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Proform Performance 400i Treadmill $1699 Delivered ($300 off) @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Have been on the hunt for a treadmill since stage 4 lockdowns have been imposed in VIC.
There are a lot of cheaper options around but a lot of them are only available in a few months or have expensive delivery ($100-200 depend on location).

Came across this deal. Not the cheapest and requires a Costco Membership but its cheaper than what is advertised on Proform's website.

RRP is $2799 on Proform Fitness's website (which might be overpriced). Has been discounted to $1,999 with free delivery with some postcodes.
Link: https://www.proformfitness.com.au/product/power-and-performa...

Appliances online have it priced @ 1904 with free delivery.
Costco seem to have the same model @ $1699
So effectively its a discount of about $300.

Short Description of product for those interested:
The Proform Performance 400i treadmill comes packed with all the latest fitness technologies at an affordable price.
This includes a 17.78cm swipeable high definition touchscreen with a 12 month iFit membership included, a powerful 2.5 CHP motor, and unique features like Proshox cushioning, a comfortable 127cm long by 46cm wide walking/running surface and a SpaceSaver design.
It also has an auxiliary music port, two 5.08cm digitally amplified speakers, 1-18 KPH speed controls, 0-10% incline controls, and an EKG grip pulse. The 400i will get you achieving your health and fitness goals with ease and enjoyment.

Model number: Proform Performance 400i Treadmill PETL59819

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    For comparison: 10ish days ago I bought the Proform Pro 1500 from Costco (which is the sister treadmill of the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 ~ $4k rrp). It was $2.3k discounted from $3.3k rrp (but has been on sale for $2.8k)..

    Was a good experience overall & very happy with the treadmill so far - very sturdy..


      Well done on the price - if you know of anymore in stock - pls mess me if you get the time..many thanks

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    For that price I'd expect a longer deck length. 127cm is shorter than ideal for jogging/running.

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    I was also looking for a treadmill and was tempted by the Costco deal. But, then I saw Rebel Sport has the NordicTrack S25 for $800 off (selling for $1,699 member price, but free to join). Delivery is $150, but you can also get cashrewards/shopback for approximately $50. It has a 2.75 CHP motor & is slightly bigger (Spacious walking belt: 51cm x 140cm with RunnersFlex cushioning lets you customise the feel of your run). Might be worth a look.

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      NordicTrack website has the T7.0s for $1799 delivered, can't see much of a difference between it and the S25, can anyone else?


        Differences that I can see:
        S25: 20 workout programs
        T7.0s: 35 workout programs

        S25: Max weight: 125kg
        T7.0s: Max weight: 135kg

        Additionally, one other point to keep in mind. The S25 is 92kg boxed. And while I would normally just call a couple of mates over to help me out. With the current lockdown (in Melbourne). That's not an option. I'm guessing most of the treadmills in this price range will weigh similarly.


      NordiTracks are pretty good, I was eyeing on the same deal. Seems to be out of stock again, although it can be further discounted if stores could sell discounted. It seems to go around $1500+delivery from stores.

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    Much better treadmill from Johnsons Fitness. HORIZON ADVENTURE 1 Treadmill. 140cm long x 51cm wide belt (this treadmill has 127 x 46cm). 2.5CHP cont.motor with 5 year warranty for $1100 + free postage


      Agree the horizon is a nice one overall. Wish there was a way to connect a tablet or if it had a better screen


        true, but doesn't bother me as I have a TV in my shed (in front of the treadmill)

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          that is a great point dan0909. I have a mate who's a 'self-proclaimed treadmill expert' and he asked me to check these points:

          1. How is the cushioning system in this one?
          2. How is local support here in AU? (Rebel seem to offer in-home support, which is better than having to take a bulky thing somewhere for troubleshooting)
          3. Are there many people using this for a long period? You still see 10-year-old Norditracks going strong

          Love to hear your insights!

          PS. birthday coming soon? ;-)


            @randomdude14: Sorry not an expert. My last one was Horizon too so I am comfortable with the brand, used it for 6 years then it ended up in gumtree. This treadmill has 5 year warranty (just like my last one). The trick is to not go for the lowest models and the running belt has to be 135x50 minimum-morot 2.25CHP if you are mostly jogging/only run fast a few minutes . Local purchase would provide better support but I came back shocked when similar treadmill was quoted for over $5000 from a local shop (it only had 3 year motor warranty).

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              @dan0909: mate, local shops markup these with crazy margins. hoping the online retailers will soon give them a run for their money.

              Thanks for sharing your experience. I totally agree with you about the warranty note. If I get 5 years out of it and get rid of it in the end, it's still worth it.

              Running belt is super important - the one you've quoted has 51cm width and its great. That's by far the best value for money compared to other brands & models.

              Do they provide in-home-support? If that's a yes, I'm ordering one today :D


                @randomdude14: Best to speak to them & ask. Go to their site & see if they have CHAT option (or call them)