This was posted 6 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Glen 20 Disinfectant Spray Original Scent 300g $5 @ Woolworths


This is the cheapest Glen-20 I have found thus far. It’s the original scent which doesn’t have a very strong smell. Do note that all scents are on sale at the moment.

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    • oh wow ok, guess those wanting to get 2 can save a bit more. Thanks for the link. Seems like Big W is on sale too. Good time to buy.

  • what is this stufff? is it toxic?

  • Moving to a new apartment and was about to head to Coles today to buy a bunch of cans to clean it. Definite upvote from me!

    • Aldi's version is currently $2.99 if you're not fussed with brand:

      I haven't been able to confirm, but I'm fairly sure it contains the same active in the same concentration (ie ethanol 60% w/w)

        • Just to clarify that the link you've posted is a list of TGA ARTG IDs that have chosen to make specific claims of being effective against SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19. That's not to say that anything that isn't on that list isn't effective against COVID-19, it's just that the sponsors of these products have the approval to legally make claims (ie say on packaging/advertising) that they are effective against COVID-19

          The Aldi product is also on the ARTG (under ARTG ID 223421), but I presume it doesn't appear on your link as the sponsor of this product has chosen not to specifically make a specific claim of effectiveness against COVID-19. That makes sense to me as Aldi don't really do product advertising, so limited value in amending their ARTG ID to do so (plus there are generally fees you need to pay the TGA each time you update your ARTG listing)

          I know that in the current climate, we all need to make decisions which we are comfortable with, but for this particular product, if it contains the same active ingredient in the same concentration as Glen 20, I would personally be comfortable with taking the position that it would have the same effectiveness.

          • @GreenGuava: I agree with you. The Aldi version has 60 to 70 % ethanol. See my post below.

          • @GreenGuava: of course, not to mislead people in thinking that this a guarantee anti-covid effective product. I thought the two paragraphs in the link are self-explanatory enough so I didn’t bother elaborating on it. But good explaining it. I do agree with you, at the end of the day ethanol is ethanol.

      • According to Aldi's safety data sheet it has 60 to 70 % ethanol so I would expect that this would be very similar to Glen 20 even though it is not listed on the tga website.

        See details here:

  • Glen 20 is more flammable than butane gas! Ahhh memories of my misspent youth….