What Is Your Experience with AliExpress Standard Shipping?

Hi all. I have recently been purchasing some small items off AliExpress and I've noticed they have been sent via standard shipping (even though i select epacket)

It's been almost an entire year since i have purchased anything off there.

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    Sometimes 2~3 weeks, other times 2~3 months.

  • Same experiences here.

    I've been waiting for a couple of small items for almost 3 months, fortunately I don't need them in a hurry.

    • Likewise and some dont even arrive, although refund is always given. Problem is I don't buy to get a refund I buy what I want…

      I now avoid Aliexpress as much as possible.

    • Same here, i end up opening disputes and getting refunds as it goes past their seller's warranty or something

  • I've received some items I ordered 5 weeks ago but not items 10 weeks ago…

    On a side note, has anyone else been playing the in app coupon pals game for more discounts?

    • this is what I am experiencing, very annoying

    • The delivery has always been slow, made worse by the pandemic. I had better experience ordering from Taobao and shipping via 4PX recently.
      The app games are silly and I've collected heaps of coins but seldom find any use for them. Only usable when placing expensive orders

      • There is a game where you tap a button for ten seconds and I've gotten a couple of codes for $2 off $5-$6 spend.

      • Can you explain how how you buy from Tao and how 4PX works

        • Hi rocmelon, sure. Let me preface this with the fact that I am able to read some basic chinese words which helps when negotiating the Tao site, which is cluttered as.

          That being said, it is entirely possible to rely on translations, which I used extensively too as the chinese language of mainland China has a different lingo. Imagine an American trying to understand heavy British or Aussie speak.

          Firstly, the Tao mobile app may be the way to go, as one can search via image (if you can find it on AliEx, it'll likely be identical on Tao) if the translated search terms fail. The rest is pretty much similar to Amazon or AliEx. Search and find an item, choose one of the options and add to cart.

          When checking out, choose to consolidate all orders instead of having each seller ship direct. It is important to choose the sea freight option to access 4PX as the concierge shipper.

          The air freight option uses a different shipper and will cost $66rmb (about $12AUD) per 500g instead of $66 for the first 500g and $6rmb for each 500g above.
          Air freight will quickly erode any savings from buying cheaper deals from Tao.
          Note that some sellers charge a small fee for overland shipping to the consolidation warehouse in Shenzhen, so account for that.

          4PX will not round up the weight of each package. I ordered from 5 different sellers for PC parts and children's books, and each parcel was weighed and precise to the decimal point. The total weight is then used to work out the shipping cost.

          Then, it takes about a week for the items to reach Shenzhen; there is a part of the app that tracks that, and for them to get weighed and costs tallied.
          The option to ship out whatever has arrived is always available, so there is no need to wait for slow items if one is happy to pay for the base $66rmb to split the shipment.

          Once shipped out, it took about 5 to 6 weeks to get to Perth, about a week of that was to get from the east coast to the west.

          The savings can be very substantial compared to Amazon (50%) and decent vs AliEx (5 to 20%). For very small orders, it's probably cheaper from AliEx, so it never hurts to cross check.

          Taobao's app comes with a plethora of games for earning coins, coupons and random social things like buttons and fertilizer for customising Avatars and running a farm. The coins can be directly used to offset the cost of orders so that's the thing I would collect while waiting for the 11th of Nov sales.

          It'll take an entire day to walkthrough the process in depth but I hope this is enough to pique your interests to give it a go.

          • @Navanod66: wow awesome and indepth reply. I've always been curious as to how to buy from taobao and this is super useful. thanks man!

          • @Navanod66: Thank you for the detailed explanation.
            I use the google translator and chrome browser to search 1688 & Taobao
            either by text or picture. translate English to Chinese and paste into 1688/ Tao.
            When I find item/s copy web address and add to my superbuy acc
            Pay for items and superbuy purchases for me.
            There is a small markup in RMB converted to U$
            then pay for consolidated shipping.

