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MSI RADEON RX 5700 XT EVOKE OC 8GB $599 Free Delivery @ Centre Com


Just saw a price drop for MSI 5700 XT. Not sure how good temps are compared to ASUS TUF EVO (609 AUD)

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  • Hmm so I know that MSI Ventus is generally considered not great, but how does the Evoke go?

  • wow nice price op

  • Hopefully its the updated version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE_i9wn7hgk

  • Too risky buying this card as thermal issues is unclear if they have already mended it. Here back lurking waiting for Gaming X to go on sale.

  • Came for the deal, staying for the Rajeh analysis..

  • I'd ask Centrecom how new their stock is, because of the thermal pad issue which plagued the earlier models. I have a MECH OC and the thermal pads were all off center, and 2 if them were a little small. It also had horrendous hotspot temperatures, which I think the EVOKE was affected by too. According to LTT's VGA PCB, VRM and Cooling tier list the "fixed" models are A-tier.

    • I've submitted a ticket - will wait and see.

    • Centrecom say they've had the stock for about 4 months.
      You'd think that it would be the revised version given that youtube vid was from November 2019 but I guess no guarantee it wasn't sitting at a disty prior to that.

  • For $20 more just get the Pulse. Don't mess with MSI, the lazy manufacturer.

    Source: I have the V1 card.

  • What would you guys say the Radeon RX 5700 XT compares to on the green team? I would like a few suggestions, thanks.

  • I've been watching all these 5700xt deals come and go the last few months and I have been holding back because of the announcements of the new AMD and NVIDIA cards. However, I can't help but think that these certain cards along with the 2070/2070S won't go down that much in price without having to wait at least until Q1/Q2 of 2021….I might be wrong but the market seems a bit fragile at the moment due to the pandemic.

  • Can confirm that the model I recieved has thermal pads between the backplate and card so I believe that indicates that it is the revised edition.

    I have now realised that the card didnt ship with the coupon for https://www.amd.com/en/gaming/raise-the-game and that possibly Centre com are not a participating retailer which is really annoying, I was too busy looking into the historic faults of this card that I didnt even think to check that. :( :(

    • Centrecom came through with the goods, thier marketing team provided me the coupon within 24 hours of me raising a support ticket.

    • Hey, how have you found the card? I know the main issue (once with updated thermals) was the fan noise.

      Is it that noisy with the fans spinning towards max? I saw a review which showed comparison, and while it was noiser, it really wasn't that bad imo. Others have really gone on and on about the noise of the fans though.

      • I've been really happy with it, have only really played PUBG so far and the thermals have been fine to the point that the fans rarely even ramp up so I can hardly comment on noise as I havnt even experienced it sweat yet.

        Is whisper quiet during general use as the fans switch off under 60c.

        All in all very happy with my purchase.