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Arlo Pro 720p 2 Cams (Gen 1) + Base $149 (SOLD OUT) | Cygnett Smart Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 12.9 $99.97 @ JB Hi-Fi


Cygnett Smart Keyboard Case For iPad Pro 12.9" for $99.97 (RRP $199)

Model: CY2789TPIKB
SKU: 389204
PLU: 848116022253
Full size QWERTY keyboard
Smart connector to iPad
Adjustable viewing angles
Supports Apple Pencil charging


Combining a full-size QWERTY keyboard with a lightweight protective cover, the TypePro smart keyboard case extends the functionality of your iPad Pro.

The TypePro perfectly integrates with the iPad Pro Smart Connector – no Bluetooth pairing, charging or additional cables required. Just attach the keyboard and start typing.

Durable enough to keep your iPad Pro protected from scratches and small knocks; the elegant design includes multiple viewing angles, and supports auto sleep/wake function.

Key Features
Full size QWERTY keyboard
Smart connector to iPad
Adjustable viewing angles
Supports Apple Pencil charging


Arlo Pro Wire-Free 720p HD Home Security 2 Camera System (Gen 1) Sold out
Model: VMS4230-100AUS
SKU: 370442
PLU: 606449113532

100% Wire-Free, Weatherproof and Rechargable
2-Way Audio, Siren and Free Cloud Recording
Mobile Alerts, Night Vision, Scheduling and Local Backup
Works with Google Assistant


Arlo Wire-Free – Smart Home Security Like No Other
Arlo Wire-Free is the world's first 100% wireless, weatherproof, HD security camera. No cords means no limits on how or where you use them. Place the cameras indoors or out and see everything in HD clarity. Wet or dry, hot or cold, Arlo Wire-Free is there when you can't.

Key Features

100% Wire-Free
Free of cords and wiring hassles

HD Quality
Enjoy amazingly sharp 720p video

Put the cameras anywhere—indoors or outdoors

Free Cloud Recording
Store and review last 7 days of recordings for free + upgrade options

Night Vision
See what’s happening even in the dark

Smart Alerts
Receive push notifications and emails when motion is detected


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  • blimey that's cheap
    same price as one cheap eufy add on eufy cam 2c

  • How long does battery last? I dont want to install it near the indoor wall ceiling to keep taking it off for recharging every alternate day

    • I have one set for almost one year, one in the garag one in the front door. Recharge required around 2 months. Family of four, we have delivery around 2-3 times per week.

  • Just wondering how long can the battery last? rechargeable?

    • Depends how often it gets triggered. My back yard gets triggered about 20 times a day, lasts about 2-3 months

    • Depends on your settings, generally last me for up to 2 months for my always on settings.

    • I have Arlo ultra. Depend upon triggers/notification, mine last only a week, end up installing solar panel now.

  • IIrc these are better than arlo pro 2 etc at night.

  • No mention of the battery life on the website. It states dependent on the temperature and use. I assume 1-3 months.

  • Those that ask how long does the battery last it's all dependant on your environment. How many times motion triggers the recording. You can't get a definitive answer to it. Could be 1 week or 10

  • Are these on par with the EUFY camera's?

  • Just ordered one! for this price, don’t even care if it’s setup and covering my Broom cupboard!

  • Is it having an option to go to sleep. For example during the day i dont want it monitored so can i program it to go to sleep from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm ?

    • I have the Arlo Pro 2 and the base and software is the same. You can set schedules to only so the cameras only record and alert to movement at night when you are sleeping, for example.

      • thanks @dkausa. How often do you need to charge them?

        • Once every 2-3 months or so I guess. Depends on how much movement they are picking up. I really don't find it to be much of an issue.

          One word of advice to anyone buying these. DO NOT lose the cable and charger. The Camera's will only charge using the supplied cable/charger. I tried other USB ports and cables, and no go. Luckily I found the originals so my problem was solved.

  • Awesome deal. Thanks OP. Just ordered.

  • Nice one.. I've got some Xiaomi cameras around the house but these are much better!

  • Thanks OP! Don't need it now, maybe sometime in the future. Just in case.

  • Another advantage u get 7 days free cloud storage. New models we need to pay I believe

  • Is this compatible with Arlo Pro 2 base station? I've already got Pro 2 so if they can work together I'll just buy this set and ditch the included station.

  • So you can put rechargeable batteries on these?