      • how's the shipping prices on taobao?

    • What’s the app pals coupon game ?

  • What Is Your Experience with AliExpress Standard Shipping?

    Slow, but sometimes can be 2-3 weeks, but that was BEFORE covid.

    Now with less planes in the sky etc, shipping is at the maximum time frames or longer.

  • Order May 20 - Delivery August 11

  • I'm still waiting for mine since May. One just came today. Next time I'll rather pay extra $2 for 14-20 days delivery time.

    • Don't bother ems is still slow. Ordered end of June and started receiving packages 7 weeks later.

    • Order from March just show up today but seller already sent refund last month. ..

      If you need anything fast you need spend at least for UPS/DHL/TOLL. UPS 50AUD for 4KG arrived in 4 working days, legit faster than AusPost these days.

  • It's been almost an entire year since i have purchased anything off there.

    And it'll be another year until you receive anything you've purchased from there :)

    Things are faster post March, but I've had my March orders take so long, the thermal delivery label has faded. I suspect that's why one package was never delivered too (Aliexpress eventually refunded my payment).

  • 2-4 weeks pre covid
    1-3 months post covid.

    Apparently my parcel's been in Australia for 4 weeks now and no movement… Classic customs/Aus post antics

    • Ah yes. Same here. Anyone else?

      • Have ordered two things from AliExpress:

        Parcel 1: Been almost 3 months now. Ordered on 27 May. It arrived in the country on the 30th July and hasn't moved since, though apparently it is "In transit at destination country". I really had no idea that it would take so long. Soon I will equal Drakesy's 4 weeks in the country without moving. First world problem, but waiting is so painful!

        Parcel 2: Ordered on 9 June and arrived last week, broken on arrival. Sigh.
        Agreed to accept refund from seller by Paypal (I didn't use Paypal for purchase), but the refund was provided in US dollars which leaves me short due to the movement in the value of the dollar since June. And Paypal fees. Sigh again!

        Good knowing I'm not alone in the frustration. Those I'm stuck at home with (due to Covid-19) are sick of hearing my whinging!

        • Well that may not be true. 3 of my parcels "in transit at destination country" have never arrived - one back in early January. All 3 refunded by Aliexpress.

          So did they ever leave? or never arrive? or just under a machine at Apost?

          Guess will never know

      • One of my orders arrived in Sydney on 25 July, and hasn't moved since.

    • Probably stuck in Melbourne somewhere.

    • Same for me. I suspect "low priority policy" for China parcels. My orders are usually stuck with customs for a few weeks before they get delivered.

  • I ordered 2 pairs of headphones on 22/7. Even though both said they were being shipped from China, I received one pair in a week and still waiting on the other one. Shipping said should be here by 31/8

  • Orders are now taking up to 4 months which is really off putting.

  • Similarly waiting on a delivery where I paid for ePacket and it clearly got sent economy without tracking.
    Genuine ePacket items are still being received within 3 weeks.
    I'm super pissed as the item I'm waiting on is a present and despite giving myself 9 weeks (and paying for faster shipping) it seems unlikely to arrive in time.

    • Is it normal for epacket tracking to not say “Departed country of origin”?

      One of my orders placed last month is currently at “Despatch from sorting centre” after being at the sorting centre for 17 days. It has been 2 weeks after Despatch from sorting centre.

    • I think the seller has to pay more to ship via epacket?

      It's what i was advised when i enquired what the reason was for shipping it via standard instead.

    • I paid extra for ePacket because it had an ETA of 14-21 days, and seller even claimed in the listing that a refund will be given if not received in 30 days. It's now been close to 2 months, still no package. Messaged seller who refused to refund citing covid (yet their listing STILL says refund if not received in 30 days). Raised a dispute, got another copy-pasted response from seller, live chat advised they'll step in within 1-2 days… It's now been a week, and nothing. Pretty fed up with the seller and live chat changing the story as it suits them. If this happens to you, don't give up - it's exactly what they want you to do.


