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Huion KAMVAS Pro 13 GT-133 Graphics Tablet $399.20 Delivered @ Huion via Amazon AU


Hi guys found this on Amazon, possibly only for Prime user
i believe it's not a bad deal for this graphic tablet

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • How different would this be from Wacom One Creative Pen Display,DTC133W0C ? If need to buy one, Which would be a better choice ?

    • IMHO i'd choose the Huion
      The wacom usually came with a premium pricetag and a name, but the Wacom seemed to only come with a 72% NTSC whilst the huion comes with a 120% SRGB.

      If you want to use it professionally, in my opinion i'd choose the huion with cheaper price tag and better overall color range.

      but i'm not a professional in any case, so do take my advice with a grain of salt

      edit: and 2x the pressure level on the huion, the only wacom of that model i can find is from scorptec which is $200 more expensive
      if you don't care too much about the wacom name i'd choose huion

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      I'd be concerned about the warranty. Wacom will honor easily, but not sure about these guys. Also, look at the length of the warranty. I think both are 1 year. Maybe best to also look for forums to ask this question. You don't want to buy something to find in 3 months it doesn't have all the features you want. Reviews seem to be good on this product, but Wacom are the leaders for a reason. I don't think your paying for a "premium pricetag" as @JTheJab has indicated, but you are paying for the quality of the product. I also found feedback regarding jitter from a user of an older model, which shows they may have corrected. Might still have some bugs, but its alot cheaper than Wacom.

      Possible other option would be to buy and return if it is crap. I would seriously hit up some forums, before spending this much cash. Good luck

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP_-kE0b8WE

        sooo just a bit correction
        both are definitely not for profesional use and wacom does have a better support, and no multi touch for those unless probably if you're willing to buy a more expensive cintiq tablet

        but these are a ok as a hobby, but if you have any problem with the software or anything with the tablet wacom seemed to provide more support

        i believe this video kinda answer most of the question after doing minimal research
        again, am not a professional so do take my opinion with a grain of salt

  • Price now $499.

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      Add to cart for 20% off.

      • Says it's 20% off but it's a multibuy offer unless I'm missing something you have to buy more than 1 to get the deal

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          At Amazon AU Checkout (with only the tablet in cart):

          Order Summary
          Items: $499.00
          Delivery: $0.00
          Total: $499.00
          Promotion(s) Applied: -$99.80
          Order Total: $399.20

          • @RichardL: You're right! thanks, I don't like going that far into a checkout process to test things haha

            • @woktree: If only the same worked for the 16 inch, been waiting months for a good price on the XP pen 15.6 pro or the huion pro 16

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