  •  Can we add more cameras later? I could not find anyone selling these cameras anymore.
  • Awesome… Just picked on up. Tnx OP.

  • what is the RPR like?Do these work with Alexa home system?

  • The item gone while I was trying to check out. :(

  • arlo's are gone

  • Gone. Trying to check out for ages

    That'll teach me for waiting an extra 20 min to think about it. Although I kinda knew it would happen so subliminally I think I didn't want to buy..

  • Gone :( what a deal

  • Bugger all gone

  • Awesome deal. Picked one up thanks op

  • have one in my cart. But unable to check out, website is still thinking.. do u think I might have a chance?

    • I am in the same boat. the circle has been going around for quite some time now. Would not get my hopes up.

      • The circle is spinning on the "Inventory Issues" page. That means its already gone unfortunately.

    • Seeing as the website didn't crash I think they had X stock available and after it was gone nothing will go through. You can try though.

  • Would have snapped up the Arlo at that price.
    Been researching wirefree cctv, and have settled on eufy but giving it a week to see if there is any specials coming, or SCA surprises us with a 20% sitewide sale.

  • Damn, I should have bought first, read reviews later.

  • Bummer, its gone! Was checking a review out on YouTube only to click back and then no longer!

    Ahh well, thanks for posting OP :)

    • Yeah, I was doing the same. Girlfriend wanted a model that has a siren included in the camera in case the camera is tampered with so I hesitated. Else, all my research points to the Arlo as being best value for money.

      Probably should have just bought one to use internally anyway since the alarm in Arlo's are in the base station.

  • I got the Arlo 2 years ago for $497 from Officeworks and still running great to these days.

  • I wonder if they have enough stock to honour these orders being an run out of the old model?

  • Looks like there is no love in the comments for the iPad keyboard case

  • Anyone got a confirmation from JB hi-fi yet? All I got is my PayPal email.

  • Got a call both my orders are cancelled

    • Bad luck mate.

      • And followed with cancellation emails

        Thanks for shopping with JB Hi-Fi Online!

        We have been working closely with the supplier to source this product for you but regrettably have been advised that it is no longer available. We understand this must be extremely disappointing for you and offer our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused.

        This product has been cancelled from our database and a refund has been processed for you.

        For Credit Card refunds: 3-5 business days
        For PayPal refunds: 1-3 business days
        For Replacement Gift Cards: 1-3 business days

        If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

  • The ipad pro case is only compatible with gen 3 right (2018)?

  • So any one able to score the Arlo per the post ? Seems orders cancelled

  • Damnit, sad i missed the Arlo. I beta-tested these years ago for netgear but bricked it upgrading firmware. Been waiting for them to be cheap for years

    • Did netgear block it, or did you stuff up? And did you get it for free for beta testing and maybe netgear blocked it so you wouldn't use it anymore?

  • Damn, the arlo is so cheap!

  • Found my confirmation email in junk. But still no shipping email. Anyone got their shipping email?

    • No shipping email here either, but no cancellation.

      Still "Processing Order" under JB account.

      Fingers Crossed!

    • Was just about to ask the same question, my order is still processing, paid extra to get it here by Friday, looks very unlikely.

  • Dear Viridius,

    Thanks for choosing to order “ARLO - VMS4230 ARLO PRO (2 x CAM)” through JB Hi-Fi Online.

    We regret to inform you that, sadly, the suppliers have contacted us in regards to this item and unfortunately they have advised that it is no longer available.

    As a result, we have been forced to cancel this item from your online order and our product team will be deleting this item from our database.

    For credit card and PayPal transactions, please allow three to five business days for the funds to appear back in your account.

    For gift cards, please allow one to three business days for a replacement card to be issued digitally to the email address linked with your order.

    We understand that this sort of thing is extremely frustrating, and offer our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

    Kind regards,
    JB Online Team

  • Just received email about no stock!!
    I did get an order confirmation as well. Any advise on what to do?? Can I appeal for it consumers Affairs or somewhere? Hahaha ;)

  • Got the same email. Luckily I didn't buy any Alro add ons. 😢

  • Received the cancellation email as well. Did anyone actually get delivery of the arlos?

  • Where is our $10 sorry credit voucher… GRRR

  • I'm still No shipping email , but no cancellation.

    Still "Processing Order" under JB account.

    Wonder if early orders have a chance?

  • Still waiting…….