    3-5 weeks before corona
    3-5 months during corona

  • Made 8 orders about a month ago.

    Received 6 so far the other 2 seem to be stuck.

  • I'd expect 5-9 weeks for the free shipping. Always consider paying extra for faster shipping if it is like only a dollar more, could shave weeks off your wait time. Or look at resellers on Amazon and eBay who may have one ready to ship already for a small markup. Just use the Force to determine how long something will really take to arrive.

  • Ordered something back in June, still hasn't come yet. Was almost the same before COVID

  • Ordered some headphones earlier in the year and got a refund after they didn't arrive within 60 days, 2 months later they arrived.

  • Inconsistent, can be pretty quick if lucky, can be pretty slow if unlucky.

  • I usually set aside 2-3 months for my Aliexpress items. But didn't get 2 of my items from Feb/March.

  • i'm surprised to hear people receiving orders within weeks. Even pre-COVID i never had an order arrive in under 2 months. Now it feels like 3 - 4 months. My last order for some reason took 3 weeks from arriving in Australia to reach me.

    Supposedly there is a difference in the shipping speeds according to another forum post:
    e-packet > aliexpress standard shipping > china post registered

    have a look around on the shipping page for your item. i have seen before 'seller shipping option : receive by date X or full refund'. never tried it though.

  • Me sometimes 2-3 months, most times 3-4 months. An order I placed in February arrived this week… That's probably been the slowest.

  • I had the same trick pulled on me. True epacket options got to me in 2 weeks.

    The other two standard shipping took 3 months.

  • I would avoid AliExpress at the moment due to tensions between China / Western Countries. I waited 4 months for an order and when it arrived it was the wrong item. I took photos of the wrong item and the packaging note. An AliExpress representative said I was lying and would not accept the item back nor refund me my money. As this is an overseas business you have no recourse to get a refund or return.

    • There's no Ali Express rep. It's just a bot that gives you vague answers. Then the sellers who rip off people blindly and lie to you. Ali is the opposite of eBay and PayPal where the seller has all the rights and buyer has to do whatever they say. I've had about 5 good experiences buying and 3 awful ones. I'd say only purchase stuff you can afford to lose. Cos there's a good chance that could happen.

    • I had a problem with my item and seller wouldn't respond to messages.

      So I raised a dispute, seller didn't respond to that either, so it went in my favor by default and I got fully refunded.

      Still no word from the seller.

    • Long ago a received a package with a missing piece. Fortunately the claim went in my favour.

      But now I always video the opening of all my packages. Even those sent from local businesses.

      I record all the labels before opening, and turning the package over and around a few times to show there has been no tampering. Then after removing the contents, I show the inside of the empty package. I also record the contents up close too in case there is a defect I don't immediately notice.

      Sure, it takes an extra minute, but I prefer the peace of mind knowing the seller will have a much harder time trying to deny any claim.

    • I've never had a bad interaction with a seller, they have always been happy to make things right when there is a problem.

  • Some carbide inserts ordered April first. Still waiting.

    Maybe they thought my order was a joke.

    Maybe they think I am a fool.

    (some March 15 items from eBay are also still missing –
    overseas postage currently deserves much dis-ing)

  • It depends on who collects upon its arrival in the country.

  • Delivery has started to become shorter. 2-3 weeks. Before 2-4months.
    Always best to check for postage with tracking.

  • I had some hatch struts arrive in a reasonable timeframe (for the current time) of 5 weeks and I've had a remote for a bose radio sent twice with no arrival and my money refunded (except they kept the GST).

  • buy and forget

  • Been ordering from AliExpress since 2015. Normally 2 - 4 weeks is the go with standard shipping, however since Covid-19 hit, most of my deliveries are taking up to 2 months.

