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[eBook] Free: "Air Fryer Cookbook: In the Kitchen" $0 @ Amazon AU, US


Air fryers are revolutionary kitchen appliances that use superheated air to fry, bake, grill, and steam without the added calories and mess of traditional cooking methods. Fast and fuss-free, air fryers cook food uniformly and seal in all the natural juices!

Discover how easy it is to enjoy delicious breakfasts, vegetables, sides, main dishes, and even desserts!

These flavorful recipes will work with every size and style of air fryer, and you can also prepare them with induction air cooking. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, this book will inspire you to cook healthy, balanced meals you and your whole family will love.

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    Spoiler alert: This ebook has got photos! Yay!!!

  • I'm just starting to notice this air fryer thing. Does it taste the same as deep fry for chips and chicken wings? If so, that would be fantastic, chicken wings and chips without the oil! Also, anyone recommends a good mid range air fryer please?

    • Short answer: No :)
      It’s still worth buying though

      • You must have a poor quality air fryer. We purchased a more expensive Philips Air Fryer and it does cook and taste similar to using deep fry. I have tried cheaper air fryers from family members and they weren't very good.

        • what's your air fryer model and how much?

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          Hold on… do you have the 2-week-old-burnt-animal-fat edition or the fresh-olive-oil version of the Philips?

          Clearly air fried food does not taste the same as oil fried food.

          GregFiona's answer is correct, and an indication that the quality of their air fryer is not poor, or they might have said not worth buying.

          Rather than asking "does it taste the same", a better question would be "does it taste as good". If you like the taste of grease, the answer will probably still be no. If you like crispy fried food without the grease, the answer would be "far better". But "the same"? Only if your taste buds are dead.

        • I got the Bronze Phillips XXL($579- $29 regards gateway +$100 store credit + $10 credit for getting the receipt online) one for my mother in law on Monday. I bet you $1000 that my $100 deep fryer chips are better than any air fryer in the market.
          I have also used the black XXL and the white (analog).
          I usually spray some oil on the chips and they come out good, but never as good as the double deep fried chips

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            @GregFiona: @SlickMick, to clarify, I meant that crunchy/crispy taste you get from cooking in oil is very similar. I agree with you - it does depend if you like the taste of greasy food - I'm definitely in the camp of preferring the taste without the grease. From my experience, the cheap air fryers I used didn't come out as crunch/crispy. @Nick K - I have a Phillips XXL as well

            • @Hank: Do you use fresh potatoes or the frozen ones?

              • @GregFiona: I cook with frozen as it usually much faster to prepare and comes out nice and crispy - unlike an oven. Many sites about air fryers often recommend cooking veges from frozen rather than fresh

                • @Hank: You know that frozen chips are pre-fried right?

    • It doesn't taste the same, because there is no taste of fat. But it achieves the same temperature with air, so you can get the same crispiness that deep frying is renowned for.
      So yes, it is fantastic to cook these same items but without the oil.

      I just bought the Mistral one from Woolies. ($44 on online, $49 in store.) I think this is far to the cheapest end of the spectrum, I don' tknow about quality wise.
      I probably would have bought the Breville Smart Oven Air (~$450) because I love Breville products, but I got the impression the Mistral is a better air fryer (the Breville does everything except microwave - I guess they might have added air frying to an existing oven but can't get the same result??)

      Size is probably a big factor, and Watts/ Size to determine how hot it can get and how quickly.

      The Philips model mentioned below gets good reviews, whether it is any better than the Mistral would require a review, I don't know whether anyone has done this.

      So I unboxed mine last night and did some chips. I tried at various times, always at 200 degrees, and achieved the same range you'll get from fish and chip shops, from barely cooked and not very crispy, through to crunchy like the "french fries" crisps - totally crunchy with no moist potato left inside.

      You can probably achieve the same thing in a good fan-forced oven, but it would require a heap of preheating.

      • I impulse bought the Mistral the other night and cooked some frozen chips my neighbour brought over to test. We preheated the air fryer and cooked at 200 degrees as per oven instructions on the packet. Took longer than expected and needed to keep tossing them every three or four minutes and after around 18 minutes they were firm on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Did not achieve crispy, but they were browned so will try homemade sweet potato and potato chips this afternoon and see if it creates and nice, fat, english style chip for us.

    • So far we’ve done fish and chips and they give a nice crispy result. However nothing on this planet beats my mothers chips and roast potatoes deep fried in lamb fat.

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    Also a vegeterian book for free too

    The Effective Plant-Based Air Fryer Cookbook: 100 Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian Air Fryer Recipes Kindle Edition


    • Thanks for that find.

  • I can't see it is free - am I doing something wrong?

