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$10 Cashback after Spending $10 at Bundll (New Accounts)


For those unfamiliar, a digital Google/Apple Pay Card that lets you pay on it, and they'll give you 2 weeks credit interest free (automatically bundled with your other purchases on the card and paid off in 2 weeks with a Visa/Mastercard attached).

No credit check unless you want to "superbundll"

I prefer Bundll to Zip/Afterpay mainly due to the fact it doesn't sting the merchants, but obviously less interest free time…

Can use anywhere a Mastercard is accepted, and can pay off with another Credit Card - almost like a free extra 2 weeks of credit.

Ts & C's:

1.Offer valid for new bundll customers only who are registered for a new bundll account (“customers”) between the 7th August to the 15th September. Offer valid for the first 75,000 new bundll customers.
2. Customers are eligible to receive a cashback of $10 on their first purchase using bundll (“Offer”).
3. Customers must spend $10 or more in their first single transaction (“Eligible Transaction”) to receive a cash back of $10.
4. This Offer commences on 7th August to the 15th September. (“Promotional Period”)
5. This Offer is subject to the Customer’s account remaining open until the cashback amount is applied to the Customer’s bundll account.
6. The cashback amount will be applied to the Customer’s bundll account within 7 days of the Eligible Transaction.
7. This Offer is redeemable for one Eligible Transaction only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. This Offer excludes Eligible Transactions that have been reversed or refunded.
8. The Promoter is ©2020 FlexiCards Australia Pty Ltd ABN 31 099 651 877. Bundll is a trademark of Flexirent Capital Pty Limited, a subsidiary of FlexiGroup Limited.
9. This offer is subject to credit approval by the Promoter on the bundll application.

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  • I prefer to Zip/Afterpay mainly due to the fact it doesn't sting the merchants

    I think you missed a word, unless you're saying Zip/Afterpay doesn't charge merchants, of which it does.

  • Bunch of 5 start then 1 star ratings in the App Store. Red flag.

  • she died with a nokia 3310 in her hand

  • So it's basically a credit card with no annual fees and a 2 week repayment period

  • May be important for some people:

    What’s the maximum credit limit for bundll and superbundll?

    With bundll the maximum size of your wallet is $1,000 – this limit also covers amounts you may choose to snooze. With superbundll you can access a combined limit of up to $4,000 ($1000 for bundlls and $3000 for superbundll).

  • i gave them access to a new bank account with no history of income and failed but wife gave them access to a old bank account with just family tax income and got approved. i hope i didnt take a credit check hit and wonder if im allowed to reapply straight away with an old bank account showing income history or have to wait 6 months before reapplying? anyway wife plans to pay $10 towards the rates online to see if it qualifies for $10 cash back.?

    • +1 vote

      Got the same with a "throwaway" account I have. Not giving 3rd parties my transaction/balance history for $10.

  • If you link a credit card (rather than debit card) will your card issuer treat the payment to Bundll as a cash advance? Just something for people probably to check / consider.

    (edit: typos)

    • No, at least not with my Bankwest Zero.

      Same goes for Zip and Afterpay, not counted as cash advances. If you want to get double creative, you can pay off your Afterpay or Zip with Bundll and then pay that off with a credit card for all the interest free time.

      • Why not pay off Bundll with Zip (Single use MasterCard) back? So you never need to pay off(if the amount is small)?

        • try it and report back? i think zip wont be accepted by bundll app but it works the other way round. btw zip ghost card no. changes bundll card no. doesnt.

    • I can also confirm it is not cash advance. Kogan Black card gives points for Bundll transaction so that at least all Citigroup cards should treat it as a purchase transaction.

  • Does bundll give any points?

    • no. just add a rewards credit card to it so then you earn points and get an extra 2 weeks interest free. i wish you could add Amex to BNPL providers too.

  • does anyone know if you use card for overseas purchases will you get charged foreign currency fees? could be a good saver and option as most credit cards have a 3% foreign currency fee and dont earn any reward points for govt payments.

    • Good point, seems like no, but I am yet to test!

      (a) If You make a Bundll Transaction in a foreign currency, the amount of that Bundll Transaction will be converted into Australian currency by Mastercard International. Mastercard International will determine the exchange rate by selecting a wholesale market rate or applying any government rebate, in either case using the rate as at the date the day before Mastercard International processes the transaction.

      (b) No set up fees or foreign exchange commission will be applied to the exchange rate applied to the conversion.

  • how long do you have to wait for the $10 cash back to be credited into account? i made a rates and zip payment online but still nothing. where do i find the list of Eligible Transactions? can it be a payment online or does it need to be via nfc to trigger the cash back?

      1. The cashback amount will be applied to the Customer’s bundll account within 7 days of the Eligible Transaction
  • On application you get

    I authorise Illion Decisioning Pty Ltd ABN 25 110 289 024 to act as my agent and contact a reporting body on my behalf to access my credit report. Note: This will not affect your credit score.

    So maybe there will still be a mark on your file?

    • i cant confirm but i think only to match for id check. for super bundll yes a mark. also note if you are going for a loan they may frown upon them if they see these payments on your bank statements. so i use a prepaid virtual card to pay zip lol. i tried to pay the ATO with zip but its not accepted. anyone try to pay ATO with Bundll or klarna online?

  • During the sign-up process, it asks one of your banks login detail to pull out statements in order to determine your limit. I gave a not active bank login detail and only got $180 limit. If you are after high limit (up to $1k), you may need to give your most active bank login with income deposit.

    Curious to know how much limit others get in the beginning. Any ways to increase later?

  • It’s does credit check through illion, it’s written in tiny letters when you submit your driver license.