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Xbox 360 4GB Slim Rugby World Cup 2011 Bundle $199 Free Shipping or In Stores @ JB Hi-Fi


I presume this is in stores as well. Doesn't come with Kinect though.

50 bucks for a 250GB hard drive on eBay:

Edit: In stores as well if you don't want to wait:

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  • I was just gonna post that. After see this

  • Would you have trouble getting on Xbox Live with that $50 HDD? Is there a possibility of getting banned? Doesn't look genuine.

    • It's not genuine, but I don't think you'll get banned for using it.

      • You flash the drive firmware so the console can't tell them apart. (In this case, already done for you.)

    • I've been using a $50 one from ebay for the past 4 months or so, no problems at all so far.

    • i got the 4gb+kinect deal from JB for $250 and got a $50 hdd off ebay…..it all works.
      you should only be worrying about being banned if you've hacked it to play 'backup' games

      • I made my own with a 320gig notebook hard drive so I hope xbox dont change their mind over non xbox branded hard drives.

    • According to Microsoft, there is a possibility, yes, but so far (6 years now) no-one has been banned for it, as far as I can tell.

  • Has anyone ordered one? I placed an order but haven't received a confirmation email and there are no orders displaying in my account history, is this normal?

  • Good deal. I just picked one of these up in store @ jbhifi Parramatta. Nothing on display but they apparently had '3 or 4' more in stock.

  • Waited 6 years to buy one of these, got pipped by $30 after 1 week.

    • Big W? They don't have a 30 days price guarantee do they? You could always try and ask for a refund of the difference.

  • I really hope this doesn't expire by november 4

    • Offer Expires Wednesday 9th Nov 2011 unless otherwise specified

      Just hope that it doesn't sell out by then :P.

  • my bad double post

  • How hard is it to transfer from an old 20gb HDD to a new 250gb HDD?
    My Xbox is on its way out and I am seriously thinking of getting one of these before skyrim… hmm.

    • You can buy or borrow a transfer kit from someone. Easy to do once you have it. Plug the old HDD in with the USB dongle you get then run the disc and it'll transfer everything from the old drive to the new one.

      • Yeah just read up that you can do it using a USB drive also.
        Hmm… to wait until mine dies, or get one now and sell this one. I could get ~$60+ surely.

        • If you don't want the extra cost, you can just plug your old hard drive into the new console.

        • @Stix, you can't simply plug an old HDD into the new console, have you seen what the old HDD looks like compared to the new ones? lol

      • @woktree - umm, if you remove the old hard drive casing, you can insert it into the new console. Google it.

  • Would I be better off getting a kinect bundle for $299 or this one? How much is the kinect sensor pack on its own?

    • It depends if you want Kinect or not. Even if you buy this, you can always get a Kinect for about $100 off eBay.

  • How long before we get an xbox360 slim with the genuine 250gb hdd but without the Kinect?

    My non-genuine 250gb hdd for my fat xbox360 died on me after 14 months.
    I didn't even have Xbox Live then either. I'm using my 20gb original hdd now.

  • I wonder what dvd drives do these have?

  • Can you use the older xbox 360 hard drives with this xbox 360 slim?

  • Getting one this arv. Ordered drive from eBay so I'll be stuck with 4gb + my 4gb USB drive for now. Shouldn't be an issue though.

    Also for anyone wondering, EB games gives $19 store credit for the Rugby game. They DON'T match consoles though.

  • Just got this in Melbourne CBD

    Got a free HDMI cable with it as well valued at $38 :)

  • Just bought the last one from the Melbourne, Lonsdale St Store. The sales guy added the HDMI cable, without even asking for it, at no extra cost. :-)

    Melbourne, Bourke St store is out of stock.

  • I was at the same store lonsdale / elizabeth street one :)

  • have ordered one, thanks.

  • Good deal

  • Can you use a external usb hard drive with these things to store your games?

  • You can trade-in the game for $30 if you purchase this in store, making it $169.. if you don't like rugby.

    • At JB Hifi?

      • yeah, but the trade in can't be used towards the console. You have to buy it at 199 then trade in towards something else. I put mine towards Battlefield and Rage which means I got both of them for an extra $98

    • You sure can trade the game back for $30, I actually got an additional 10% so $33 as I was purchasing another game at the same time. So after all messing around I actually paid $166 for it, I now need to grab the 250GB hard drive off of eBay for $50 delivered.

      Not bad I get a matte finish 360 slim with 250GB of storage for $216. Thanks to OzBARGIN.

      • i can confirm i did the same thing $169 total price!

        • I'm selling mine on eBay as I don't need another game at this stage. I also cheaped out and ordered a 120gb instead of a 250gb, because I didn't think of selling the game for a bit of extra dough haha.

          BUT I've been using a 20gb (13gb usable space) for the last 4 years so this will be plenty.

  • Hey guys i just want to know if this is legit, does it come with everything or is there some catch? it seems to good to be true

  • Also how long does it take for jb hifi to confirm the payment and how long does it take to get a confirmation email????

  • Can anyone, with a 4gb slim, go into system settings-network-click on wireless network-configure-additional settings-advanced settings-wireless information and tell me if you can see a serial number there?
    I am having trouble with connecting to live, my phat Xbox 360 right next to it connects fine with the same settings over wireless, and my slim doesn't. I suspect that the wireless chip is faulty.

  • Damn, bought one of these bundles from JB the other day (2 Days ago) after doing research on the cheapest box. Paid $288 for it. :(

    I can confirm these are Glitchable (ie; have the HANA chip)

  • Just went and bought one $199. Pretty happy sold my free phats for $200 and went straight to JB and got this lol.

  • How long did it take for the delivery if you guys bought it online, did anyone do that?

  • Will take like 2 weeks for it to get to you if you buy online.

    Called local store today and they had one left, they're holding it for me gonna go pick it up today.

  • Does anyone know if the Xbox comes with warranty, and if so for how long???????????????

    • Wow you're lazy. Ever thought of Googleing it?

    • Pretty much everything comes with a 1 year warranty by law.

      When I picked up my console today they tried to flog off 2 years warranty for 40 bucks but I declined.

      Console is only 200 bucks, not gonna pay 20% on top of that for warranty. 1 year will be plenty.

  • Nice. There were heaps in store when I went to my local in Sydney. I walked into to JB Hi Fi with some ancient nintendo wii games to trade them in, ended up getting $50 off the price. I did have an XBOX at home however but that suffered the dreaded RROD fate so I didn't want to bother calling XBOX and their philippine call centre to get a service quote for $150 in the first place anyway… now all I need is a kinect and a bigger hard drive and ill be all good.

    • Dude, sell the Xbox with RRoD on eBay, obviously make sure you specify its RRoD'd, but people fix that and will happily pay a good price for it, either for parts or to repair and use themselves.

  • Can somebody confirm what manufacturing dates these systems have and the drives these models use (i.e. Liteon or Hitachi's etc.)?

  • How long does it take for JB hifi to process the payment? Anyone know????

  • Sweet, thanks for the feedback guys, I will go ahead and order one now. Wanted to make sure it was hackable before I went for it

  • pretty sure most of the online orders are being cancelled :(

    My order is still 'in progress' but $199 has been added to my available CC balance.

    • can they actually do that, are you sure they are being cancelled, because it says on their website that they only accept the money once they ship it which could take a week, so are you sure???

      • Just wait, it should go through.

        As I've said in a previous post on another deal, they're not the fastest in the world.

        Email their customer support if you have any doubts, they'll sort it out for you.