    • I guess so, I just got it.

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    Only seems to have the temperatures in Fahrenheit. Surely publishers these days know they are producing to a world market. Just put the F/C - its not that hard.

    • +2

      in fact, just do Celsius. Surely even Americans want to come out of the dark ages??

    • Just change your air fryer units to F, problem solved :)
      (I hate F units too)

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        Mine is not that wizbang lol. I have the 'dial' type :-(

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    Air fryers are a meme. Not sure how they got so popular. Maybe in the US where convection ovens are less popular but here most houses have convection ovens which is all this is, just on a tiny scale.

    Get a convection toaster oven if you want to not use your normal oven for smaller amounts of food.

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      Have you aver used one?

      • -1

        A convection oven? Sure.

        • +1

          What about an Air Fryer?

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            @try2bhelpful: Same thing

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              @zductiv: So your answer would be a no.

              • @try2bhelpful: don't waste your time, he/she obviously doesn't get it.
                I remember another thread where someone was saying that sous vide cooking was the same as oven cooking because… heat is heat

                • @GregFiona: Get what? They are convection ovens. They don't do anything special.






                  I'm about the easiest person to sell expensive kitchen gadgets to. We have a thermomix (not a fan), VP215 chamber sealer, Fast slow Pro pressure cooker, sous vide circulators, roccbox, weber smokey mountain with fireboard, and tefal
                  self-cleaning deep fryer amongst others. I've yet to see evidence that an air fryer does anything well enough to bother having. Only use case I can see for it is packing it on holidays if you've only got a microwave / fridge in the hotel room. Then maybe it might be worth having. I think I'd rather just go out for dinner.

                  • @zductiv: The hair dryer uses exactly the same technology(fans and heating elements), do you call that a convection oven?
                    Try to cook some frozen chips in the "normal" oven. By the time your oven is pre-heated, the chips in the air-fryer are ready.
                    Convection toasters do not have the same fans and air circulation as air fryers.
                    You obviously do not see the difference
                    P.S. I'm not an Air Fryer fanboy, but I use it occasionally. Also, since Air Fryers are much cheaper than other appliances I think it's much easier to buy&try one than buy&regret a Thermomix
                    P.S. I would love to own a Roccbox, but according to your way of thinking I can just buy a gas oven, right? :P

                    • @GregFiona:

                      Try to cook some frozen chips in the "normal" oven. By the time your oven is pre-heated, the chips in the air-fryer are ready.

                      And they'll still be inferior to the results of deep-frying. Speed savings even vs a standard convection oven are pretty limited.

                      Convection toasters do not have the same fans and air circulation as air fryers.

                      Lower speeds, higher capacity, similar end result.

                      You obviously do not see the difference

                      I see the difference. I don't see the value.

                      P.S. I would love to own a Roccbox, but according to your way of thinking I can just buy a gas oven, right? :P

                      Good luck getting a home gas oven to 500C. Air-fryers don't get hotter than your standard oven. Don't see your point.

                      • @zductiv: Now you are comparing the Air fryer to a deep fryer? LOL (I vote for the deep fryer anyway but again you are missing the point)
                        Convection ovens=higher capacity= more time to get to temp compared to the air fryers. The point here is obvious
                        I liked how you hand picked all those biased links, especially the youtube video where they do not even use the air fryer.
                        My point with the Roccbox example(I did not mention I need to cook pizzas in it, nor that I need the 500 C temp) is that because some appliances use the same technology, that doesn't mean they cook food exactly the same way

                        • +1

                          @GregFiona: Yup, I went for the Mistral one and it is great for, quickly, doing a few chips, bits of fish etc. I can’t do a full roast in it, I have a real oven for that, but the stuff we have done is nice and crisp. I only paid $44, and we won’t use it all the time, but if we feel like a bit of fried food the results are pretty good. We are still experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. I don’t think people really “need” an airfryer but it fills a niche. Frankly my gadget “needs” are my magimix food processor and my Instantpot, but what I really need is a good cooks knife and pots and pans.

                          • @try2bhelpful: I agree, same as people do not need a toaster(you can toast bread in the oven or use the pan, no?), do not need a rice cooker etc.
                            My 5 year old $30(with free coupon) "RankArena" airfryer does the job. I cannot justify spending $599 for the bronze XXL one, but my in laws use it everyday!
                            Last week I bought an Air Fryer as a birthday present for a work colleague who lives alone(and has been using the normal oven to cook/reheat food), and he has been texting me a different Air Fryer dinner every night since then

                            • @GregFiona: Yeah, I think it would be ideal for that. Cooking for one, or two, where you don’t want to pfaff around with a bigger oven.

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