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Kingston A2000 500GB $79, Samsung 860 EVO 1TB $179 + Delivery @ Shopping Express

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  • Where's the deal? $20-$30 more gets you a PCIE 3.0 1TB NVMe drive.

    Without cashback, this is maybe $5-$10 off retail.

  • Haha the $79 A2000 “Was $395”. Nice work Shopping Express.

    PS - shipping is listed $9.95 to my house in Melbourne suburbs, in case anyone was wondering.

  • Just 2 friendly reminders here
    1. Be aware of A2000's speed drop issue after the usage of 150GB SLC, it is not really a good experience with it
    2. Pray for not having any problems after purchasing from shopping express. Not only one view complains about their service to both product and costumer. I went to visit them in alexandria and it seems that they dont know how to treat their costumers properly. Their chinese manager seemed to be so rude and very easy to get mad. They even threatens me of calling the police if i dont leave. There should be a reason that they have such a cheap price.

    • small reminder: For those who give negatives to my review, provide any evidence to prove that they have good customer service. Don't just look at the price now and ignore what would happen after purchase

      • I wasn't the one who negged you but as I mentioned in one of my other replies to your comments elsewhere since you've shared your story in numerous Shopping Express threads, I'm pretty sure their warehouse is a fulfilment centre and is not a retail storefront with customer facing staff.