020:
      apple: we decide not to include a charger in box with our new iPhone.
      mi 10 ultra: take this 120W charger.

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    Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD 21:9 FreeSync Gaming Monitor $619,,, this was much cheaper earlier

    • +1

      Looks like a good deal. Will wait til stock returns.

    • ^ this. Will wait until stock returns also.

    • +3

      Hopefully OP can price match it, then lots of watchers will pull trigger on it including me :)

      • +1

        They wont cause they're trying to sell at a premium over non official stock

      • Same here !

      • +1

        Love for the op to match the price on the link and take my money. :)

  • Monitor is coming up as $628.20 after code. is this a bug?

    • Hi soandso,
      Apologies fixed, thank you

  • QICYCLE still so expensive 😔

  • +1

    Pity the A3 has already been released more than 1 year ago, so only 1 more OS upgrade and less than 2 years of security updates left. With Xiaomi officially confirming that they won't do Android One phones any more, what options do we have for pure Android phones?

    The Pixel 4a ticks most boxes, except Dual SIM. Hmm…
    Nokia? See what the 7.3 will bring maybe?

    Seriously at a loss here.

    • Pixel 4a has esim+ Sim slot, which can work as dual Sim.

      Nokia 8.3?

      • Yes, I read that about eSIM. But seems the only eSIMs available here in Australia are post-paid contracts directly with the network operators, no prepaid and no resellers.

        Would defeat the purpose for me. In my SIM slot 1 I have a prepaid long life plan to keep my regular number active. In SIM slot 2 I have whatever discounted starter pack I can get for cheap data.

    • yeah the A3 was seriously a good budget phone.

    • Yep. Only 1 major update and 2 years of security updates left. Keep in mind that there's a fairly active XDA community for the phone.

      Also. Xiaomi never officially confirmed an end to the A series. The articles claiming they did were based off a misrepresented German article that was simply speculating their demise. I'd guess it's likely though.

      The options for pure Android devices are slim unfortunately…

  • +3

    Many price ain’t that attractive.

    Mi band 5 on Kogan is $58

  • +2

    If you're interested in the powerbank it might be worth checking your local Aldi - mine has stock of the QB822 going for $49.99 on clearance.

  • Wasn't there just a 10% off site wide a couple of days ago?

  • +2

    Why buy the Mi 9 Lite for $447 when I can get the Mi 10 Lite for $22 extra?


    • +1

      Comparing Grey stock to Local tho…

      • -3

        Should not have any issues claiming under warranty from Kogan though.

    • There's additional shipping fees that you haven't anointed for.

  • +1

    When will you stock the Xiaomi 10 ultra?

  • Air purifier OOS on your website while it’s still available in your ebay store?

  • Hello OP, I’m waiting for some deals on Harman Kardon speakers (Allure), do you know when it’ll be on sale? Cheers

  • +2

    Also available from the Xiaomi Australia distributor https://www.mi-store.com.au using the code: "XIAOMI10SALES"


    • Just note that if there is anything ever wrong, you have to pay for shipping back to them (the Xiaomi distributor). Some stores cover shipping back to the store in the event of a fault.

  • +1

    why no 3h???
    wanted to get a 3h for ages, but no deal since eofy sales

  • Any Poco F2 at a decent price?

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