    Like you, I always opt for ePacket if available, but standard shipping is usually OK, it just goes via the cheapest carrier at the time of dispatch.

  • Shipping from China is still 2-3 weeks for me lately, but if it comes from Singapore, its easily 8 weeks. Im sure this is due to things being shipped by boat instead of plane now.

    I made the mistake not checking shipping while ordering a phone, and it took 8 weeks to get here. It shipped from Singapore, and i think the sellers did the dodgy on me and said that it shipped on time, but then 4 weeks later (likely when they had stock again) the item shipped again.

    I still enjoy shopping and I'm accustomed to waiting for aliexpress stuff now.

  • It's a god damn box of chocolates let me tell you.

  • It's seller dependent and depending on which postage option the seller uses. If they use a middle man type service, i.e. China -> Singapore -> Australia, where there is a re-post from Singapore, then it can be quite slow.

    Right now, it is very uneven. Worst case, I have two items which will reach 3 months and AliExpress won't let me raise items not received until the 31st day after the postage. The seller was slow posting so the AliExpress already indicated I only have 15 days to raise a case (even though the 31st day is still a few days away). It's quite annoying because AliExpress extended time for the seller, but if buyer wants to extend the time to raise case, it needs agreement from seller?!?

    I am experiencing long delays from items posted form China. On occasions, some items may be delivered within 2-3 weeks. But then, another item from the same seller posted 1 day later, still no sign of it after 4 weeks.

    I am reluctant to buy any new item from AliExpress until I get my money back for the items not received after 3 months.

    • Open a dispute as soon as you are able to. AliExpress will usually mail you a few days before you can. Once opened, provided that AliExpress doesn't rule in favour of the seller, the dispute seems to have an infinite number of extensions.

  • My item will always arrive just after I've forgotten I ever ordered it.

    So I get a constant stream of thoughtful little surprises in the mail, it's great!

  • I'm worried my item won't be delivered at all and I won't be eligible for the refund because it's been too long.

    • I always send an email to sender, asking where it is before the time expires.

      I do this nicely, then often of course they extend the time, then just before it re-expires I make a claim. 3 times recently and each time I got a refund.

      Logic being that Ali rep sees I have been patient and tried direct communication before contacting Ali about refund. Not great, as like you I want the product, but at least I get a refund.

      That said I now am reluctant to order, no point when products dont arrive.

      • Thanks. I just had a look at 2 of my orders and the shipment was cancelled. You would think Aliexpress would refund me automatically but I have to request it manually and only after my goods are supposed to arrive.

  • Bloody long as mostly from China! Sometimes a few days if within Australia. But mostly 3 months

  • For me minimum wait had been atleast a month. Couple of times waited 2.5 -3 months and had to get the payment reimbursed. This was for a couple of things I ordered just before covid tho.

  • Their delivery quotes are like the download estimate time remaining quotes from windows 95: Delivery expected between 20/08/20 to 20/12/20. Very specific!

  • Plenty of dodgy places, Ordered an item at start of June, suggested delivery date was July 31, item didn’t arrive, the listed tracking number said item in transit. Messaged seller- no response, raised a dispute, seller says item has arrived and is stuck at customs at destination, and gives a new tracking number, item arrives 2 weeks later. Seems like the common excuse is “item is waiting for customs clearance at destination”.

  • Snail pace.. excruciatingly slow.
    I don't buy anything over $10.
    Be prepared to wait for months..
    No customer support. Only get standard responses from bots which can be annoying.
    Good luck!!

  • I've bought from there many times. Before COVID it was 3-4 weeks; after COVID was 10-12 weeks.

    Had to stop buying after COVID, too long the wait

  • This thread blew up 😂😂

    Thanks all. I ordered an item on the 26th of July. it still hasn't shown up (no rush) of course.

    • i ordered something early July (paid for epacket option) and it's still hasn't arrived and was supposed to have arrived already. My last updated was it left singapore 2nd august and then it's gone quiet ever since. It's been 18 days since last update, surely it would have landed in Australia already?

