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Free Registration to VMworld 2020 | Free Registration to Microsoft Ignite


I’ve signed up so see you there.

VMworld 2020 will be held September 29 to October 1.

Signing up to a free general pass provides access to the following -

• 7 live VMworld channels covering: Vision and Innovation, App Modernization, Digital Workspace, Intrinsic Security, Virtual Cloud Network, Multi Cloud, Telco 5G
• 500+ on-demand VMworld sessions, including business-level overviews and technical deep dive sessions
• VMware and sponsor demo zones
• VMware hands-on labs interactive simulations
• Additional opportunities for networking and fun to be announced

Shape Your Future at VMworld 2020

Multi-Cloud, K8s, App Modernization, and Digital Workspace. Whatever you need to know, you’ll find best practices, tools, and partnerships to take IT—and your power to shape it—to the next level.


Adding Microsoft Ignite between September 22-24.

Microsoft Ignite will be launched as a complimentary digital event experience this September. Join us to learn innovative ways to build solutions, migrate and manage your infrastructure, and connect with Microsoft experts and other technology professionals from around the globe.

Credit to HUKD for Microsoft Ignite.

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  • I’ve signed up so see you there.

    I'll be the guy in business up top, party down below

  • Was US$2195?

    Is it worth that much for a few info sessions ?

    Or would you normally get freebies etc if you attended in person?

    • There's a few freebies (Backpack, phone chargers etc.). Then a lot of vendors have their own prizes etc. They also provide breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages throughout the day.

      Usually then it's a case of either chasing Vendor parties or being invited along to networking events and gigs.

      Talking to the Las Vegas event which I attended a few years ago. Useful if you have the influence to get to chat to engineering teams etc to get features / fixes you want… And they buy the drinks while you chat about it.

      • Have we forgotten the party formerly known as Techfest? Unmetered drinks on Microsoft's dime. I remember going to one, three arrests in the first half hour, and when Microsoft finally ran out of drinks we hit the town to find that they'd let the seccys know at all the bars not to let anyone in wearing the Techfest entry band, until the HP Enterprise account manager managed to find a bar in a corner which would let us in on the basis he had an HP corporate card.

  • +26 votes

    Just created 100 accounts, $239500USD saved

  • If you can creat an account in 30s, you will get 2880 accounts a day. 2880 times 365 days = 1051200 accounts in a year. 1051200 times $2395 = $2,517,624,000.

    Why do you bother working when you can make $2 billion a year sitting in front of a computer?

  • Normally it's an on-site event, attendees were basically paying to "Network".
    It's free this year because it's on-line\digital.

  • Thanks, bought 1

  • I can't see the Microsoft ignite mention anywhere on the website. How can I sign up for that?

  • What is this?

    • +18 votes

      it's a Televangelist shows for IT people. You will be preached on how their product can cure a problem you may or may not have.

    • Imagine a massive music festival, except instead of cool bands playing the latest beats there's nerds talking nerd stuff. And instead thousands of shirtless dudes showing off their abs and young girls showing off their tits, it's even more nerds, 99% male, 80% Asians and Indians, all wearing cheap suits with even cheaper shoes and all carrying backpacks.

  • Need company email address?

  • Free swag? Free licences?