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[Backorder 27 Aug] Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Windforce 2X GeForce RTX 2070 8GB $671.56 +Del ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


It's not a super but at ~$671 it's decent value for this level of performance!

Graphics Processing: GeForce RTX™ 2070
Core Clock: 1‎620 MHz
RTX-OPS: 4‎2
CUDA® Cores: 2‎304
Memory Clock: 1‎4000 MHz
Memory Size: 8‎ GB
Memory Type: GDDR6
Memory Bus: 2‎56 bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec): 4‎48 GB/s
Card Bus: PCI-E 3.0 x 16
Digital max resolution: 7‎[email protected]
Multi-view: 4‎
Card size: L=264.9 W=120.58 H=40.41 mm
DirectX: 1‎2
OpenGL: 4‎.6
Recommended PSU: 5‎50W
Power Connectors: 8‎ Pin*1
Output: DisplayPort 1.4 *3, HDMI 2.0b *1

Vendor's page here:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • is this worth $180 over the 2060 version?

    • If it helps, here is how the benchmarks roughly compare:

    • Depends what you're playing, at what resolution, and on what screen

      • I'm not really sure what those number means in G3D mark, and I only play CS GO at 1440p

        • If you have a 1440p monitor, you should consider this or a 2070 Super variant (often on sale for $749). I'd personally spend the little extra for the Super but its your choice. If you don't care about ray-tracing and budget is an issue, consider the RX 5700 XT as they come close to the 2070 S but almost 25% cheaper.

          • @Smogul: yeah see that's where I'm torn, like I'm not too concern with budget could probably go to like $800-$900. My idea is using an older card until the 3000 series to buy it and I feel like I would lose more in resale value with higher performing cards

            • @ln28909: I'm on the same boat as you, I ended up buying the RX 5700 XT until 3000 series is out. Hopefully when the time comes to sell, I can get rid of it for ~$500.

              • @Smogul: I'm building an ITX pc and the 5700xt doesn't seem to have really good thermal, that's why I didn't really consider it

        • if you only play cs go and your framerates (fps) are high enough to max out your current monitor, you're probably better off saving the $180 towards an even higher refresh rate screen or a faster cpu if you already have a super high refresh screen.

          reason: cs go has low gpu requirements. you can check various youtube or online benchmarks specifically for cs go @ 1440p. i think it easily goes into 200+ FPS even on mid-range hardware and tends to be cpu bottlenecked.

          • @miloaissatu: Like I've only started playing games these past few months so I could switch to another game later on, so kinda don't wanna limit myself because of the GPU performance

            • @ln28909: if you're not sure what game you'll pick up next and when, i reckon better off not jumping into a purchase now with the new stuff so close to release.

              whats your other system specs btw?

              • @miloaissatu: I'm currently playing on my xps 15, that's why ive only really play CS cause I don't think it could run any other game decently

                • @ln28909: any games you got your eye on? cuz if they're more fast paced esport titles you can buy any mid-range gpu and be quite happy (money better spent on better screen first, faster cpu 2nd, gpu 3rd).

                  if they're more scenic/gpu demanding games then with your budget of ~800-900 maybe you could pick up whatever will fill the spot of the 2070 super in the 3000 series, and all indications so far is there will be a big step up in performance (25-50% depending on which leaks you check).

                  • @miloaissatu: yeah so currently I'm thinking just building my pc with lower specs, 3600 and 2060, and then upgrade to 3700x equivalent ryzen 4th gen and 2070 super equivalent 3000 series when they come out. And I just bought 2 4k monitors to work, so can't really justified upgrading my current gaming monitor (Samsung 32CJG54)

                    and no game in particular yet, I'm just planning to future proof for about 3 years

  • Is this worth $668 over the 9800 GT version?

  • +3 votes

    isnt the RTX 3*** series coming soonish?

    • Yea the RTX 2000 series already stopped production

      • The 300 series will be getting released soon, but the prices are still to be confirmed. Add to that how soon they actually come to market, availability, if you want a partner card or a founders….. there is so much to take into account.the 3090 will be getting released first, and the lower spec cards ( the ones most people can actually afford) will be getting released later. ild be surprised if third party, say 3070 are available before January. Im holding out as well, but im holding out for AMD, not nividia. Currently running a 1080ti if that counts for anything lol

        • Team 1080Ti here as well =D Love it

          • @TheGoodPart: Such a good GPU, still very capable to boot! but i want a to be able to hit 144htz on new games on an ultrawide 1440p, so its getting to the end of its life cycle lol

            • @dadgamer: 100% I love the 1080Ti I think it was the perfect card at the time. I'll prob jump back on this new generation but the 1080Ti has done me great so far there wasn't anything enticing enough for me to enter this current gen (1440p ultrawide here as well!)

              • @TheGoodPart: That's my plan too. 1080ti has been great on 1440p 144hz. Sold it recently so I could get in before resale value dropped too much and have ordered a temporary solution (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/558630#comment-9157670) that will then get moved into the HTPC or sold off.

                Looking forward to see what 3080ti/3090 or what ever it's going to be called will be capable of.

                • @combatant: Oooh that's a good deal you got on the 2060. I was considering doing something similar but honestly what I'm playing at the moment I wouldn't even notice an increase in performance that much. Good idea getting ahead of the pack with the sale though market will be flooded once the new cards come out.

        • current reports are 3070 in October and 3060 in November.. Nvidia need to have product out there to stop AMD sales before Christmas.

    • Expected to be announced 1st Sept, given this card is on backorder i'd personally wait, I think there's more a chance of these dropping in price after that announcement then the alternative as well.

      • that's solid advice. thanks mate!!

      • Nvidia have put out a memo, telling everyone not to lower their prices. their reason… to avoid another crypto mining boom…. complete BS IMHO, just a way to keep the prices up on outdated stock, making new products more viable, but it is what it is.

      • Expect them to be priced much higher than people's expectations. Will be in high demand and in short supply on release, yes there are enough people out there who don't care about the price & just need to have one regardless and NVIDIA know this.

        I expect there will be a lot of disappointed faces of which these cards (especially the 3080 & above) will simply be out of reach.

  • There's also this card for $650 incl. shipping which also appears to be a Windforce model (looks to be an earlier revision than the 2X) but with mixed reviews.