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Garmin Drive 51LM 5" GPS $119.20 @ Amazon AU ($145 @ The Good Guys)


It was $179 earlier and I believe it was reduced after the Garmin ransomware attack. Purchased after seeing decent reviews, it will be useful for P plater in NSW at least as they are not supposed to use the mobile gps navigation.

You can try with cashrewards or anyother offers with thegoodguys or amazon to reduce the price.


Decent navigation system, but you can't share the location from your mobile and typing in the touch screen feels different after getting used to the mobile screen usage. Traffic receiver need to be purchased separately.

This will be helpful to get the alerts on the fixed speed cameras, red light cameras, speed limit change and school zone.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I have an old Tomtom GPS which works really well until Tomtom decided to cease the map update for this product. I haven't tried this brand so far. Are they as good as Tomtom generally? I know that it could be a particular model related. At moment, I use google maps which is a good choice as well.

    • If you want offline maps, I'd recommend Nokia Here (which is now HERE WeGo).
      Covers the whole world and pretty accurate.
      If you want local traffic navigation, use Waze

    • there is tomtom go supreme $209.30 after apply LANEOLX2005 code (-89.70) free shipping
      updates via Wi-Fi® – World maps and software
      TomTom Traffic and Speed Camera Alerts (apparently it's 10 years)
      Last Mile Navigation and Find My Car
      IFTTT Integration – syncing agendas, connecting to smart home devices, interacting with virtual assistants and sending notifications
      Trip Planning with TomTom MyDrive and Road Trips
      Share ETA, Location and Notifications

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    I use Waze maps for navigation, traffic, camera alerts etc. Works well for me.

    • Waze is really good, but sometimes has really f*d up glitches. Also, you need data so it doesn't work when you are overs… nevermind

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    my garmin is now 8 years old, came with lifetime updates and i do get them every year. better than a phone as it’s always ready to go, no need for a cradle or looking down if you don’t have a cradle for a mobile, or having to plug phone into charger.

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    There is one issue I had on google maps is that I cannot see the exact lane clearly due to multiple Lanes and all these Lanes are very close on the Google map.This usually happens when I travel in some busy areas and I have never been there before. Tomtom GPS always use the big arrow to keep remind me which Lane I should take which is really good.

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      Same here, that's the reason I bought Garmin, to know which lane I should take. It is also useful when taking multiple turns in short period, like after turning right then turn left immediately, then it suggest me to take the far left lane when turning right.

      • Yes, hope google maps can have such feature in the near future. Did you buy this model? I have old Tomtom gps which even works after 8 years except no map updates for quite long time from Tomtom.

        • No, I did not buy this model. My model is Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT, LMT means lifetime map and traffic updates. But I think my model is discontinued.

          The newer model has wifi update, rather than using a computer like my model, this feature is pretty useful, can connect with my phone and update using 4G. Thinking buying new model but my old one is still going strong 😂

          • @codinghelloworld: Yeah, I hope that Tomtom can still support my model with all maps but they have ceased updating maps on my model last year.

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              @HappyBargainer: I compared Tomtom via 52 before buying Garmin drive 51, Garmin has better reviews, having said that I have no prior experience with either Garmin or TomTom.

              If you are interested to share the location from your mobile to your Garmin device, use your mobile(okay with Bluetooth and data usage) as traffic receiver for your Garmin device and update the map over wifi then go for higher end model which are costlier than than this model.

          • @codinghelloworld: same with me, want a new model but old one is still going strong ….

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    It was $99 last year at JB Hi-Fi "Black Friday Sale."

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