      I ordered something else mid July and that arrived last week. No logic in delivery times.

      Their tracking is also no good, it seems to stop updating once it leaves the port before Australia.

      But generally the stuff i order arrives eventually. I've only had one case where nothing showed up.

      • To be fair, Australia Post has been doing some weird things…

        I ordered something from Melbourne to be delivered in Melbourne, and the item for some reason stopped in "Sunshine West-VIC" for 4 days, and last night moved to "Melbourne VIC", with delivery now scheduled for Monday.

        Two weeks ago, I ordered something from Melbourne, the package was posted from a branch 15km from my place, and went to Sydney before coming back to Melbourne.

        I have no idea what happened as the address was correct and clear, but it was finally delivered after 7 days.

        • Can’t agree more. For same state deliveries for me it usually arrives by the second business day - not counting the day you put in the mail. But I had something that took 10 days to arrive. I was beginning to think it was lost in transit but it showed up😅. Can’t seem to figure them out either!

        • I have a similar weird story.

          Aus Post somehow lost 3 fitbit bands. I am in Melbourne, the seller is in Sydney.

          I asked the seller after 3 weeks because that's just weird :/ Got a full refund.

  • I think 80% of the stuff I order arrive, usually within 2 months.

    I have an item I ordered in early may, hasn’t arrived, I put in a did not receive order claim, and now waiting 2 weeks with no result, I think aliexoress won’t refund me. Thought my experience usually is pretty good with stores when I don’t get the item, this store isn’t replying to me and not refunding.

  • i bought something in April and forgot about it, it hasn't arrived yet and at 60 days(i think) it automatically changes status to shipped meaning you can't contest it..
    of course before 60 days you can message them to extend this window, but yeah… i forgot… rip my 4 USD.

  • Sometimes you get endless spam emails, sometimes your identity is stolen, sometimes you just disappear

  • Had something arrive yesterday that was ordered 22nd Feb

  • Depends who the mail carrier is.

    Sometimes 3-4 weeks, and sometimes 1-2 months.

  • Bought a few items in June, they showed up earlier this week. Better late than never I suppose?

  • Recent delivery took 102 days. Delivery promise was "within 90 days". I complained after 95 days, got a refund and then the item turned up.
    Am currently trying to return the refund, but that's not as easy as you'd think..

    • Same, I ordered face masks at the peak of the panny in Feb, took nearly 5 months to get here.
      Thing is, the seller took down all listings and stopped responding, so I hit them with a dispute and got a refund. The items rocked up a week later but the seller is gone so I couldn't refund the refund.
      They costed a ridiculous amount and the quality was subpar (the nose bridge wire does not bend properly), so I guess the seller got disputed to death and Ali pulled the plug on them.

      • Why would you want to return the item? Wouldn't the shipping costs be ridiculous?

        • Not the items. I want to return the money that was refunded to me for non-delivery since the delivery finally arrived after 4 months.

          But the seller is already gone as they got hit with so many disputes that they disappeared.

  • I buy a lot of odds and ends for work. Shipping on the lower priced end can be as low as 1.5 weeks up to 2 months.

    With covid, it's been more like 2 months for anything.

  • Similar experience here. Usually 3-4 weeks, sometimes 2 months. I always try to add one of the options with tracking number. Recently bought a Xiaomi vacuum fan, free delivery, and have been able to track it using their system and 17 track until 3 days ago (departed country of origin - China). Now it's the moment when I cross my fingers and hope it's delivered in 10 days or so…

  • Ordered something in March, just turned up yesterday. Most of the time it's 2-3 weeks which is fine by me.

  • Generally slow (6-8 weeks in this covid age). Some of my purchases did turn up within 3 weeks but that's uncommon.

    I mostly buy non-urgent stuff like cables and light bulbs so happy to keep buying on Ali.